Does Intel WANT people to hate them??
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Intel’s lack of understanding of what its customers want has damaged its credibility in the industry. It’s not too late, though: Intel can still fix its 400-series budget chipsets.
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  • Shikher Srivastava
    Shikher Srivastava

    just buy AMD now especially after the launch of zen 3, no reason to buy intel anymore

  • Koustubh Jain
    Koustubh Jain

    Just Imagine If Intel unlocked all the CPUs like AMD..................nah ! I imagined a bit too much, didn't I ?

  • F. S.
    F. S.

    Over the last few years i built over 50 computer for clients and friends. And every single one of them uses an AMD CPU because i did some missionary work lol. Everyone of them is super happy with their systems. Things like these are the reason i turned on Intel years ago.

  • Daniel Engelthaler
    Daniel Engelthaler

    It is annoying enough as it is with software where large corporations can just dictate their strange terms of use by some fancy a** clauses in the license agreement (that nobody wants to read anyway), but apparently this is totally fine. That's why I have completely moved to Linux and never looked back. When it comes to hardware whatever, I think, insist and demand on this behavior being classed as a criminal offense, e.g. like a subclass of corporate fraud or something like that. Because when I buy any kind of physical item which I then OWN and even if I decided to run it over with a tank or something then this is my own decision and more importantly money! As long as I am not breaking any law (for which case we have actual authorities for) it is absolutely none of their business how I intend to use my paid for hardware. If their only way to being able to compete is artificial scarcity and being vague about it (although I have to give Intel here that they at least gave you a reply even if it was not a very useful one imho) then technology is already dead, as is capitalism. As an IT Engineer I would rather like to see them (as in the whole industry actually!) to instead think about making the whole X86, ARM and PowerPC architectures completely open source and let the one with the best implementation win the highest market share, kinda like the way it used to be (minus the open source part maybe) in the golden 80s and 90s.

  • Silver death
    Silver death

    Ryzing fuss...nice

  • daedalus

    It was when the ltt store popped-up and Linus didn’t say a thing I new he was angry

  • SkylineS

    At times, even in the laptop space, the Ryzen 5 4600H could beat the Core i7 10750H. They're basically on the same generation, mind you, but a 5 can beat a 7 is quite a big thing. I used to say to people, beg actually, to NOT buy AMD products, as they were the worst. Now, AMD is back at where they are in 2005, and Intel is back to the grave that they themselves have dig.

  • Lee Tran
    Lee Tran

    Jumping the fence... running Ryzen CPU ... never going back to Intel :D

  • Daniel MAK
    Daniel MAK

    well not only that,Intel was so annoying on keep changing CPU Socket all time.if you want to upgrade,sorry please buy a new Motherboard Memory and CPU at the same time.WTF,when watching AMD just stick with the Socket AM4+...Intel just force us to buy so many new thing and they can earn lots of money,Suck that Intel!@ Also they keep removing some older chipset driver like RST,What the hell Intel,You already dominate the market why cannot just simply do not remove of legacy products driver.Not everyone is rich enough to keep bought your new hardware.which didn't really deliver promise. But we know intel is a giant monster and never listen to customer. No matter what happen,they just keep on doing fancy thing but no something important they care. Spend lots of money to rebrand instead of fixing the problem they create Bundle Xe Graphic?And?

  • John Stancliff
    John Stancliff

    I am from Sunnyvale, California. this is where AMD is from. Intel is in Santa Clara, California, 1 city over.... I've always hated Intel, because of driver issues with their early systems. I have always used AMD, and have never had issues with AMD.... and since its from my hometown, I'll stay with AMD.....

  • DanielPowell357

    Linus just delivered an absolute haymaker to Elon Musk. Let that sink in.

  • Aidan Fisher
    Aidan Fisher

    Well look here! AMD hates Intel, Apple hates Intel, you hate Intel, some other AMD fans hate Intel, and everyone else's minds are overthrown by Intel, while AMD has a different issue! What CPU company should I buy from, AMD or Intel!?

    • Aidan Fisher
      Aidan Fisher

      @Tom Travis That may well be a good choice. Security is one of my primary concerns, top that off with AMD Ryzen 50000, Zen 3, it's more powerful than the Intel Core i9 10900k and I might not have to wait for the 11900k

    • Tom Travis
      Tom Travis


  • 8yter

    P.S. Intel removed ECC support for all 10th generation i3 and Pentium Gold as well. This means if you need ECC and an iGPU you must buy a much more expensive Xeon.

  • Issam Massi
    Issam Massi

    Hi, I will buy i7 10700 with a Gigabyte H470 HD3. In my country, the Gigabyte 2666 cl16 ram is 40% cheaper than the Aorus 3200 cl16. So, Can I take the 2666 and overclock it to 2933 with this h470 motherboard? thanks

  • cwli1

    Head of Intel: "Some software runs faster on an Intel because some greedy people were offered cash to write their software with the Intel compiler, the one that secretly detects who's processor it is first before deciding if top speed is needed. The benefit is that people can put food on the table. I thought it was illegal to avoid tax and bride people to only use your products. So, pay tax, be honest about how much tax we've actually paid, don't bribe anyone and stop slapping a new number on the same processors every time a tiny competitor launches a new processor. Got it. Thanks for the advice. Why oh why didn't anyone tell me this years ago? And you can keep your money too. We don't need any more of it, thank you very much. This is a private message for our fanboys ONLY: maybe, just maybe, there's a teeny tiny bit of truth to the idea that someone else might make faster processors. Ouch! Get off my leg. You're not my pet. How do you get rid of this thing? I also have a very famous mega family but right now I think I need to visit some of my rich uncles, uncle Googie and uncle Amazy, to pass on some of these new tips so hopefully they won't get into trouble with the law. By the way uncle Amazy is the one who sells all our processors out of his garage, along with several saucepans. At least, that's what he told me."

  • Z Rus
    Z Rus

    I'm shock on dislikes 1.2k dislikes rn Man, which part of this video deserve a dislike !?

  • Kyle Stewart
    Kyle Stewart

    Any time someone asks me if I could help them to either build or spec a PC for them, I essentially nudge them toward Ryzen every single time. Many of them are people looking to replace an old system (which is almost certainly an Intel-based system) but a lot of them are first time PC builders/buyers who know nothing about AMD or Intel. For the first credible recommendation they hear to be a strong recommendation in favor of AMD, that first impression tends to stick pretty well. Additionally, if they do end up buying or building a Ryzen system and it blows them away for a very reasonable price, guess who they'll be looking at first the next time they want to upgrade. One would think that the rather drastic loss of mind-share as well as market-share would push Intel into a more consumer-friendly direction. You know, "if we can't necessarily beat them on price to performance, lets at least beat them in features and customer support." But nah, screw that.


    intel :lets do something good intel ceo: yes but no intel ceo: higher clock speeds and put the same amount of cores

  • O H
    O H

    Elon isn't a rocket scientist. He dropped out of his material science PhD quite early. He hires rocket scientists.

  • Omer Shomrat
    Omer Shomrat

    ‎“If you were a product person at IBM or Xerox… ‘So you make a better copier or a better computer - so ‎what?!’. When you have a monopoly market share, the company is not [getting] any more successful [by ‎making better products]… So the people that can make the company more successful are sales and ‎marketing people, and they end up running the companies. And the product people get driven out of the ‎decision-making forums. And the companies forget what it means to make great products. […] The product ‎genius that brought them to that monopolistic position gets rotted out by people running these companies ‎who have no conception of a good product vs. a bad product. […] [T]hey really have no feeling in their ‎hearts, usually, about wanting to help the customer.” (Steve Jobs, 1995)‎

  • Tony_yeung

    When I first get in pc building, i7 6700k and 7700k were the best gaming cpus, and I legit think 4 core were enough for everything. But now, after rocking a 3700x for a year, I realized how wrong I was lol

  • André Monteiro
    André Monteiro

    12:01 Apple users be like:

  • Dennis

    2:06 you forgot to mention cooler RGB styles on Z boards :-D

  • aadnew

    well said

  • raymond luca
    raymond luca

    that is funny when he drinks from that bottle and it seems he is not happy rofl

  • Joel Leonard
    Joel Leonard

    Me and my wife are considering dumping some money into AMD stock. I see their shares continuing to increase for at least another 4 years

  • kenneth sørensen
    kenneth sørensen

    They just do as microsoft and you end up have to pay premium this and that to get what you should have got in the first place. This is just about makming cpu's and memory end as a ' pay per use ' Just as Microsoft will in the future be an entire pay for feature OS... Rumors say that in future you have to pay to unlock adittional cores ect to get full performance. Thsis is just the beginning ' test ' of what have to come in the future. It's all about money and locking the consumer into ' their world ' where you pay as you use. Just as Apple they doing ... Imagine you buy a new car and it's locked to the speed limits in the cities , Now you need to go by the highway because you need doing something... To be able to reach the speed at highways then you have to apply for ' a software upgrade temporarely ' that unlock the car and after end driving on the highway the car reset back to the limited speed. This is an actual scenario that some car manufactures have being working on and ' want to implement in the future ' There already existing systems that limit the cars speed until you pay a premium to unlock it. Sadly this is the way all stuff will end up follow if not the consumers they start protest against them. They need to loose a lot of money before they will listen. My next computer will be based on AMD no more intel , boycot them. It's have to hurt them economic very hard before any chance they will listen.

  • Mahmoud samir
    Mahmoud samir

    Dude came from 0 to 100 in the sponsor part

  • Indaryn

    Welp, my blue Intel sticker didn't match my G.Skill sticker anyway, go team red!

  • Darren Skjoelsvold
    Darren Skjoelsvold

    I was going to get an Intel chip because of compatibility and making sure that there would definitely be no compatibility issues with my computer but I don't care now. I think I just decided I am going to get a Ryzen processor instead.

  • l3v1ckUK

    I do love a good rant.

    • DaOne

      same rewatching every day

  • OWL

    I think intel does this because they still own the B2B space for CPUs. Companies will pay the premium and don’t use AMD cpus.


    I agree with linus, I've had intel desktop machines for the last 10 years. I've built over 10 systems for family and friends plus some laptops all containing mid to mostly high end cpu's. Intel is pissing me off with their mediocre performance and scummy practices. I'm building a new tower after 9 years of using i7 3960x and im going with AMD.

  • Nocturnal101 Ravenous
    Nocturnal101 Ravenous

    Intel is pretty much dead, the moment they started letting the marketing team determine the product rather than allowing the product that they made to be marketed. They haven't done anything actually meaningful in innovation since the X58 and z68. Optane is cool an all but until it replaces RAM and storage for the consumer, its stupid to even talk about, HDDs are pretty much long dead for anything but media and file storage.

  • JS J
    JS J

    I've been using my haswell i7 for as long as i can remember. Was planning an upgrade few weeks back, set mt eye on i5 10400f. Cheap and got some performance on it. But, realized that I wont get the full fat performance unless i fork up and spend an extra for a z490. Who uses locked i5 on z490? Since i'm on a budget, and 3600 is kinda up there, settled with 3300x, couldnt be happier.

  • Alex Gee
    Alex Gee

    amd has unfortunately completely lost their hold on the gpu market however i think it's going to be a long time coming before intel beats them out any time soon

  • MrBadaboem

    It’s just another nail in the coffin. I always used to recommend intel to friends. Since the last two years that has changed, because i dont see any compelling reasons to choose intel over amd a.t.m...

  • DyTV

    New amd coming october!

  • Communist Intelligence Agency
    Communist Intelligence Agency

    *Intel fanboy holding a gun* Intel fanboy: *I don’t want to do this, it’s still not too late to turn back* Intel: *I can’t turn back now, it’s too late* Intel fanboy: *It isn’t too late! Come on!* Intel: *I told you that I can’t, either pull the trigger or buy a Z class motherboard* Intel fanboy: *NO! I won’t put up with this anymore! You’ve been torturing us for years!* Intel: *Then do it.* Intel fanboy: *I-I’m sorry* _gunshot rings_ Intel fanboy: *DAMNIT INTEL, WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DO THIS!* I like how I just wrote an entire story about intel making customer’s lives miserable

  • Ian Paquin
    Ian Paquin



    Intel on crac,, charge you per minute.?like some lawyers n accountants.?. Probably have spy agencies in design working for them... We lost ecc long time ago with ddr3..2...n a few other thinks, did intel say in future you won't be able to overlook when core get smaller etc..lucky we stuck on 14xxxx xxx, they wanted to solder cpu on main boards too..


    Iv got a 6700k first time I don't want to upgrade till they have pci e v4.0.. I don't want to go and (had a bad exp with a 4800x2 64bit when it first came out.. 1600on a cpu..never again, 700 max..

  • EZ2ACTux

    Reminder that Intel quite literally has to pay AMD a fucking licensing fee to even use the AMD64 architecture (aka 64 bit) because they were such dopes that they put all their eggs in absolutely the wrong basket during that era with focusing on single core performance and the trash fire that was Itanium

  • mouse mickey
    mouse mickey

    that money you have saved up for a "rainy day" ? it goes away REALLY FAST , especially , when you consider Intel JUST spent 20 MILLION was it ? intel spent 20 million , "couch money" buying back their OWN STOCK . it helps you look "not so shity" and i suppose when NOBODY ELSE IS BUYING IT rite ? LMAO someone has to . if they JUST spent 20 million that we KNOW about . i promise they bleeding more than even they know .

  • Charles Ingvar
    Charles Ingvar

    Poor Intel... I gotta say I've been running a 4790k (16GB 2133MHz XMP) for 8 years now and have been very happy with Intel :) It's just the last year I've noticed high CPU usage in some games... I think I'll wait for yet another gen to upgrade though. Would have liked PCIe 4.0 I think.

    • Tengku Aliff
      Tengku Aliff

      damn .. and here i was complaining about my i5-6400 damn boi

  • Parth Mahimkarr
    Parth Mahimkarr

    I am new to the custom built pc world, about to build my first, and it took a LOT of convincing and made me, honestly a bit upset that amd just offered a better product. After years of using and hearing intel from family members and especially my dad, it’s been a hard switch to amd. (Ryzen 5 3600x pairs with a 2080 super, is that a good pair or will I bottel neck?? )

  • Taron

    Havent built a pc in about 5 years and was thinking of getting a i5-10600k but now I see AMD is apparently better. Anyone know a good mobo/cpu thats equivalent to the 10600k?

  • Lt Golden Gaming
    Lt Golden Gaming

    Poor Man: AMD Gaming Normal Man: Intel Gaming Rich Man: Intel Gaming, AMD editing

    • Tom Travis
      Tom Travis

      "Poor" you mean not stupid right?

  • Adin Chandra
    Adin Chandra

    Linus : Does Intel want people to hate them? Me : Yes, for today. But I don't know. Why I want to cry if I hate Intel? Cause this Cpu is World Changer for a long time. Is so hard to say Goodbye to Intel Cause, Be CPU Fanboys is so hard and I must Adaptive...

  • David Ferraby
    David Ferraby

    As someone who has been buying pc hardware for almost 3 decades, I returned to AMD with a 3700x two months ago. It was obvious the Intel have done sweet FA for so long, my previous i7 2600K overclocked wasn't that far behind their current offerings, which says it all really.....

  • Paul Coffield
    Paul Coffield

    Performance doesn't care about your feelings.

  • JaedenRed

    When you realise that you've almost lost but you want to go down by your own actions

  • icy4eir

    Linus, I have BOTH watched you and been an intel fanboy for a decade and today I just bought a 3950x to replace my 6800k. Bye-bye Intel. I'll remember your 14nm golden days fondly...

  • Kepe

    Apparently Intel does want people to hate then. They sat on their asses doing nothing but increasing prices while AMD wasn't competitive. That alone pissed me off. Now that AMD is competitive, Intel is completely uncapable of answering to AMD's threat. Intel's 10nm is a joke, their 7nm is coming in 2023 or something. Intel is still arbitrarily limiting features and performance while AMD isn't. It's like... Intel could make better products if they wanted to. But they just don't want to. And they're still charging more for less. It's ridiculous. Intel probably doesn't care whether a few thousand enthusiast buy their top-end gaming CPU or not because they are such a huge company, but they sure are driving people away from them. A friend of mine needed a new laptop. I got him to buy an AMD laptop. Same chassis and specs as an Intel variant, but cheaper and with a better CPU and integrated GPU.

  • Hibiscus Cola
    Hibiscus Cola

    my first pc in 2016 is i5 6600k, after they released 8700k, I changed my motherboard to have more core and more thread, and this year they released 10900k with z490. I will swap my motherboard again, not z490, but X570i. I do have money to spend, but not on you anymore Intel.

  • Eli Percival
    Eli Percival

    If you need to overclock anything you are a real asshole or really poor because if you buy the proper hardware you no need to do such a thing!!!!!

  • Eli Percival
    Eli Percival

    You were fine till you started looking like a screwed up rabbit with that screwed up wanna be

  • GoatHerd K
    GoatHerd K

    Same case with Canon and Sony i the photography world

  • Reiner D'souza
    Reiner D'souza

    I hope someone can help, I want to add ram to my 2020 envy x 360. With an AMD Ryzen 7 4700u. I believe the ram is upgradable, I would like to know what speed would be compatible

  • Eddie Dexx
    Eddie Dexx

    This is really a good info. I think I start to understand why more and more people seem to favour AMD CPU:s nowdays. I only hope that AMD will be able to push their CPU:s to the higher frequencies that the intel CPU:s goes to. I was looking to upgrade my computer and need to get a new motherboard anyway so perhaps an AMD chipset will do good. Just waiting for the new generation of AMD CPU:s to be launched to see which one that will be most worthwhile. It doesn't look too good for intel though

  • kyle robertson
    kyle robertson

    I get in so many discussions on AMD vs Intel and I have been pro AMD for a long time now and its things like this they don't see they are just like nah Intel is better their numbers are slightly better

  • Mr. ADK
    Mr. ADK

    Linus looks reaaaaaalllllllly frustrated boi.... 😱 and i am too.. 😡

  • Large Chips
    Large Chips

    Intel changed their logo and iconic jingle, the new jingle sounds awful. They cant seem to get much right anymore.

  • Earth Dweller
    Earth Dweller


  • SepherixTheFox

    You forgot replacing the TIM with thermal paste instead of soldering their chips.

  • ShadowsInScarlet

    Seeing this video makes me damn thankful I went with an AMD CPU.

  • Zab the Builder
    Zab the Builder

    Intel has gotten so bad i dont know anyone with an Intel cpu anymore. Ryzen master race now.

  • H1t1

    If intel changes their shit up ima switch back ASAP I like them better but at the moment and is better

  • Boring 5
    Boring 5

    Someone pissed off an Intel Employee.

  • HungerCake

    intel should just kick their leaders out and find some passion leaders

  • Matt South
    Matt South

    I went AMD on my latest build specifically because I wanted ECC RAM and Intel only supports ECC on the silly expensive Xeon, while AMD supports it on even their affordable processors. So I bought my first AMD ever (a threadripper), installed my ECC RAM and it has been fantastic. Intel sales teams need to take a step back and realize what the rest of the world is doing these days.

  • Jake Kenneth Mactal
    Jake Kenneth Mactal

    12:04 *"Yes, daddy! Bend me over and f**k me like a good girl!"* - JobbytheHong, to Hasbro-TakaraTomy, 2019 I think that PC enthusiasts feel like Intel has become the Hasbro-TakaraTomy of the *ENTIRE* computer industry, selling underwhelming products for overwhelming prices.

  • varanidguy

    I'm an ex-Intel fanboy that recently bought AMD, something I thought I'd never do.

    • varanidguy

      @Tom Travis in this case, fanboy is used lightly, but it's because Intel had longevity and stability well above AMD. If you had the money for it, the performance of Intel was overall the better choice. Now of days, not so much. If I were a true fanboy, I would've still upgraded to Intel because it's not like they don't work well. But $ for performance, while maintaining reliability, AMD has finally stepped up.

    • Tom Travis
      Tom Travis

      Why do people fanboy over hardware?

  • AllTechForFun

    Don't forget about rapid storage... Now it's removed... So not only Optane...

  • Pou

    To do the right thing you dont need to become a pro AMD. Anti Intel is enough. Companies should not have fanboys.

  • Jamie Wilmot
    Jamie Wilmot

    The big issue is that 3% decrease in blender performance for example adds up quick which means you're now waiting more time for an animation to fully render all because every frame is taking .5 seconds longer which means each second of footage (if rendered at 30 fps) takes 15 seconds longer which means that your minute of footage takes 15 minutes longer, keep in mind this my not sound like much but I'm giving it a really optimistic decrease and that a 45 minute short film/animated TV show episode will take 11.25 hours more to render, on a lower spec system where there is a second per frame increase in render time will mean you'll be waiting 30 hours more to render, remember this is in addition to what it takes normally

  • smokinbu

    Sad to see how intel is developing. Guys my old rig became 8 years old now and its time for a new gaming pc (purely on gaming focused, im not really doing anything besides gaming, watching streams, youtube etc but no video editing or similar working stuff). So can anyone recommend me the best gaming cpu on the market? i was thinking about the amd 3900x or i7 10700k (dont want to get the i9 10900k because of the stupid power consumption and heat generating, its ridicilous, although i know that the processor is best for fps in most of the cases but the downsides of the cpu doesnt make the more fps worth it). Any suggestion and help for my new rig would be lovely.

  • Remy Jordan
    Remy Jordan

    im so happy ive switched from intel to ryzen, its seriously soooo much better for EVERYTHING

  • Remy Jordan
    Remy Jordan

    Lisa Su....TAKE MY MONEY NOW.

  • emirquan

    linus not getting that sponsor no mo' 😂 couldn't agree more tho

  • Prabhsimar Singh
    Prabhsimar Singh

    People who are still buying intel are retarded and they just want to flex..

  • TheKingDavid

    I swear the more I watch his videos the more I feel like I don’t understand any of his technical jargon

  • G L
    G L

    my next rig is gonna be ryzen

  • Parva Gopani
    Parva Gopani

    intel sponsored jay vs gn challenge even after watching this

  • Melty Boys
    Melty Boys

    As an owner of both a B450 build and a Z210 build. Yes. This is a very stupid thing Intel wants to do. Why are they doing this? Lmao.

  • Kelsey Schellinger
    Kelsey Schellinger

    It makes you wonder if Intel is intentionally lowering the bar for itself, so everyone will be incredibly impressed with Intel once its 10nm chips come out some time next year.

  • Chris NYC
    Chris NYC

    Best. Rant. Ever.

  • snwboardn21

    Like it matters, your job as a CEO is to make more money than you did the year before... stagnation gets you fired and jacking the price on your end product is the easiest way to put "increased revenue by $1B" on your resume.

  • A SH
    A SH

    Fed up with intel

  • Spl1ntMan

    lol like intel would give a toss what linus thinks.... they been around for decades and will continue .... they could literally take a dump in 1/100 cpu packages they ship and they would still have more money than anyone would know what to do with

  • kreiseltower

    Just bought a Ryzen 3900X... although I know gaming performance would be a little better with an Intel... but Intel can 🖕🖕🖕🖕 themselves.

  • SuperKoala

    I was thinking of building a b460 system with a core i5 10400.. Then I found out about the 2666mhz ram speed lock...Why do these companies do this?!! Im definitely on team red now

  • Adam Hani
    Adam Hani

    Okay Linus but Intel owes you nothing, at this point though in my mind Intel is irrelevant

  • Kennirango :v
    Kennirango :v

    I can watch you roasting Intel all day

  • Abdalrahman Aldalati
    Abdalrahman Aldalati

    Where i live the 3950x is double the price of the i9

  • Nemesis

    You don't really want AMD to rule the market, just like you don't want Intel to rule the market. Looking at you Nvidia, you better stay relevant or AMD will own the entire PC market and guess what will happen to the prices.

  • JacksonWarrior

    Linus just spanked

  • Intro Ide Gumilang
    Intro Ide Gumilang

    I feel regret after buying Intel Core i5, wish spent the much money for AMD Ryzen 5.

  • X Y
    X Y

    Ah yes, the Apple syndrome

  • lucid dream
    lucid dream

    exactly right? Why there has to be sides. These dumb fanboi or whatever the fuck they call themselves don't understand how awesome competition between different tech companies is for the consumers. Picking sides my ass.

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Apple Event - October 13
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