Do you have a SLOW PC?! - ROG Rig Reboot 2020 Announcement! (ENTRIES CLOSED)
Thanks to ASUS ROG for sponsoring this video series! Enter at for your chance to build a new computer with Linus.
Video Requirements:
1) 30 - 60 seconds maximum.
2) Show us your current Rig
3) Tell us why you deserve to win!
4) #ROGRigReboot20 in the video description
5) Be Creative!!
2019 Winner Examples:
We're back with the 4th annual ROG RIG Reboot!!! Three lucky winners will have a chance to win an ASUS ROG gaming rig in this year's competition. One local winner from British Columbia, Canada will be chosen to visit the Linus Media Group HQ and build a PC with Linus in-person while two additional winners from all other eligible regions (USA, Canada) will participate in remote building sessions with Linus as they help him build their dream PC!
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Zuhayr Azfer
    Zuhayr Azfer

    when you hear "America and canada only" YEETS PC OUT OF ROOM and writes on it: asia sucks.

  • DarkHeart64

    I got excited at first then I clicked the link and there's a big sign that says "Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region" that shattered my dreams... Oh well I'll just stick to my crappy pc and work hard to earn money

  • Sauceke Uchiha
    Sauceke Uchiha

    I'm sad because Philippines is not available I have like the most crappiest computer the graphics card is amd 6410d and Btw it can't run among us. I'm not lying lmao the monitor is like hanging and the keyboard is freaking 2 years and the mouse too. And I have a genius (brand) mouse Btw and the desk is pretty small.and Btw I have windows 7 on my pc.


    Linus:Na Only Me:Sad Crying noises Over from india

  • Ixora

    how can i show how slow my pc is when everi launch some games it crashes like, i got the fastest back to desktop in the world


    when will the winners be contacted? LETS go buddy

  • vnhg

    What's the update? I submitted an entry

  • Rezal Vision
    Rezal Vision

    Me: Realises that I missed this years announcement and got sad. Also me: Lives in the UK. Me Again: Still sad. That said, my rig's not bad, I'd have to be REALLY spinning a yarn to convince them I'd NEED an upgrade, I just like one... If anyone is interested in my moderate setup, feel free to head to my channel to check it out :p

  • Chickn

    dang it ended guess I gotta wait next year ):

  • notTerabyte

    How long does it usually take for the results to be announceed?

  • Solenoid X ꧂
    Solenoid X ꧂

    Linus: “Who wants a free gaming PC” *Me looks at my crappy PC My PC: It’s your chance boi

    • almightygarapon

      It's done boi. No more entries

  • Derwin Ralph
    Derwin Ralph

    why cant people from India participate

  • nightmare

    How long does it take normally that it takes for rog reboot to be done

  • Louie Friesen
    Louie Friesen

    Me: Missed deadline by 3.5 weeks

  • unix ultimate
    unix ultimate

    i would like a PC i had subbed to your RSloft account, i would like one because my home computer can't even run steam and its about 16 years old, it would mean a lot if i won a PC, linus if your reading this thank-you for listening.

  • MushroomCraft

    Nice Video

  • MarshallChems

    I didnt get the notification for this vid...gotta wait another year 😭

  • LxyDxy

    so u pick people with working pc’s i have a ipad from 2014 it crashes when running yt

  • Gabriel L.
    Gabriel L.

    South America gang, let's be sad together

  • Killer Pancake
    Killer Pancake

    I am from Europa ...... God damn it.

  • Asad Javed
    Asad Javed

    Me:*cries in pain because I don't have a pc i have a laptop which gives 3 fps and also lives in asia*

  • Asad Javed
    Asad Javed

    I want a pc but i live in pakistan

  • Akshay Gawade
    Akshay Gawade

    My bad can't win anyhow 😭😭😭😭

  • AtSin

    Lol. Tears from India

  • notTerabyte

    when is the results coming

  • Varshith Reddy Dereddy
    Varshith Reddy Dereddy

    Indian Gang let’s be sad together Yes’s we also..

  • Sharda Gaikwad
    Sharda Gaikwad

    So rigreboot is not available for Indian'n contester's?


    Brooo I'm too late :(

  • its bass time
    its bass time

    do you have a slow pc me:ummm its from 2013 cybertron hellfire x

  • xXShadow Night81Xx
    xXShadow Night81Xx

    Well my time passed, two weeks late 😢

  • Brady Jamail
    Brady Jamail

    I didn't get in on the link but I made a video before the deadline. Am I still eligible?

  • zarifplayz gaming
    zarifplayz gaming

    Linus do a international pls I have the worst rig I guess gotta wait another year

  • WaspaveEdge

    How about Africa?

  • Ark d'Fat
    Ark d'Fat

    So, no asians allowed? Hahaha

  • zacfat

    I couldnt enter so long ago due to my region i wouldve had an amazing video! I really hope i can get a free one!

  • zacfat

    I have been waiting pls see this comment Linus Tech Tips have been watching sine you guys posted your first video! really want to wion!

  • Kasra Ebrahimi
    Kasra Ebrahimi

    I don't think this is fair. I want to participate in the rig reboot every time but I can't because I don't live in those countries. So this is not fair at all

  • Lance Quisto
    Lance Quisto

    I was like. Fuck!! Entries closed already and almost cried. And then he announced that winners will be one form Canada and one from US. Me from Philippines be like: ~.~ Hmkay Goodluck guys.

  • ljupcho shontevski
    ljupcho shontevski

    Europe gang here lets have moment of silenc.I have Pentium G4400 and GTX 1050(Thats what runs my puppy) 8gb of ram 500W PCU and Gigabyte H11OM-S2H and olny sopports up to 7gen cpus and i cant enter BEACUSE I AM IN EUROPE NA DIT ENDED !

  • Vijay Maurya
    Vijay Maurya

    My PC is like CPU -i3 3rd gen RAM -4gb ddr3 GPU - whats that 😅 lol Which game can you play DOOM ETERNAL nope just CS 1.6 😂😂😂

  • Adam Mullins
    Adam Mullins

    Who else has a school computer with a gtx 1650?... no? Just me? Okay then.

  • Da Ostrich King
    Da Ostrich King

    Linus is disqualified! Also I only saw this 2 weeks after :( My pc = bad I wish I could have entered

  • Grandy Maxie Tjendra
    Grandy Maxie Tjendra

    Ummm linus can I join the rog rig reboot because im in Indonesia

  • Guilly Games
    Guilly Games

    this video took longer than 60 secs XD

  • Lionic Bionic
    Lionic Bionic

    How do we know if we won??? E-mail??

  • MemeWithADream

    FUC I MISSED IT :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • Paul Fearghail
    Paul Fearghail

    I have by no means, the worst pc. I however also do not have the best. But I don't think I qualify :(


    Indians in their mind Abey saale

  • D1amond_Playz

    I wish I could get one I would like to win be I was to late for the entrees so I couldn’t get in but I don’t have a pc I have a 3 year old ps4 that kinda works Thank you for doing this Linus Tech Tips :)

  • JakeSheringPlayz

    Linus make it Europe as well

  • Fergie470

    Me being in the uk 👁👄👁

  • Garrett Crowe
    Garrett Crowe

    Well, I wish I would have seen this when I was still able to enter, being that I'm currently without a working pc. Either way, its awesome that you guys do this stuff. Always enjoyable content. Keep up the fun videos.

  • Scrubo

    Bruh when this came out I just got my new pc

  • Ghosty XDL
    Ghosty XDL

    Unoriginally cries in South African

  • Reapery

    Uhhhhhh.... I don’t have a rig

  • dum dum
    dum dum

    Asian: crying with my computer that can only handle Microsoft Word

  • coolkidwill888

    *cries in britain*

  • SAFO The Beast Gamer
    SAFO The Beast Gamer

    My pc is intel pentium 2.90 ghz 4 gb ram and grapics card amd redeon 7000

  • SAFO The Beast Gamer
    SAFO The Beast Gamer


  • CA-Trizzy

    I wish I entered, I didn’t even bother because I knew I didn’t have a chance

  • Dio

    frick you linus for giving me false hopes. *sad asian gang noises*

  • Eighty8Lives

    Linus: "Make a video on how crap your pc is!" Me: but... I can't make a video on my crap pc

  • Junior no
    Junior no

    Hey linus please even if im jot the winner please i just need a moniter

  • Darth Vader at SWTOR
    Darth Vader at SWTOR

    Can I still post an entry..? Ohh well I think it is not available in India.


    i'm in October and even tho i have a gaming LAPTOP the ssd still sucks and i have to wait for 253 quid to get one just to get better quality and have a shit ton of games

  • Aurelio Quitoriano
    Aurelio Quitoriano

    Even if im entered i have no percent of winning cause im close minded And im in southeast asia

  • Ben Grassi
    Ben Grassi

    I forget Yes I'm going to keep playing java at 30 fps if it ain't broke don't fix it

  • Banana Yoshy
    Banana Yoshy I made this thinking I could win.

  • Dead Slayer GAMING
    Dead Slayer GAMING

    People not living in us or Canada

  • Amaan Shaikh
    Amaan Shaikh

    Ya know, I'm just gonna emigrate to canada in a few year, just coz of this and LTT.

  • Mr. Do.
    Mr. Do.

    Multiple blue screens like, 'page fault in non-paged area' , 'Critical Process Died', and the dreaded 'Driver irql Less Or Not Equal', Most of which is from mismatched RAM and a bad Asus P6T Motherboard with no I/O cover Its fine I'll make it to Christmas. Oh and a cheap PSU from the same era as Motherboard.

    • Mr. Do.
      Mr. Do.

      Yet besides that she still runs pretty well

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas

    How much longerrrrr

  • Nates

    Oh, Linus how are we going to get the parts. Linus: I sent you a teleporter via email. Right?

  • Chicken man
    Chicken man

    Day 7 of asking Linus for a pc

  • Zach Howell
    Zach Howell

    You should send the winners a green screen set up, and key in the LTT pc build room

  • Dwel

    Back to gaming on my 5 year old hp laptop.

  • nafis sadiq
    nafis sadiq

    i wish Asia was in it

  • vameraj veer
    vameraj veer

    When are the winners announced?

  • Adil Rahmani
    Adil Rahmani

    How do se send th video

  • veryColby

    I'm so upset, my friend just told me about this and I thought maybe this is how ill get my first pc, nope

  • Sheryl Po Tordillo
    Sheryl Po Tordillo

    Saddd im from the philippines..

  • sike its Golem
    sike its Golem

    Can i do it from India

  • AaronDaniel Noronha
    AaronDaniel Noronha

    please hve a rig reboot for indians i really want to enter the competition


    is it available in India

  • Wolfrin Weaver
    Wolfrin Weaver

    I missed it again dame

  • Slade Stull
    Slade Stull

    i just figured out about this to bad i think i could've won:(

  • David Steadman
    David Steadman

    Yeah, I gotta stop my upload now, smh #%%$@! piece of sloth

  • Taubitz Gamer
    Taubitz Gamer

    I know I’m not gonna win so good job to whoever won 😁

  • SATonYT

    Nooo am late😭😭😭

  • mark Mac
    mark Mac

    subscription removed

  • Ryan Gaming
    Ryan Gaming

    Me in India crying 😭

  • Prctor

    Thanks Linus for not including anywhere else other than literally US and Canada. It's not exactly hard? Especially how successful the company /channel is

  • DCdanger

    Ha that's funny this would have gone way better if had actually fucking seen this when it came out

  • roseonmnk

    love how youtube reccomends me this 2 weeks after its uplofed lol, well maybe next year

  • chin chin
    chin chin

    when winners announce linos i need to noe

  • Merkzz

    Goodluck everyone

  • Harlem Chavez
    Harlem Chavez

    america gang amirite

  • mark Mac
    mark Mac

    tried to file complaint (other) section and guess what united kingdom not on the drop down list, youtube uselss.

  • Вадим Варварюк
    Вадим Варварюк

    0:7 Thank you, youre great! One of my friends told me that 3dsert is the best solution, besides you dont need really to do anything, as the guys from 3dsert install the complete system and she has already earned $5k!

  • Валентин Долгорубов
    Валентин Долгорубов

    0:5 Hey you were asking about 3dsert, their w h t s p : +1 5 2 0 2 1 6 6 8 0 6

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