Does Amazon Prime Day Suck?
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    Newegg is okay until you add the shipping costs. Always compare with free shipping.

  • James Cambra
    James Cambra

    I saved 150$ on the QC 35 ii that i bought for my dad on prime day... so... no, it doesnt suck

  • imnotdavid

    tl;dr "Yes"

  • Mocchi GooBall
    Mocchi GooBall

    best thing i bought from the sale was my rtx 2060 from newegg. was 340 bucks new but was 40 off plus a 15 dollar rebate on sale. making it like 285 dollars for a brand new gpu.

  • Jesse Greathouse
    Jesse Greathouse

    I looked at as many Prime Day deals that I could find. It was all crap that I didn't want. Even the items that I actually felt might be useful was the off-brand stuff that I don't really like, and I would prefer to pay the full cost for name brand items.

  • PlatinMovie

    I bought a second Firetv 4k, everything else on sale was cheap China Sh!t.

  • Shane Knoll
    Shane Knoll

    I got a corsair 465x for 119.

  • zen strata
    zen strata

    Dear Linus Gates..... Buy a graphics card!

  • paul robert Smith
    paul robert Smith

    Linus and Anthony Dropped the ball by Missing making a big point about in my personal opinion The biggest problem with amazon's web site that i would bet is responsible for loosing a huge number sales also people choosing amazon's site unless they have to ,to get what they want. how annoying it is when trying to look at something you are into and there's a good chance you might buy this item that your wanting more info on first ,which was what started you clicking it interest to start with!?!? you select it you get totally different product or inaccurate incomplete specs that all the alternative sites manage to get the information typed in by Humans not Monkeys or chimps, which results in people not reassured your getting what is written on the screen in front of you, If I was to keep a conservative guess I wouldn't be surprised to here is in the one third to 50% of sales lost or placed else where as the small details are what makes the last steps to reassuring enough ending with a sale transaction completed on there site. Also the BIGGEST in pact damaging sales figures is the alternative only possible place to find trustable information that's not a company ad, By trying to slip in this change taking advantage of the covid situation thinking people need and rely on this site try the change of removing the other people's feed back for sponserd ads is a Huge mistake which can only result in a huge drop in sales figures with people doing the natural thing of going else where to look up the spec details and end up just buying from them instead LOL !!

  • Ga Me
    Ga Me

    All I know is that I ended up with 3 Amazon Echo devices. I now have two Echo Show 5’s and an Echo dot. They were all free with stuff that I saved a few hundred dollars on. And now I have basically free smart home voice controls all over my house. Amazon really is taking the show as far as smart home devices and integration. I got a bunch of Feit smart RGB LED light bulbs all over the house and can control them all with Cl voice or an app. And my TV. And my security system. And my security cameras. And my sound systems... Pretty cool for free. If you have specific items in mind, especially Amazon products then Prime day is an amazing time to save money. I lap picked up a 4K FireTV stick just for the better processor in it and a new kindle paper white. No point in buying any of that stuff any other time.

  • Joe McKeough
    Joe McKeough

    best prime day sale. $160 off a $524 Asus GT-AC5300.

  • dragade101

    I think you have to ask the fundmental question, does anyone need billions of dollars that they are horde and dont give back. I dont see Jeff solving reworld issues with all of his billions. Maybe someone can estimate what JB makes on a given sale but that might be pointless as well. If you think one person should horde money and let others starve; then yes, prime day/captialism doesnt suck.

  • My Big Boi Philip
    My Big Boi Philip

    honey is a scam...

  • Dr. Zoidberg
    Dr. Zoidberg

    Is it too late to tell the guy to the right to just embrace his balding and just machine everything? I mean, he is doing Trumpian style of denial here

  • Mateusz Kot
    Mateusz Kot

    Pls do 3D printers comparison and pricing and DIY too! We all want to see it!

  • Naus Cakes
    Naus Cakes

    My 2070 Super burned out after a year. It surprised the DoA period, lol. I'm glad EVGA is fucking amazing with their warranties. I got it replaced, and it only cost me shipping, lol!

  • Anthony Gee
    Anthony Gee

    lmao~! " its not gonna bring all the boys in the yard.."

  • Bmwmotorsportguy

    This year it did suck big time, nothing really interesting on sale and no jaw dropping deal.

  • r00t Chan
    r00t Chan

    Is Linus using a Huntsman Mini?

  • SilladX

    These events don't have real sales anymore. Just like Black Friday. Black Friday you used to see actual sales now its just marked up shit beyond msrp cut 50% for a normal "sale" price. It's just a way to get people in the door not offer any real value.

  • Cooper Chan
    Cooper Chan

    Honey saved me 5 cents, don't get it

  • Tobias Jürgens
    Tobias Jürgens

    Amazon search is horrible.

  • Elias L.K.
    Elias L.K.


  • Venger55

    i saved for 4 moths and found out nothing i wanted was on sale lol

  • Louie King
    Louie King

    I can make you better spreadsheets.... just saying

  • Paul Pieri
    Paul Pieri

    I got an echo dot third gen for $20 bucks, it’ll get here in November but it’ll be worth it

  • lnflnltyLegend

    Yeah prime day, it specially sucks for the people that work on amazon warehouses. They protest prime day.

  • Colin The Gamer
    Colin The Gamer

    16:37 the "craptastic" video card is the one I'm currently using lol, it was cheap Linus okay!

  • Add - J
    Add - J

    Everything sucks to you Linus ffs 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Steven Carmichael
    Steven Carmichael

    Given eBay 1080Ti, why not an eBay desktop PC?

  • Cristian Alvarez
    Cristian Alvarez

    love your videos

  • Thomas Bähr
    Thomas Bähr

    Prime Day sucks since years ... its just a selloff of crap noone wants anyway ...

  • Richard casagrande
    Richard casagrande

    Hehe he ignored shipping cost on first one

  • Sigi Matte
    Sigi Matte

    I make wish lists ahead of time and if something fits my needs I buy it and in the past Amazon had some good deals and I either stepped up or down a tier on the product for their deal. Prime day this year had absolutely nothing worthwhile except junk I didn't want or need.

  • Chad

    This stream is a great example of why I avoid Amazon when I can. The company makes absurd amounts of money, and can't fix that train wreck of a website? It's sad.

  • MTG 102
    MTG 102

    I would love to see a no comprise team red build vs a team blue green build of the same price 🤔

  • Charlie Fox
    Charlie Fox

    "Nvidia Forever" - Let me pay $10/$20/$30 a month for the newest x060/x070/x080, shipping each slightly used card back (to be either refurbed and re-sold, or stripped down for materials) when the newest one is shipped to me every new release. Prices spitballed obviously.

  • Jon Reed
    Jon Reed

    This video doesn’t have good deals really but I’m okay with it. It was fun watching you guys meme on amazon for 2 hours lol

  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith

    Anthony you're looking good buddy.

  • xPreatorianx

    @Linus Tech Tips - Those LCD tablets are amazing for young kids. We bought our daughter one. They are essentially a LCD screen glued to a clip board. They can draw on em, and hit a button to erase the drawing. Awesome little invention when the little ones want to draw and you can't be bothered to supervise for a potential mess. (Crayons, markets, paint, etc.) So they can be creative, without getting cheeky and the next thing you know your walls are covered in drawings.


    13:00 they still do that

  • Alex Kleene
    Alex Kleene

    Why the hell did i get a commercial of a stock market scam hahah sometimes called genesis technology its so clear that its a scam but i can see people falling for it

  • try testing
    try testing

    dont matter its black friday prime day cyber monday. its retailers way to get rid of their unwanted useless product. or they jack up the price and put a 50%off which equate to $10 of saving when you buy it any other days. i m disappointed more and more every year.


    u can tell deepfake linus from real by the bears being trimmed

  • James Barlett
    James Barlett

    I find it funny how they ignore the shipping and import fees!

  • Scott Johnston
    Scott Johnston

    Why do you guys always use American sites and dollars when you are located in Canada?

  • Paul Renshaw
    Paul Renshaw

    40 Minutes before someone pointed out Linus was looking at the wrong price! I was in agony for the whole time.

    • Paul Renshaw
      Paul Renshaw

      Anthony looking at lots of non Prime Day Deal items... losing respect for these guys.

    • Paul Renshaw
      Paul Renshaw

      But then still didn't think to re-check the other items he had already put prices in the spreadsheet for...

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith

    Why use an extension for dark mode on everything when it's already in a chrome flag? Or is he IE or something lol

  • Glenjimen

    Screenseption* at 1:05:00 😂

  • Louis Couture
    Louis Couture

    I was excepting some rant about how Amazon treats it’s worker and I’m disappointed.

  • Evean Green
    Evean Green

    deep fakes?

  • Halveyz

    No because I bought my entire pc (except gpu) for like €300 cheaper

  • ShadowTechG

    i am looking to spend under $100 graphics card is 2 or more Gb on graphics card good?

  • J C.
    J C.

    Corsair cx power supply is the bang for the buck with quality performance.

  • DarkFocust

    howcome you only social distance with anthony, does he have corona?

  • J C.
    J C.

    B460. H410 cuts the pcie lanes too much, asus in particular doesn't run nvme at 4x. How do you guys buy ram without looking at the mobo qvl?

  • Thomas Aslaksen
    Thomas Aslaksen

    Why don't Linus explain the difference between interlaced and progressive panel? In the spec you will see that it is a 60 Hz monitor, and if I am not mistaken 60Hz is Progressive.

  • LittleTechKids

    Does it suck? That is the question

  • Jonathon Hopper
    Jonathon Hopper

    Linus: melting down at amazon having a crappy website despite their insane size, Anthony: hee hoo cat ear headphones


    Prime day is such a joke.

  • cookeymonstro

    1:00:00 Its up to the vendor to enter info on their products. Amazon only corrects if the product in warehouse doesn't match item listed, when and if they catch it.

  • Tommy Brigliadoro
    Tommy Brigliadoro

    am i the only on that thought of travis scott and rodeo when they said 90210

  • Radoslav Trahanov
    Radoslav Trahanov

    Sony xm3s were discounted with 100.. It did not suck

  • David


  • ArduinoBen

    My MX150 (recommended by Linus) watching this: 😔😢

  • Tim Grocutt
    Tim Grocutt

    Hay Linus. You should put 'smadness' in the erbun dictionary. 👍

  • Fuzy Sidwell
    Fuzy Sidwell

    Amd useto do that swap program

  • CanadianManGaming

    The meshify C should have been on the entry level and the Corsair on the better one! IMO!

  • R H
    R H

    I got some good deals and finally got some alexa devices that are pretty neat... I am dissapointed with the speaker clarity in the echo dot 3rd gen though.... However I did order two new echo 4th gen (premium sound) to try and use as speakers.

  • MelodicTechno


  • Jacob W
    Jacob W

    When he pointed at the camera and said Jacob, i just about shat myself

  • Marcin Kąpiński
    Marcin Kąpiński

    It sucks for Amazon workers....

  • A

    The only thing that caught my eye during prime days was a few telescopes.

  • ConcreteComa

    The most well reviewed car starter by project farm the Audew is usually 100 bux. It was 30% off on prime day. The topping a90 is a powerful new headphone amp..usually 500 dollars and it was 420 dollars on prime. The d90 dac from topping was over 100 dollars off. Amazon doesnt help you find deals. You need to find them.

  • Burger W Fries
    Burger W Fries

    My Canadian Prime Day deal was two-day shipping that's scheduled to arrive next week

  • Emperor MurKruM
    Emperor MurKruM

    Does Linus and his team build Computers for only certain people? or is there way to contact them for this service? I'm interested in a Custom Star Wars Prequel theme build

  • KiwiClaw DHA
    KiwiClaw DHA

    I can sell my 1070?🤔

  • Etheoma

    If the 3300X actually existed, it's better than the 10100, so yeh... like significantly better, as you can overclock the RAM without buying an overclocking board with AMD, but honestly I don't think anyone should be buying 4C8T now, minimum spec should be 6C12T. It's unforenent AMD isn't selling off 3600/3600Xs for ~$140

  • Typical PC Tech
    Typical PC Tech

    how hasn't anyone seen the fake GPU's on Amazon??? They've been there nearly as long as Ebay / Wish...

    • Typical PC Tech
      Typical PC Tech

      My crappy Amazon video shows how crappy Amazon search is...

  • Dominic Pilote
    Dominic Pilote

    gt 1030 work fine for what I want , it's run the game I like , It's small enough to fit my desktop , it's doens't go hard on my 300 watt PSU and it's not all that bad for a 100$ brand new gpu. you can always say buy used cards but older cards will often consume much more power to deliver the same performances , when you look at it this way the gt 1030 actually make sense when you look at it under Power usage and performance ratio rather then price performances.

  • ʜ̲̅ᴀ̲̅ɴ̲̅ᴋ̲̅ ʙ̲̅ɪ̲̅ᴢ̲̅ᴢ̲̅ᴏ̲̅5̲̅
    ʜ̲̅ᴀ̲̅ɴ̲̅ᴋ̲̅ ʙ̲̅ɪ̲̅ᴢ̲̅ᴢ̲̅ᴏ̲̅5̲̅

    30 min in, why am i still watching this??

  • Telecasterland

    Id say it sucks in general given how weird it operates with no warning whats coming.

  • Sayyed Davis
    Sayyed Davis

    Honey saved me 140 bucks on my PC that I spent 1350 on. Quite the discount

  • Steven Fleming
    Steven Fleming

    I was able to pick up the Steelseries Rival 600 for $49.99, originally $79.99. Only thing I bought.


    I like Anthony! He’s such a humble guy!

  • Lazer

    18 dollars for a echo dot now every room in my house has a echo dot including bathroom that’s a great deal

  • benozzy003

    Honestly it was the best prime day ever a lot of non amazone deals saved like 150 qll together with the things I bought

  • Lumberjack Hvsh
    Lumberjack Hvsh

    bill gates trying to figure out how much a bananas cost

  • NTICompass Computers
    NTICompass Computers

    That 24-port USB charger is definitely a fire hazard. I don't know if I'd trust that thing.

  • PaxDrakonis

    AnthonyTechTips AnthonysQuickie.RSloft Enjoy your semi-retirement Linus, you hired your successor and we the community have accepted him. All praise Anthony and his trusty yet dorky sidekick Linus!

  • Lumberjack Hvsh
    Lumberjack Hvsh

    just go bald already

  • Champton

    Short term memory of a flea you say? All that Canadian bakin.

  • Knowledge Gained
    Knowledge Gained

    i was wondering what was this prime day all about??

  • Declan Bachner
    Declan Bachner

    28:00 big oof linus

  • Humble Man
    Humble Man

    Linus is so dense, types "power supply" into amazon search instead of "computer power supply" and spends 10 minutes complaining about the results. Big fucking surprise Amazon sells more than just computer power supplies.

  • necrosbowen

    why they typing in power supply. should be PSU generally ATX

  • Manchester Tech Guy
    Manchester Tech Guy

    I've saved money on honey twice and both times it was software, which is tech in a sense

  • J C.
    J C.

    Gt 1030 is the only real solution for underpowered power supplies at 20-30 watts. It's very quiet and cool as well. I'm very happy with mine. Plays 4k 60hz video where my processor couldn't. My gaming stops at upscaling ps2 games.

  • Trafficker1985

    I saved £200 on Echos so no

  • x Meta x
    x Meta x

    The only prime day value I got was when I used the $10 prime day credit they gave me on a non-prime-day deal item lol