Dell’s Most Expensive Laptop
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Have you ever gone on a computer website and cranked everything in the configurator? Well we did, and then asked Dell to send it to us. What we got is the Precision 7750, and it's a beast.
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Logan Meyers
    Logan Meyers

    "She's a rock" ok then, if you say so...

  • Anirudh Somalinga
    Anirudh Somalinga

    0:14 I thought he'd say "Well ha we can!!"

  • codefeenix

    what do you mean by "suck you in visuals" at about 9:15 to 925 ish. This is a Linus edited and scripted video isn't it... Linus should do the admin stuff and let the people that actually give a shit do the videos.

  • codefeenix

    8:17 "while during our gaming testing our CPU got as high as 100 degrees C" nothing on the video shows 100 degrees C. Why make videos, just write articles if you cant find footage to backup the script.

  • codefeenix

    8:08 error in the subtitles. Guy who cares about his hair said flippity-floppedidy. the good haired guy did not say flippity-flopping as written in the subtitles.

  • codefeenix

    6:25 Which part of that text shown indicates that Simon does not have enough 'system memory'? No wonder no one wants IT consultation from you guys.

  • codefeenix

    Does Linus wake up and show up for videos with his hair like that? or does he actually get it styled/style it his self, like that. cause damn boi, you need a barber.


    Nothing is perfect so it’s not the best, I’m expecting more

  • hex ex
    hex ex

    Why it looks 500$ laptop

  • Levi Guiney
    Levi Guiney

    So basically this is good, but realistically, the xps is actually better. lol

  • أحمد شعبان عبدالرحمن الطناني ١٧١٠١٣٤٠
    أحمد شعبان عبدالرحمن الطناني ١٧١٠١٣٤٠

    Im Simon 😭

  • lewx


  • AstroTime

    try running city skyline at max settings

  • JoeBeanBob

    me so careful not to ruin my cheap laptop linus: rips the case off causually

  • Alex Swanson
    Alex Swanson

    still dies after 2 years

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas Smith

    Hey Mark, you need to read up on laminar flow.

  • Presto c
    Presto c

    What is with the masks? haha

  • Pranoy Sajeev
    Pranoy Sajeev

    10:17 Hold up, this is all scripted?? *ALWAYS HAS BEEN*

  • Rishabh Purohit
    Rishabh Purohit

    4:21 she didn't think the same :(

  • Tinted Ice
    Tinted Ice

    She’s a heavy boi

  • enderman in water
    enderman in water

    Wow... watching this video I went “ whoa damn why would anybody need that much ram in a laptop”

  • BaSkA

    If you spend 13k on this, you're either stupid or too rich to care.

  • Sean Ali
    Sean Ali

    Had some battles with solidworks flow simulations and I just end up hating it.

  • smithinton

    don't drop it linus

  • Ayylmao1236

    0:15 “woah she’s a heavy boy”

  • Jiří Pazdera
    Jiří Pazdera

    Can we help Simon so that he does not have to wait for an hour to finish his simulations?

  • raspberry

    drop it linus

  • John Kelley
    John Kelley

    Let us buy MarkBench

  • Joni Lakso
    Joni Lakso

    I am a student on university of applied science. Its nice to know that you folks can talk the way that every engineer can relate to. "Air is all flippity floppity"

  • CyberPonz 2077
    CyberPonz 2077

    o yeah cyberpunk will be great on this

  • Praburockz A.P
    Praburockz A.P

    i said wow just before linus said this mother machine can make u go wow

  • AW34E5YSRH hfsghfghsh
    AW34E5YSRH hfsghfghsh

    Linus:" _She is a heavy boy"_

  • Jonty Garaya
    Jonty Garaya

    we need mark benchmark download files so we can also check our pc performance and put result in ltt forums

  • Random Kid
    Random Kid

    "Shes a heavy boy,absolute mother of a machine" *Gay alabama?*

  • whiteandnerdytuba

    Looked cool until I saw it had a Dell badge and a 240w brick.

  • Coin’n Bills
    Coin’n Bills

    The videos got boring with the mask

  • QμaητumⱤαιdҽr

    10:29 bye cable

  • Leland Reid
    Leland Reid

    f for the old intro

  • JohnJaggerJack

    Dell trying to pull an Apple on us. Only this time we get an audio jack, better cooling, several entry plugs, expandable memory, repairability and the machine will not go tits up if you open it. So for a price of a single Mac Pro, you get a couple of working Mac Pros "inside" the same machine.

  • JaySkully

    Wheres the video for the watercooled alienware

  • lugoismad

    LOL. I have a 7730. She's a mighty beast, but when I need to fire up CAD and load up a huge assembly, she can do it.

  • EpiX kira
    EpiX kira

    She is a heavy boy

  • WorldTravel1518


  • Sebi Ghenciu
    Sebi Ghenciu

    I'm a student at the University of Transylvania (Europa, Romania, Brasov) on automatics and computer science and I need a laptop to continue my study but I don't have money to buy one so if u guys from Linus tech tips can help me. I would appreciate that. Thank u very much.

  • Space Core
    Space Core

    wait I'm in the video!

    • Space Core
      Space Core


  • Saharsh Shukla
    Saharsh Shukla

    Hey linus? Can you also have people train a neural network on the laptops? College students would really dig that. You know? The ones who salivate at all the equipment you have living on Ramen cups and literally cannot afford what they really need to excel at what they wanna study. Wow. That escalated quickly. Sorry.

  • Hvalpikk

    13k 🤔 is Dell on crack 😂 in one year it’s obsolete.

  • evonic

    NOTHING about that laptop warrants $13000, In fact nothing there even warrants $6000 and the fact that $6000 is less than half the actual price is crazy to the point of amusement to me

  • Nick G
    Nick G

    If I saw it in person, I would just assume it was an old thicc laptop, dayum

  • YOLOBOY 34455
    YOLOBOY 34455

    Hackintosh it

  • TheZacAttack

    “If you using motion blur you should feel bad” 😆 I couldn’t agree more!

  • Johan Rios
    Johan Rios

    @Linus Tech Tips have you tested or reviewed the HP Zbook 15 G6 as a competitor of that Dell Laptop Workstation??

  • andrew root
    andrew root

    Got enough prusa mk3's??

  • Nightwolf

    Aaaaand it's obsolete, now!

  • CJDKing

    $13,000 and a base speed of only 2.4 GHz?

  • CJDKing

    S h E s A h E a V y B o I

  • Daark

    I'm so jealous. My most recent PC is 6 years old and was the cheapest one I could buy at the time 😬

  • justnobody

    someone need to make comparison like 6k laptop vs 2k pc

  • Sash S
    Sash S

    Hey Linus, you should tell customers about dells HORRID customer service and quality issues -- we know you're a tell partner and get cherry picked review samples, so warn people.

  • Tom's Tech Verdict
    Tom's Tech Verdict

    Even obnoxious would say - damn, that's obnoxious!

  • Pascal Mtb
    Pascal Mtb

    Every time on the apple website 😂😂


    6:56 oh buzz off! you are touching the same laptop, stop posing

  • AnAngryGiant20

    2007 and called and wants its laptop back

  • Shark Destroyer
    Shark Destroyer

    “She’s a heavy boy” hmmmmm

  • MemeWithADream

    can i have a pc linus

  • AeSkone

    Well, to the comparison to the MBP, which is maxed out by about 9k and still has the 9th gen and just got 64GB RAM and just got the mediocre and has it's pro level aiming way back in the past, I would say it is not a fair comparison. Plus the comparison of 2,5kg to 3,5kg. I don`t know. It is still not judged fairly and not to say that Apple does good, their Pro Models aren`t even close to be Pro, also because of Intels and AMDs bad work on CPU and GPU. I would love to see also a comparison to the 15" Razer Blade with the Quadro 5000. Which I guess holds up, even so it has less RAM and that for less than 5k. I guess, that would be way more a fair comparison. To really compare it fair to Apple you ignored too much, even so the MBP really sucks for the "Pro" in the name. The best about Apple is the weight, display, sound and that it holds it loads pluged in and without plug. But for the price the overall power is way to less on the MBP, but I have to say, for 13k it is way to less here too, especially with the bad display, weight and weird throttling performance. Also build quality outside is just mediocre.

  • Soufiane Azedine
    Soufiane Azedine

    Imagine having a laptop with a functional sleep... Dell sucks

  • Bungeon

    0:16 "She's a heavy boy" famous last words

  • Chromecast Thisis
    Chromecast Thisis

    omg.. Linus roasting apple fan boys hard

  • Jacques Taljaard
    Jacques Taljaard

    "she" is a heavy "boy" How dare you assume its gender . what if she heavy boy wants to be a panamotrainteslasexual >:(

  • motbus

    Has the camera man or the editor changed? The videos is moving all around. Kinda sickening

  • Tommy

    i swear my tap water tastes at least 48Hrz better out of the LTT water bottle

  • MushRoomy

    "She's a heavy boy."

  • Irrespons

    Why do he have to hold it up like that xD I know others around him is cringeing waiting for it to fall down. Good thing they cut it out when he dropped it. Everyone know he dropped it twice and the Asus ones during making this video. xD

  • nice guy
    nice guy

    i was sure this would have been an alien ware laptop

  • Rapid Fire Gaming
    Rapid Fire Gaming

    Did anyone else see what I did? Did Linus pull out the SSDs without disconnecting the battery?

  • finsarg

    How to explain physics and engineering to Linus: "it's all flippety-floppety"

  • William Richard James Nicholson
    William Richard James Nicholson

    Enjoyable vid up till the time stamp where you showed your reverence for obeying the one world masters whom made you wear face diapers & bow down to their altar ! PLEASE ; get off your knees & again act like you have a slight amount of intelligence coupled with backbone. There is NO Pandemic ! Pandemic meaning is ; EVERYONE Around you has a detrimental to health disease ! This Plandemic is 1st one where NO ONE has the deadly disease on a statistically significant scale. I'll bet you still don't know the true stats on how deadly this Plandemic has been . See Swedens stats in a nation that did not go totally police state lockdown. Check German Government Inquiry as to the effects of the lockdowns & draconian measures on society in Germany & elsewhere ............. I'll watch more of your vids After I quit laughing at you wearing face diapers ; which Do Not Protect You ...................

  • LUMi

    Forget nudes Do you want your trackpad in the middle or the side?

  • wara wiri
    wara wiri

    1:19 deep high tension heart beat incoming

  • Deepak Bisht
    Deepak Bisht

    80% of people missed the majestic "goodbye" of power cable.

  • UhhVocado

    that waterbottle sure sells alot!

  • Carlos Monroy
    Carlos Monroy

    So Apple is overrated or not?

  • Exilum

    The segway transition was so smooth I wasn't ready (the first not the second)

  • Blitzz _ Bosko
    Blitzz _ Bosko

    can i have a pc

  • eyadamo silimato
    eyadamo silimato

    For the price this machine is overpriced piece of junk.

  • Gamer4all

    The Final Cut vs Adobe benchmark is stupid! It doesnt compare the Hardware but the Software and Rendering is the only thing in Final Cut that isnt optimized well in my oppinion! If you Compare Adobe´s Timeline performance against the of Final Cut it sucks at least on my PC (Ryzen 7 2700X and 1070) Against my Mac (i7700K + Pro 580)

  • The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast
    The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast

    "She's a heavy boy" - the first trans computer

  • Christo Clark
    Christo Clark

    The screen is fine for Linus who is spoiled.

  • Krane

    I'm actually typing this on the equivalent Precision from 7 years ago. Back then it cost half as much, but they offered an external battery, Gorilla glass covered 10 bit 1080p display and a maximum RAM capacity of 32 GB. I must mention that you left out the best part of buying a Dell Precision computer: their service. Something no other computer at it level, including Asus and Macbook can match. Just be sure an purchase the maximum extended warranty. Its a next day service representative to your business that truly is no question asked. BTW, Hollywood film productions also use these laptops. Did I mention MILs certified?

  • Абдулазиз Абдусаттаров
    Абдулазиз Абдусаттаров

    The disappointment for the money

  • Nicholas Cole
    Nicholas Cole

    watching this on my MacBook pro 16 like a PEASANT

  • Daniel Lavedonio de Lima
    Daniel Lavedonio de Lima

    Damn, Simon is a genius. I wish I had the idea to send them my Numeric Calculus program exercises for them to run (my final one took more than a day to finish running on my computer).


    Imagine Linus dropping it

  • jose minier
    jose minier

    What a good way to waste money

  • Hayden Melrose
    Hayden Melrose

    The problem with your render test is you aren’t accounting for background rendering done by FCPX. When you just open a project on both and immediately hit render, you’re completely bypassing one of the biggest time savers of Final Cut. This would be different when you’re actually doing editing on the machine and the there is time to render in the background. Not saying the Mac would have won if the test was done properly, but still. Good video but not a very precise test.

  • Oscar Esteves
    Oscar Esteves

    128gb of RAM... 😯

    • Krane

      Varies according to application. As you saw the engineering applications can use all of that.

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst

    "shes a heavy boy" -Linus

  • Zevlyzn ONE
    Zevlyzn ONE


  • Tru Daunt
    Tru Daunt

    I miss the old intro

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