Did Samsung Fail Me Again? - Note 20 Ultra Review
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I gave up on the Note 10 right after I reviewed it for a number of reasons, but can Samsung's latest Note 20 Ultra change my mind? Let's find out.
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  • Roland Koller
    Roland Koller

    When Samsung finally lets you unlock in complete pitch black maybe then I’ll think about switching. Until then I’ll hang onto my 11 pro.

  • B3ansGuy

    My Note 8's battery is starting to give up and I'm thinking of finally upgrading...but the iris scanner, physical fingerprint reader and actual headphone jack are hard to exist without. "Upgrading" to a Note 9 feels like a waste, Z Flip would be interesting but its battery is as small as the Note 8 and I'd lose the water resistance...why can't Samsung just make a phone that has literally everything again? Don't wanna give up the S-Pen but at this rate might have to go back to pleb phones if the S21 doesn't have it as has been rumored

  • BartD714

    I guess Linus and I are keeping our Note 9 this year, again.

  • A R
    A R

    Can someone find out why a sticker cost 14 bucks? Dbrand.... Get with it.

  • Mizer

    dat d-brand ad at the end. lul

  • Zac Rosamond
    Zac Rosamond

    Got real Lil' Bits ad vibes from the Dbrand segment, chuckleworthy content right there

  • Kevin Reeves
    Kevin Reeves

    The note is way better then the iPhone 12 and11 I no

  • ecclesiastes

    man im using my note 3 still with the interchangeable battery. when will the phone companies make modular battery compartments again?

  • JokeBox gaming
    JokeBox gaming

    I hope Samsung is taking notes 😂😂😂

  • Paddy Mc
    Paddy Mc

    Yes Linus, 'Clumsy People'.... Is that how you see yourself? As 'Clumsy?' Cause, where I come from, as in, the world, your behaviour and treatment of items isn't 'clumsy' it's 'destructive.' People don't call a bull in a China shop 'Clumsy' now do they?

  • Charl Moor
    Charl Moor

    Linus. We should start raising a new movement Make the manufacturers put bigger and replaceable batteries in phones Put headphone jack back

  • Purple Turtle
    Purple Turtle

    ThErE's nO hEaD pHoNe JaCk. Like who's seriously still using them? They're more fuss than they're worth when you're walking, running, or cycling as the cable gets moved around in your pocket breaking either the cable or potentially fucking up the headphone jack. Bluetooth isn't something to be scared of, especially now that progress is being made with how much data can be streamed over it.

  • angelmen3

    Note 20 ultra or iPhone 12 pro max , or keep current phone and get iPad Pro ?upgrading from XS max .

  • VargVinter

    + 1 Like for not using cases!! hah, stupid smartphone cases...

  • Realism 2020
    Realism 2020

    Sweet honey barbecue!! 😆

  • Kamel Labiad
    Kamel Labiad

    That dbrand segment is so funny 😂

  • biglaughs99

    I'm still using the note 9 but upgrading to the 20 soon, I use dex a lot its a really useful feature or quick edits to docs at home and even gaming, so now with a wireless connection I'm being suckered in even more.

  • John Sesam
    John Sesam

    Sometimes he sounds like morty

  • Gabriel C
    Gabriel C

    Me: why you wearing an Apple Watch if you use a note 9? Linus: But the hole punch is so bad Me: you don’t really use a galaxy note do you? Linus: they finally started using 120 hertz refresh rates Me: you’re not fooling anyone apple fan boy

  • Jeb Broham
    Jeb Broham

    As much as I love watching reviews from Marques on phone tech, sometimes I need a bit more... Linus is the Gordan Ramsey of tech. He can be impressed sometimes, but most of the time it's not all rainbows and unicorns. This guy is just straight up blunt about it.

  • Eric Bolanos
    Eric Bolanos

    This guy has ADHD and in the beginning, his complaints are kind of dementia symptoms... But later on, start making good remarks.

  • dj neural interface dj neural interface
    dj neural interface dj neural interface

    I went from using my note 9 quad HD to using note 20 ultra 120 hurts full HD and I see no difference

  • dj neural interface dj neural interface
    dj neural interface dj neural interface

    I love how these same Tech RSloft idiots b**** that the regular note 20 only has 60 hurts yet it's OK for iPhone

    • Vic

      Note 20 uses back plastic and it costs $1000. Even the $399 iPhone SE use glass and can be updated until 2025. So stfu ignorant samsung fandroid

  • dj neural interface dj neural interface
    dj neural interface dj neural interface

    The second he b****** about price tag I check out the building

  • dj neural interface dj neural interface
    dj neural interface dj neural interface

    There's nothing confusing about the Samsung lying up you're just an idiot

  • Kar Kim Yong l_KKYong_l
    Kar Kim Yong l_KKYong_l

    Maybe They Ditched The 3.5 mm Jack Because Due To The Fact Bluetooth Ear Pods Is The King Linus 3.5 mm Jack Removed Is More battery if you noticed bluetooth 5.1 performs better than 3.5mm headphone jacks

  • Ygor Cortes
    Ygor Cortes

    Fantastic video! Just one thing I'm curious about... Why do you prefer the Note 9 over it? 🤔

  • nash sanadiki
    nash sanadiki

    The removed the depth sensor xD omg Samsung I'm maaaaddddeeee

  • Mark Walker
    Mark Walker

    Jesus for that price and specs you might as well buy an A71 instead of the note 20 normal if the back is plastic smh

  • L-dubwesson

    I'm using my Note 9 still.

  • Shailendra Pawar
    Shailendra Pawar

    "Bashed Samsung for sticking to 60hz a few years ago" iPhone 12:...

  • Karthik Bhat
    Karthik Bhat

    Sony Xperia is better..

  • Nobody ?
    Nobody ?

    I hope samsung is taking notes

  • Life Lover
    Life Lover

    I love the Razer face mask during a Samsung video.

  • Ke boomrang
    Ke boomrang

    pick 10 lite... close 3 times less expensive. same size than the 20 and 10+ Not a lot of difference... except the 5g

  • Mohsin Ahmad
    Mohsin Ahmad

    Can we just appreciate how cleverly he covered the battery issue of NOTE 20 #ULTRASOUND

  • Paul Weaver
    Paul Weaver

    So. I will never get another flagship phone past the Galaxy S10+. Why? One single word: Headphone Jack. Ok, that's 2 words, but you know what I mean. Redundancy. That's the word I'm looking for. That headphone jack always works. In my car or work truck, in my home, with my wired headphones...that thing always works. Blutooth, no. Wifi, no. Wireless headphone chargers or batteries, no. And they want me to pay upward of $1000 for a device that doesn't even have the day to day redundancy of a physical, universal 3.5mm headphone jack. Uh...I just have 2 words for that: FUCK THAT!!! So that's why I invested in the 1tb, 12gb ram, ceramic s10+. Got it for a good price, $750 on ebay. I figure, "It's gonna have ta last!" Seems off subject but these developers seem to do the Mummers strut, 3 steps forward, 2 steps back, step to the side, step to the side....repeat. It's great for a parade but it sucks for technology.

  • J patdidit
    J patdidit

    still have the 9 as well


    Next Samsung would be s30 super saiyan

  • D1V15OR

    Imagine how chungus of a battery there could have been if they filled out the camera bump

  • bright eyes
    bright eyes

    shit phone

  • Private

    Who is that beautiful model looking like my ex I miss so much!? 5:05

  • I am Cringe
    I am Cringe

    Who else didn't notice the music

  • wind turbine
    wind turbine

    Samsung fail me, they send sales links that take me to www.samsung.com/uk/explore/photography/ I am not in this group!!, what do you think?

  • puck

    Tfw ur watching on a note 10, thinking about upgrading to 10+ bc u fried ur 9

  • ViLpi

    In my testings, The Note 20 Ultra's laser autofocus is still quite slow. I have it next to the regular note and the regular note is much faster in autofocusing. rsloft.info/loft/video/e9KoybKdpX2mm3Y

  • Carlos Madeira
    Carlos Madeira

    Very unjust review By the way there are ear buds USB-C

  • God of Chaos Khorne
    God of Chaos Khorne

    The note 10 plus is superior to the note 9 in almost every way aside from the headphone jack and the lack of VR support EDIT: what's wrong with the hole punch? T Its better than a big bezel and the side bezels being non existent is great. I never have accidental touches with my phone. The hole punch is barely noticeable. That said for the past few years all these phones have been lighting fast and there isn't much point in upgrading. Aside from of course the updates you get. The one UI2.5 is fucking amazing. Good lock features are amazing. The new swipe navigation from Google is incredible etc. I can't go back to my note 8 that's missing all that stuff

  • Jack F
    Jack F

    Dropped my Note 9 from about a meter height. Cracked front and back glass. Never again buying a glass backed phone. So expensive to repair, I sold it for 150 bucks. Never again!!!!

  • JOE 94
    JOE 94

    Watching with note 8.

  • Md Hasan
    Md Hasan

    This is the note 20 really very not ultra 😂😂😂

  • Thomas Bland
    Thomas Bland

    Is Linus channelling Morty in his Dbrand promo?

  • qercuriie

    am i the only one who saw linus note 9 cracked?

  • David Cramer
    David Cramer

    I've been saying I miss my note 9 now that we have to wear masks cause I upgraded to the 10+ and can't use the face unlock in public😂

  • khan basheer
    khan basheer

    Iphone came with the same like line up. Iphone 12 mini Iphone 12 Iphone 12 Pro Iphone 12 Pro Max I hope u would note this mess as well when you review iphone 12 list.

  • akiuss

    “Check out how ridge wallet can keep your bulge down”

  • dallen18

    Most stupidest opinionated video.. Note is the best phone out

  • Born a Skinny Bitch
    Born a Skinny Bitch

    You failed Samsung

  • Doc Nem Vlogs
    Doc Nem Vlogs

    Hey that mustache and beard looked great on you! Great review as always😉


    if any video titled with a question mark then obviously content of the video is opposite.

  • Kenny Bromme
    Kenny Bromme

    Phone: Has one small flaw Linus: I HATE It!

  • Kryptek Dreamz
    Kryptek Dreamz

    me using smart lock on my galaxy s10 plus w my galaxy watch hoping no one murders me xD

  • harw

    Samsung phones are still the best..

  • Sooraj Singh
    Sooraj Singh

    Iris Scanner Master race yeyeeee

  • letsmakeanything 1
    letsmakeanything 1

    I need help I want new Samsung Galaxy phone what is best model lol I like the fold and ultra

  • Kaleb S.
    Kaleb S.

    A phone that doesn't have a HEADPHONE input is a deal breaker...i will just stay with my note 8 & 9...why be cheap on getting rid of a HEADPHONE jack but still charge a $1000+ for the phone?! Not Every body dont wants wireless ear buds!

  • morris portlock
    morris portlock

    I thank you being a little bit too hard on the note 1st of all the price goes down it's not $1400 if you trade in your old phone. I picked up one for about $850 with trade in. Plus why we talking about the Headphone Jack Most cell phones Did away with it.

  • Ex Scar
    Ex Scar

    9:05 dude everybody is gonna use a case bc the phone is 1500 dollars so stop crying about a bump, the case will fix it.

  • Ex Scar
    Ex Scar

    What does he like about samsung 🤔

  • DrNachtschatten

    camera bumps are still stupid just make the phone thicker for a few mms, use that space for battery capacity and you get so much more out of that thing. also allows increasing frame stability.

  • Jakubix 16
    Jakubix 16

    My mind:Iphone 11 pro max My heart:Samsung S20 My wallet:Samsung J6 2018

  • Femi Omomo
    Femi Omomo

    My Samsung S20 Ultra 5g is crap and here's why. Battery life is still crap it will get me to 2 or 3pm max I start my day at 7am Because of the curved screen I cannot click on the edge of the screen to select anything at the edge, example a RSloft video if I want to move the slider on the video to advance further into the video I can't because the slider starts on the curved edge. Sometimes the phone won't select part of the screen, so a certain area becomes untouchable. The phone locks up and has to be restarted at least 5 times a week sometimes twice a day! The Samsung clear case won't allow wireless charging without removing the case! I would like two sim cards and a Micro SD card slot, to hold all three simultaneously. Don't get me started on the low powered charger they supplied! I will never buy a Samsung again, if the battery does not last then all I have is a lump of plastic and glass in my pocket! This means all the features and benefits of the phone are useless. These faults are basic and I should not be having these issues, my phone was purchased in the U.K through my carrier O2 so it is not a Snapdragon version. One U.I 2.5 Android 10 I upgraded from a Samsung note 8 I should have saved my money and purchased an Asus which has real power!

    • Milo slime Nguyễn
      Milo slime Nguyễn

      Bro you use the exynos version in the uk? Thats why its crap, why not snapdragon 865 version? It can last 10 hours totally

  • ExuberantRaptor

    For someone who can switch phones like changing underwear, the price argument for not switching is just so dumb.

  • Toni Tontsapoika
    Toni Tontsapoika

    :D Note 10 + is perfect tbh if i watch note 20 ultra... Everybody want side to side display.. and someone is crying about too small bezels.. :D

  • Excuse me Wth
    Excuse me Wth

    Still use my Note 9

  • The Emperor of Man
    The Emperor of Man

    Wait. So..you said no because....why? It's expensive? If you already have it, why not use it?

  • Francisco Eren
    Francisco Eren

    In a time in which almost every smartphone seems to be ergonomically designed with people like Shaquille O'Neal and Yao Ming in mind, I'm truly grateful for iPhones sporting those smaller screen sizes, confidently amidst so much social pressure (in the name of superficial technological progress) to become smart slabs with an annually-increasing number of back-facing cameras, reminiscent of that radioactive fish in “The Simpsons Movie”. This cell phone -the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra- is almost 7"-long, diagonally. Is designing the OS to translate the interface downwards, in order to adapt it for one-handed usage, really an adequate solution for devices like this? Or should we make normal-sized smartphones with good UI design instead? Hopefully, one of these days, companies comprising the Android smartphone market will understand that the average human hand doesn't grow as much as their products each year, and that real tablets exist specifically to satisfy the customers' need for a large screen in a mobile device. I mean, foldable smartphones manage to sort of satisfy such a need, but, until foldable smartphones become waterproof and affordable as the norm, this observation remains valid, if I may affirm.

    • miss a.a.
      miss a.a.

      Dude, there are Android phones in every size the costumer wants. That's the things about using Android: we have options.

  • Marko Mircea
    Marko Mircea

    Note 10 Plus says... maybe. Tempted by the sheeple phone 12 too... waiting for the 12 wooly reviews.

  • Tomato Fettuccini
    Tomato Fettuccini

    One major problem with the Note 20. It's still a Samsung, and it will still slow down to near-unusability within a year of purchase, because Samsung is HORRIBLE at coding software, their redundant apps and unnecessary ecosystem (Samsung Marketplace/Pay, anyone?), and their Amdroid updates (if they exist at all) are slow-coming and add more issues than they fix. I had an S8 for 6 months before all I described occurred, after which I literally smashed it to pieces with a hammer out of sheer frustration. I've had 4 Samsung devices and they've all been utter garbage. No way in hell will I ever buy a Samsung product. Fuck Samsung. LG all the way!

    • Milo slime Nguyễn
      Milo slime Nguyễn

      @Tomato Fettuccini i use the snapdragon version and honestly, i dont know what kind of problem you really have encountered here? One UI is still smooth for me now

    • Tomato Fettuccini
      Tomato Fettuccini

      @Milo slime Nguyễn Give it time.

    • Milo slime Nguyễn
      Milo slime Nguyễn

      I am using galaxy s9 and even with no more updates it still works like a champ here

  • MasterThief117

    I'm so confused about the dbrand ad. Linus, are you being held hostage by dbrand? If so, blink in Morse code!

  • james shaeffer
    james shaeffer

    Funny you badmouth the note 10 yet just about EVERYONE else praised the note 10 as an incredible phone. Now for the ultra, you have to be STUPID to buy a $1300 phone and NOT put a case and front glass protector on the front. You are an idiot. Also if you are to stupid to setup the PRO RAW mode of a brilliant phone you deserve a pixel. No wonder I unsubbed !!!!!!!

  • Brandon Sellers
    Brandon Sellers

    this phone and an otter box still cant survive being dropped on the freeway! :'D Thank god for phone insurance!

  • Felix Le chat
    Felix Le chat

    He dont like Note 20 ultra but he bought a fold 2 at twice price

  • michael dusenbury
    michael dusenbury

    So how the fuck can we ignore the fact that speakers are or ignored

  • Alex Fliegel
    Alex Fliegel

    Did Linus claim a bench at a public office area...

  • KKYong

    The Fact That The Note 10+ 5G Remain King Unlike The Note 20 Ultra Linus lol

  • advu

    and i sit here with my samsung galaxy s7

  • CrazyTactics

    The Note isn’t that the one that bursts into flames? Any product you like just never a Samsung.

    • JeyVGaming

      Bruh, I'm chilling with my Note 10+ for almost a year now without issues. That "exploding" shit was fixed a long time ago. lol

    • james shaeffer
      james shaeffer

      Yes 4 generations ago (fixed) now tell me about apple slowing down your phone to make you buy a new one hahahahahahahahah

  • Timeless Creations Photos
    Timeless Creations Photos

    I've been with the Samsung Galaxy Note line and have bought every note or now Tab S tablet and phone that they have ever made. Yes I've been around since the very first one. I've also been with T-Mobile because they allowed us to Route our phones until the Note 7. Or at least till they repoed our phones back. And that Fiasco I had an international version and I shipped the phone back and it took me 14 months to get a refund. But that is size once again I'm frustrated this year because there's like six or seven different Note20s.. you got the standard size new twenties and then you got the note20 ultra s you've got some with Snapdragon and Sam with a dino some with 12 gigs of ram in some with 8 gigs of RAM. And that's the ULTRA VERSION... yes it's $1,300 phone and they knock out for gigs of RAM and they put an inferior processor in it. And then here in the United States and only in the United States they lock the bootloader s so that we can have access to our phones. I don't give a damn if I pay $1,300 for phone and I void the warranty. I've never used a warranty nor do I care to. If I break my phone I buy a new one. Flat out. So if I want to hack into my phone and put things like AdAway and viper4android for Superior sound quality.. Then That Should Be My Prerogative especially if I'm dropping $1,300 cash on the phone. But to make soon many dumbed-down versions..and charge equal to or more money for those versions is just ridiculous. And for that reason I'm still using my same old Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for the I guess third year in a row know.. to be honest I've never had a phone this long but it still holds up well. I still get a full day's worth of battery. I have a headphone jack. I have a great display. And it's still super sharp fast and snappy. What I love to upgrade? Yes I would but they need to get their stuff together first. And I refuse to use an iPhone

  • T K
    T K

    If the note 9 had an ultrawide camera, I would hold on to it forever. That's the main thing its missing imo. It is a near perfect phone for me.

  • Matt Stone
    Matt Stone

    I literally burst out in an epic rage of laughter at 4:06

  • Narges Elly
    Narges Elly

    Wooooow. The background is just amazingly beautiful

  • MoVo1999

    Honsetly, I regularly order at dbrand and add weird instructions so I receive fun drawings. I don't even need so many skins

  • Nerdology 828
    Nerdology 828

    Watching on my note 20 ultra

  • Rohinton Chinoy
    Rohinton Chinoy

    www.forbes.com/sites/paulmonckton/2020/04/30/galaxy-s20-ultra-users-report-serious-unfixable-problem-shattered-camera-lenses/#7b00cc017892 So much for my hopping that Samsung would fix my Note 9 problems after the Android Update.

  • SirBSpecial

    The design let me remember the old Lumia phones.

  • Al Mo
    Al Mo

    You can get the same phone for half or less from a Chinese manufacturer.

  • Generously buttered ALCO
    Generously buttered ALCO

    I love motorised front cameras. If I do damage it I lose something I never use. But it's working fine so far, and it's been a year.

  • John Monteith
    John Monteith

    LOL My wife upgraded her phone cause the battery was giving out on her old s8 and got the Note 20 Ultra as a deal. With in 24 hours she dropped it and the screen shatter. Gorilla glass my Arsh

  • Krish Satpati
    Krish Satpati

    13:03 Can i have it?

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