Does your PC Need This?? - Capture Cards Explained
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Do you really need a capture card for content creation in 2020? Watch to find out!
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  • Vr_Watermelon

    Yes we need capture cards How the hell would we stream switch

  • Angel Centeno
    Angel Centeno

    What if you want to use a 2k resolution (2560x1440)?

  • Adj Adj
    Adj Adj

    hi you've said everything that everyone else has said what i want to know is every capture device crops the video to fit it into widescreen format but if i connect the vcr to the tv directly i get a fullscreen picture does any card do it without cropping?

  • sh0d0ta

    linus ur aio is upside down!!!!!!!

  • Thunder Life
    Thunder Life

    I'm surprised GPUs haven't added in capture card ability inside the card. I get now the 30 series can basically stream without much issue but If I want to capture from my old PC (playing an unsupported game for example) or console to allow it to be recorded and if you need a 2 pc system (or just want it for the convenience of not ending your stream if the gaming PC fails) a GPU having this ability would be awesome.

  • WASH3D

    How many cameras can usb have connected per single BUS, for UHD, HD & SD?? Also, how many of these PCI cards can you have running on the same system?

  • Brian Andrews
    Brian Andrews

    For console streaming, do I need a capture card if I go with GeForce GTX 1660?

  • The Game Cake
    The Game Cake

    This is a ad video for a particular capture card. I would suggest watching a video about the different manufacturers that make capture cards than watching this obvious bias video.

  • Dhruv Srivastava
    Dhruv Srivastava

    whats the music at 1:45?

  • Steve H
    Steve H So these things haven't evolved into PC video capture cards. Just cards that you can allow you to plug your Xbox in? What a shame. Been after a hardware capture card for my PC for years and no one has made one yet. You've just saved me £200 Thanks

  • Goodman 4525
    Goodman 4525

    so this is purely for console streaming

  • John Stancliff
    John Stancliff

    Thank You Linus! now, you need to do a tutorial about making a security system out of your PC and what capture cards you can use with wired cameras that have the SDI interface connections. I bought a Q-See QSDT4PCRC card and discovered that it was totally outdated for windows 10 and can't use it... what is out there that would replace it?

  • Jorge Alonso
    Jorge Alonso

    "If u want to record netflix no legal device can do it" *Laughs in OBS*

    • Jorge Alonso
      Jorge Alonso

      @Linusdog The Game Boy It does, tried it only to know if it works

    • Linusdog The Game Boy
      Linusdog The Game Boy

      I don't think that would work either

  • Scott Taylor
    Scott Taylor

    So why does my pc that is more powerful than the one in this video without a capture card take a 40fps hit when recording and streaming while gaming? Iwouldnt a capture card reduce my in game lsg

  • Kenan Berk Çalışkanman
    Kenan Berk Çalışkanman

    This is more like Linus Ad Tips

  • Harrybadatmc

    Ok let’s say I’m streaming on a pc why not just use obs and get 1080 60 for free

  • DarkPotato657

    Pro tip for tech: if USB is counted as a number, more is better; if USB is used as an adjective, choose the other option

  • David Challenger
    David Challenger

    this was made on my birthday

  • Will Coherd
    Will Coherd

    I am currently using OBS to stream 2 different Sony Camcorders on Facebook live weekly. I am using an older Macbook pro and 2 usb capture cards. This is taking a huge toll on my Macbook. Would you recommend one of these PC's with 2 capture cards?

  • The0Yapster

    Please, can someone tell me what did he use to test the latency on the screen ?

  • Tal Rasha
    Tal Rasha

    I think you have that water cooler installed incorrectly. Check Gamer Nexus video about it.

  • Conner Sutton
    Conner Sutton

    I like beard

  • Felix Wånelid
    Felix Wånelid

    Only reason i came to this video was bc of CS:GO

  • King of Darkness
    King of Darkness

    2.25 video game name...😁

  • Stingray 2000
    Stingray 2000

    Just like water bottles

  • Anshul Singh
    Anshul Singh

    An idiot will only buy 2070 now 😂

  • Arman

    Do I need a capture card for a decent $1,500 PC build or can I just use Nvidia Shadowplay?

  • Ivan Cis
    Ivan Cis

    You rock!

  • Dmi 1up
    Dmi 1up

    any one want pro pain?

  • omxls

    "If you have a low budget motherboard" "4k webcam, 4k capture card" Priorities.

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman

    There's probably a way cheaper alternative out there lol.

  • Nachiket Subhash
    Nachiket Subhash

    Capture card $200! Just spend that in more CPU cores and threads.

  • Scrungle

    I got my hd60s pcie capture card from Amazon renewed for 100$ and I couldn't be happier. Even though I don't stream on Twitch I use it in discord screen share so my friends can see me play smash bros

  • Gideon Max Merling
    Gideon Max Merling

    Aren't there also capture cards that don't connect to your pc but instead connect to hdmi

  • AlphaAntares e
    AlphaAntares e

    You didn't say what they do. What do I need one for?

  • Luigi Mario
    Luigi Mario

    How to avoid HDCP 1: Screen mirrorer (1 input 2 outputs)

  • skyf

    skyf here,anyone plz support me if u like

  • Eshaan Pisal
    Eshaan Pisal

    0:06 *Laughs in 500GB HDD*

  • A Communist Raptor
    A Communist Raptor

    Is there any appreciable difference for someone just recording gameplay however ? Shadowplay and ReLive exist, why not use that ?

  • TheLtGo

    Is there not a difference in performance with using a capture card vs using software screen capping? I know a lot of streamers have a separate rig for capturing and streaming, but I would guess that the streaming part is more intensive than the capturing part.

  • Haze〆

    What is the best for just recording if you just wanted to record for youtube and not stream?

    • Haze〆

      @Lunchbox13 was thinking that thanks for the reply ill give it a try

    • Lunchbox13


  • TiagoTiago

    Hey Linus, could you do a video showcasing the various different techniques that Vtubers use, along with instructions for each approach?

  • TiagoTiago

    Should they still be called "capture cards" when they don't come in a card form-factor?

    • TiagoTiago

      @Lunchbox13 A rounded box you plug wires into isn't a card, a dongle isn't a card...

    • Lunchbox13

      but they do???

  • brutalbeast69

    i was thinking of getting a card for streaming but now im not sure, my issue is music being played through any player is almost drowning out my voice. my volume on my media player is set at 3 of 100 and in my ears its loud on my stream end its fine so i thought this card would help split desktop sound and game sounds or boost my mic input. im new on this tech stuff but its fun

  • Sober Horse Thief
    Sober Horse Thief


  • G Henrickson
    G Henrickson

    Well gosh. I sincerely hope that poor humor, satirical jabs and outright sad-sackery are the sincerest form of flattery. Otherwise I cannot imagine how you do it. Whats more, you have yet to disable all comments. Such perseverance in both astonishing and bewildering at the same time. Thanks for doing what you do.


    For all enthusiasts out there, also check MAGEWELL Cards.. Warning, their quite expensive. :) (and very reliable.)

  • ArachnidPlays

    i mean, radeon relive and geforce experience are pretty good

  • YatoGami

    Why is the chair shaking. This bothers me way too much.

  • John M
    John M

    i expected you to mention the performance penalty due to either using a capture card vs using FRAPS or other software methods. i was curious if the penalty was still relevant considering hardware has become more powerful.

    • John M
      John M

      @Patrick Star you should re-read my comment a third time.

    • John M
      John M

      @Patrick Star re-read my comment.

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star

      Lel what, how is dedicated hardware going to be slower than software? Kinda defeats the whole purpose

    • Lunchbox13

      it really doesnt

  • PoorsVids

    Keep in mind that if you are using Intel Core or AMD Ryzen (as opposed to Intel Xeon or AMD Threadripper) and you install a PCIe capture card, your GPU will drop from 16 to 8 PCIe lanes. PCIe 3.0 8x can be a slight bottleneck for 2080 Ti or as much as 20% for unoptimized games like Horizon Zero Dawn. We'll have to wait and see how much it handles the RTX 3000 series. Many say PCIe 4.0 is pointless for gaming, but if you are using the second or third PCIe slots, it becomes important.

  • Sina Madani
    Sina Madani

    This was only made as it's sponsored. But it would've been better to make a separate video about this on TechQuickie instead.

  • i Can
    i Can

    But if this latency was actually there this test wouldn’t have been shown lol

  • Uwu Owowow
    Uwu Owowow

    And here I thought no one execpt console boys used capture cards

  • William Roche
    William Roche

    I still don't get it, why is a capture card better than just screen recording?

    • Lunchbox13

      basically it can improve performance, or for consoles but other than that its pointless

  • renamix

    Just started watching, but was flash backed to the countless streamers I've watched who go "Damnit it.. Elgato messed up." "I hate Elgato" "This ****ing Elgato" and many other negative words, followed or precluded by 'Elgato'

    • Lunchbox13

      because people who deal with these daily instead of getting paid to make an ad know better

  • John Di Pasquale
    John Di Pasquale

    I am learning so much from Linus and friends along with his forum community that helped me troubleshoot to the point of upgrading a prebuilt gaming desktop to my advantage. I wish i can show him photos of my rig thanks to him and friends.

  • MrDevanWright

    It was a bit confusing not explaining that Corsair owns Elgato...

  • ImNeverAnonymous

    man Linus's chair was on a trip, damn

  • Eugene InLaw
    Eugene InLaw

    you DO NOT need a 4K card for a console. it's obvious why, so don't ask.

    • Lunchbox13

      you dont really need 4k at all...

  • Super Nintendan
    Super Nintendan

    I use Elgato on home consoles

  • Ray Chat
    Ray Chat

    what about DisplayPort people ...

  • Nissan Skyline
    Nissan Skyline

    0:07 Arrows point to “420 free” lol

  • SpiffyG

    This is literally my rig wow

  • Caden Cooper
    Caden Cooper

    Now that’s a lot of storage

  • Jacob Sunny
    Jacob Sunny

    I don't get it can't you just use game capture on OBS. As far as I know you can run the game on full screen and have OBS in the background recording.

    • Lunchbox13

      it improves performance but with relatively new hardware these are pointless unless you stream or record console games

  • Yongin Park
    Yongin Park

    buy another GPU for encoding if you use only 1 PC for streaming and gaming at the same time.

  • Yongin Park
    Yongin Park

    how about BMDs?

  • BSOD extermination service
    BSOD extermination service

    with a capture card, can you record in the bios setup or the pc booting up?

    • BSOD extermination service
      BSOD extermination service

      @Lunchbox13 ok

    • Lunchbox13

      no, because it has no internal memory to save it to. and before the system boots to windows the capture card cant communicate.with the drive, it could only work if you had a separate capture pc

  • Samuel Costa
    Samuel Costa

    10 dollar chinese usb stick capture cards just do the deal

  • PlayDeadFran

    what about shadowplay?

  • Thane Fenrir
    Thane Fenrir

    Can we just talk about how Linus is starting to look like a simp! I mean seriously lat at him and compare to a year ago.

    • Lunchbox13

      you drunk?

  • Marty's random art
    Marty's random art

    I always thought a capture card takes the encoding load off the cpu or gpu so you don't have fps decrease and get higher quality? That's not it?

    • Lunchbox13

      it is

  • Randomly Entertaining
    Randomly Entertaining

    Everyone's claiming clickbait. Why? The title implies two things. 1. That he will explain capture cards. 0:10-0:20 The most basic explanation of what they are is right there. 1:12-1:22 is more indepth. He later goes on to explain the difference between USB and PCI-E options 2. Asking if you need one. 7:03-7:24 I don't get why there is so much whining about a "clickbait" title when the title isn't clickbait.

  • Wals Life
    Wals Life

    Hey man, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I love your videos & I love your work. I would like to know if I can join your team? I wanna be young & being able to know this stuff. I wanted to learn how to do this since I was young. I recently started watching you. & you completely blew my mind. Your super smart man, recruit me & make me powerful as you. I love you man, not no creep stuff or anything lmao. But yea I highly doubt you’ll see this.

    • Lunchbox13

      yea they wont just recruit some internet random that straight up just doesnt know kuch about computers

  • WarmWeatherGuy

    Does it come with software? Does it keep the video synced with the audio?


    Hey Linus, is SpyHunter5 Anti-malware a legit application?


      @Lunchbox13 that isn't true, even Linus agreed on that. I don't remember the video.

    • Lunchbox13

      no anti malware is legit


    I might stop watching LTT, I can't keep watching him play with ultra high end PC's 😭😭😭😭.....

  • WhiteCat 372
    WhiteCat 372

    Imma just keep using my ps4 built in video capture.

  • ReyMysterioX

    Pretty underwhelming this was only covering Elgato. Yes, it's sponsored, but come on. I don't need 8 minute ads.

  • Mark Sinister
    Mark Sinister


  • KidZeroGaming

    Holy teleprompter reading!!! Dang. After all this time, I thought Linus was speaking from the brain... lol

  • Sangoku116

    I totally recommend blackmagic capture cards, they work on all 3 Windows, Mac and Linux.


    I'm waiting for the inevitable 4K120.

  • 独善的なトラップ

    what about video grabbers

  • Talon Jones
    Talon Jones

    Is this an ad? Why aren’t you talking about Blackmagic or Magewell? They are on par with price.

    • Lunchbox13

      he got paid to do this. he 100% wouldnt do this if he wasnt paid because i cant remember a video where he was talking aboit capture cards.

  • house sg
    house sg

    why is the chair shaking constantly?

  • Rofern Fernandes
    Rofern Fernandes

    Elgato ki mkc

  • Rob Jorg
    Rob Jorg

    but but big but, when recording 4k desktop work it doesnt scale well. menu's on photoshop or others become very small when watched on 1080p, which is most viewed on youtube.

  • Flaros Overfield
    Flaros Overfield

    You didn't mention the most important reason you should buy a capture card: Performance and reliability. Recording your own screen with fraps or obs not only is an impact on performance, but those programs are also extremely prone to crashing your gpu's driver. Or even worse, damaging your BIOS forcing you to flash a new one. ESPECIALLY obs. A capture card takes the load off the GPU and is much more reliable in every single way.

  • rick3037

    best case i have seen Cougar QBX Black Mini ITX Case you can put a DVD in it and it's ITX but still i dont like it you can not plug the power into the tray can someone just get a brain and do this

  • rick3037

    be nice to see some tech people with common sense sad to see you dont yet what pc people think now a case should look nice have class and not care about air flow BULL SHIT -- common sense make a case that works first

  • rick3037

    i like Linus Tech Tips to build your own pc case that all the power plugs straight into the motherboard tray then all you need to do is plug the power into the back of the motherboard tray would that be nice if you could do that or you just dont how the know how to do this

  • Zachary Wiggins
    Zachary Wiggins

    Elgato might as well of sponsored this video. Avermedia wasn't mentioned once. I've owned both and I've felt my avermedia was more stable of the two.

  • Toyo Hideoshi
    Toyo Hideoshi

    what is going on with LTT videos lately? is it just me or is everything kind of ... shaky? like his chair is constantly wobbling behind him and the table seems to be moving. Not just this video but every video recently. Do i need to check myself into a hospital or does anyone else see this?

  • Matthew Briles
    Matthew Briles

    Are there capture cards that use DP 1.4???



  • Trabber Shir
    Trabber Shir

    "Capture card" is about getting you computer to ingest data which is encoded for a display. It really has nothing to do with encryption. Back when I was using capture cards, the issue was not that the data was encrypted, it was that the data was analog.

  • Professor J 21
    Professor J 21

    I miss old linus

  • M Yahtadi S
    M Yahtadi S

    I still don't understand what are those for. Recording playable video? So interactive mp4 or something?