Can we build a better bluetooth speaker? - LG XBOOM Go PL Series
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We built our own bluetooth speaker! Watch to find out how Linus and Matthias did.
Parts List
2x Dayton Audio DMA58-8 2" Dual Magnet Aluminum Cone Full-Range Driver 8 Ohm (AMAZON PAID LINK):
1x Dayton Audio DC28FS-8 1-1/8" Silk Dome Shielded Tweeter (AMAZON PAID LINK):
1x 10W/15W/20W Stereo bluetooth Amplifier Board 12V/24V Digital Power Amplifier Module XY-P15W (AMAZON PAID LINK):
1x 3PCS/lit Type-c USB 5V 1A 18650 Lithium Battery TP4056 Charger Module Charging Board with Protection Dual Functions 1A Li-ion (AMAZON PAID LINK):
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips

    Can any of you build a better bluetooth speaker than this? Thanks again to the LG #XBOOMGo PL series for sponsoring this video! Learn more about their products: ☞(Mobile) ☞(Desktop)

    • Buried Deep
      Buried Deep

      Joys of being an acoustic engineer, best fun project's

    • Jessica King
      Jessica King

      Lol try to out build jbl xtreme 2 that would be interesting

    • Faisal Dawod
      Faisal Dawod

      Why you don't choose wood to make speaker box ?? This is can change the voice & give it more Bass frequency.

    • Faisal Dawod
      Faisal Dawod

      I can build better speaker than this, but you can fix bass in your speaker using capacitor to make it ( Low-pass Filter ).

    • Shadow Linx
      Shadow Linx

      I mean, I put some car speakers in a poptart box, and it sounds pretty rad.

  • Rick Kirkby
    Rick Kirkby

    Slight pun!??.. It really, shows IKEA lol (I care lol)

  • Wian Nel
    Wian Nel

    How they make their $ 100 000 what????????

  • Dylan Fortner
    Dylan Fortner

    How to save money on labor cost simple mass produce it with few machine operators then sale for a profit.

  • Antares 8001
    Antares 8001

    Maybe that's just the way Its recorded but when the LG speaker started playing all I could think was what in the V-shaped frequecy response hell is that thing. It made beats sound light on bass and had a super pronouced high treble with muddy to non existent mids while the DYI solution sounded fairly alright.

  • ice jon
    ice jon

    your speaker looks like its from the 70s

  • Steve Cage
    Steve Cage

    The cost of an $11/hour employee for a large corporation is more likely to be over $14/hour than less than $12/hour.

  • Devansh Chaudhary
    Devansh Chaudhary

    The model of the speaker just looks lika rtx 3080 design

  • C Smith
    C Smith

    well fair play to LG, it might be made from slave labour and cheaply imported parts but damn it is better.

  • SDR

    Even for that simple computer generated "music," it sounded muddy as hell on the LG. But since people have turned into cave people in recent years who only want to hear loud bangs over and over along with simplistic and recycled CG melodies, I guess it's perfect.

  • Leo M
    Leo M

    Linus should've tested it with something from his playlist. Barry Manillow Mandy... Copacabana and the like....

  • Alexander S
    Alexander S

    How tf did i get a pulsewise ad with Linux in it while watching his video

  • Kunaal Thakur
    Kunaal Thakur

    Sub 100$ Earfun Uboom Tribit Maxsound Plus Anker soundcore motion plus Wking D8 Sub 200$ 2 earfun ubooms stereo paired 2 anker soundcore motion plus paired 2 Wking D8 stereo paired. Guys check out Oluvsgadgets speaker reviews to know what I'm talking about.

  • mremannn

    The thing is if LG said no that would be them saying You can beat us We don't want to risk that.

  • Amin Fadli
    Amin Fadli

    Use 50 watt ×2 amplifier..

  • Mario Mowgli
    Mario Mowgli

    Headphones next👀👀👀

  • Meme Lord David
    Meme Lord David

    Should have went with a sealed enclosure with radiators instead so you could have fairly compaired

  • Shouyo Shouyo
    Shouyo Shouyo

    XBOOM sound like the nickname of a gamer kid

  • Josh warrick
    Josh warrick

    id rather build a computer while watching LTT than play video games all night! XD

  • Benjamin Hocking
    Benjamin Hocking

    Skip how long it takes and try to build a better and cheaper set of two way tower Klipsch speakers........easy

  • christopher zellous
    christopher zellous

    So how about a speaker with $250 budget?

  • James Richardson
    James Richardson

    I love your show but that speaker you made is really ugly! 😂

  • Nico1977

    why is this not a build video, is an arm chair review setup

  • Unknown Sanchez
    Unknown Sanchez

    why did you guys pick such a crappy song that was part of the problem too!

  • Pedro Rotoli
    Pedro Rotoli

    You shouldn't account for the time spent doing this. If someone decides to make something like this they either actually want to spend the time doing it, as a hobby, to pass time, to enjoy the process, so the $$/h argument is irrelevant. On the other hand, if someone is doing this to actually save money you also shouldn't account for the time because their time is usually pretty cheap, otherwise they would be able to afford buying a commercial solution. TLDR: just don't put time into account when calculating the cost, it's stupid.

  • Fabian Reddig
    Fabian Reddig

    Evaluating a speaker in a vacuum would go poorly.

  • Cinnamo


  • XCruzrR6

    I saw the title and laughed immediately

  • Never a Dull Moment
    Never a Dull Moment

    I love this concept, and the design is really fun! As an audio geek, i did notice a few things. - the tweeter appears to be pointing straight up, which is going to result in an unbalanced sound. Tweeters are typically put facing in the same direction, and as close as reasonably possible to the woofers to compensate. - the "shrill" highs are a result of not using a crossover. Essentially, this divides up which frequencies are being played by each driver. If they are both doing the same frequencies ( no crossover) you end up with muddy lows and highs as a result. - The passive radiators on the lg ( and most bluetooth speakers) result in tighter bass, but limits how low the bass can go. This is generally a smart move for small speakers, but you could have cool results going the port route. I think with some work and using something like a used center channel speaker, you could destroy a bluetooth speaker for a lot less. At any rate, awesome work. If you cleaned up the holes id buy a speaker with that design!

  • Hassan M. Hassan
    Hassan M. Hassan

    Nice effort guys but you got Mike Tyson'd lol.

  • Felix O'Keefe
    Felix O'Keefe

    There's Linus again. Grooving to his own intro tune. Can't you guys get any other music to listen to?

  • Dueling Fatties Gaming
    Dueling Fatties Gaming

    Scandinavian design? It looks like a knock off BOSE.

  • doubledeckersoulwrecker The 3rd
    doubledeckersoulwrecker The 3rd

    Should of had HexiBase help out on this one.

  • blnl4 spow
    blnl4 spow

    Do it again without 3d printers and laser cutters ;)

  • b00ty bu77ch33ks
    b00ty bu77ch33ks

    11:37 easy pay people in a 3rd world country pennies on the dollar.

  • LeoTGYT

    I use my Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Gen. For such a small device, really good quality!

  • Andhika Yudha
    Andhika Yudha

    I think the only thing makin LTT's speaker lose is that they dont have RGB

  • Naish .A
    Naish .A

    They just got boomed lol 😂😂

  • Caleb Brown
    Caleb Brown

    If they had put in a subwoofer it probably would've stood more of a chance.

  • FireFox1671

    Let me just buy a 3D printer and laser cutter to save 40 bucks on a lower quality speaker LOL

  • Vishnu C Santhosh
    Vishnu C Santhosh

    Sell that speaker on ltt store😉

  • Vote for Trump Vote for Treason
    Vote for Trump Vote for Treason

    Just buy a nice center channel speaker based on what size works and then wire it up for wireless. It will sound so much better.

  • That G
    That G

    Challenge: Try make the best speaker you can

  • James Nadua
    James Nadua

    This is a really great video!!! :D

  • Alek Mlynek
    Alek Mlynek

    Linus: "Off-the-shelf" components. Also Linus: Let's start with 3D printed components.

    • NXG

      We're going to go ahead and use our 100,000$ CNC table to cut some wood, something anyone could do really.

  • Samora Tanaja
    Samora Tanaja

    Im sorry linus my thumbs up this time goes to LG for their coolness...

  • Tomasz W
    Tomasz W

    BTW, when costing you forget the factor of scale. Guys at LG could spread the R&D and materials (shipping) over thousands of units rather than one.

  • Tomasz W
    Tomasz W

    How to make a sponsored video that is not hated and actually watchable hall way through! Another famous YT tech reviewer should take a leaf out of your book, Linus! Huge respect for the great idea!

  • José Islanio
    José Islanio

    Not giving any fucks, I made my Bluetooth speaker with a 12 inch speaker, plywood, courvin, and a tda chip that I don't remember which one is right now. It's 50 watt in a 103 dB speaker.

  • neil johnson
    neil johnson

    ive still got got my logitech z4s from 2006 they still sound great

  • Jack Adams Daniels
    Jack Adams Daniels

    Is this really DIY with a team of people and CNC machine 😂 ?

  • skurasch

    Wow that was a dumb design. First off If you're building your own speaker you need to spend the most budget on the speakers/amplifier. All that extra 3d printing and designing brought no benefits. It shouldn't have even had a grill, that only hurts the sound. Additionally, it's a very tiny speaker, this means mids are going to be easiest to produce. For balanced sound you'd need a much larger focus on a woofer and tweeters. Also one tweeter was crazy goofy. Just so people know if you buy high end speakers and a box, assemble it yourself and add Bluetooth you will get MUCH higher quality audio. This comes at a sacrifice to portability and astetics. One final thing. You can't cheap out on the amplifier. It's just as important to quality audio as the woofers smh.

  • Kirill Obraztsov
    Kirill Obraztsov

    this isnt really fair tho considering they get a part for 50 cents and you as a buyer have to pay 5$ or more lol.

  • Mike Soda
    Mike Soda

    I feel like for a blutooth speaker that's taken on the go, to various environments, you want something sturdy. I think it'd roll around pretty easily if up on a roof or anywhere else not perfectly level while ya work.

  • CoDGplays

    only 12 yr olds buy these trash mobile boxes, they sound like crap

  • Daddy421

    it sounds so tinny and all the highs are just SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS how do you kids listen to these things?!

  • Taha Says
    Taha Says

    So we're totally gonna ignore the fact that what they played on the speakers was the full version of LTT Intro Music?

  • Yagnesh Patel
    Yagnesh Patel

    i make speakers with case and amp just 0.0001% thd class A amp. no brand came near to it.

  • Yagnesh Patel
    Yagnesh Patel

    use Bluetooth module and don't wast quality on use class D use class AB amp for best quality .


    Linus should start an audio equipment manufacturing company called "Linus Audio" selling super rigid unbreakable speakers...

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown

    Make STUDIO speakers for a computer please.

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown


  • Nityanand Saswade
    Nityanand Saswade

    I was just thinking that 179.99 is too expensive for a Bluetooth speaker I can buy a whole High end 5.1 Home theatre. $670.63! You call this Labor Charges? Total of 809.72! US Labor cost is too much. Linus Next Time go to Africa so you can cheap out labor cost so at least you can give us cheap and competitive product to compete and also give some work to African for doing so.

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown

    Open it up - get the parts numbers like you can with Beats By Dre Studio Bluetooth Headphones and many more - order the parts - all the parts online - spend 30 bucks instead of 400+

  • King dra3
    King dra3

    LG in the comments laughing at Linus

  • Aaron Ramos
    Aaron Ramos

    The design time shouldn't be factored in as a 1:1, it should be factored in over the expected product run of the product ie if you expect to make and sell 10,000 units then divide that time by 10,000. Yall obviously don't have the volume pricing on the components but at least give yourself some wiggle room to make it fair. Yes I understand yall won't make more of that speaker but at least try to be more apples to apples even it really apples to pears.

  • Dean No
    Dean No

    Sound bar build!! Get Bose to sponsor or B&W. Maybe not cap a budget too as you don't have an R&D department.

  • Roel Vanderstukken
    Roel Vanderstukken

    tbh, you don't have a billion dollar R&D departement and a max production factory. and counting in the work hours seems kinda off since that's the reason you're diy-ing. all in all that speaker still looked cool af

  • Joid15

    Soooo how did LG make a speaker with the same price you had and yet still had better sound, sleek look, and cool beat sync leds while all you could afford was a box

  • Jimmy


  • blinkingred

    Thats some solid profit margins for LTT

  • Kostas Froudarakis
    Kostas Froudarakis

    @GreatScott! This would be a great project to have another entry...

  • Incognito

    How to cut down (labor) costs? Send your materials to a poor Asian country. Then the labor cost of $600 would turn go down a few times - you might as well get down to $60.

  • Alexander Hill
    Alexander Hill

    Gotta bring in Tech Ingredients for a guest spot on one of these famalam.

  • Joseph Mojica
    Joseph Mojica

    I want to buy your speakers!!!

  • redhonu

    I wish you would have done a blind sound test.

  • Olav Alexander Mjelde
    Olav Alexander Mjelde

    Should have put speakers in the water bottle :.)

  • Artur Kulik
    Artur Kulik

    But LG didn't produce speakers one by one. It's manufacture product. I think the payment for design it's be maybe included in brand price. The best way to compare it's check whats is exacly inside and how it's cost for manufacture and rest of this are came for LG team and company budget ;p

  • Liam Engelhardt
    Liam Engelhardt

    I'm so sorry I just realized you made a video on this! I just ordered one from B&H and didn't realize you had a affiliate link. I feel bad now.

  • Grant P.
    Grant P.

    I'm jealous... I would love a $10 USD minimum wage. That is literally the only knowledge I gained from this video, Canada is the best country.

    • jimmyredd

      It's $13 in my state, and over $10 in many others.

    • Ewout Bijlsma
      Ewout Bijlsma

      move to the netherlands, we have about 12 euros ($us 14.2) minimun wage and lower living costs!

  • SnowingFire

    Okay trying to beat the cost is a lil crazy but building better should still be possible yes size is limiting and the extra features as water "resistanting" and extra chargeport stuff but i imagine larger battery for run times 3 different size separate speaker cones and the sound channeling was a good idea overall i like your design for indoors use a car is kinda indoors but then cars have built in stereos unless you're using it as a handsfree device duct taped over where your airbag deploys on your steering wheel ... I'm interested to see the diy better than a company can videos possibly the company's hire the competitors to improve thier products and create new designs to sell

  • Les The Legend
    Les The Legend

    Perfect and manufacture people will buy this

  • Charmly Gamer
    Charmly Gamer

    Meh urs is better.

  • Julian Schäfer
    Julian Schäfer

    @LinusTechTips Is there a way to charge a 4S 18650 Battery-Pack with usb?! Linus says they use a 4S Battery-Pack and charge it with USB-C. Im not sure how that can work..

  • Piotr Majka
    Piotr Majka

    12:25 He did not drop this! It's a DEEPFAKE!

  • Siliarus

    Sure it says "ICARE" not "IKEA"?

  • Crazable

    1:11 linus has a voice crack

  • Dunc P
    Dunc P

    Oh I loved this video... poor Matthias.... he was competing against a company with a huge R&D budget.

  • vaios mastroyiannis
    vaios mastroyiannis

  • Albert R
    Albert R

    Hard to evaluate speakers in a vacuum :P

  • Helge Frisenette
    Helge Frisenette

    You didn’t even try! I could design a better speaker with one hand behind my back. You used the available cabinet volume just terribly. And using money and time on tweeters in a project like this is just bonkers. It’s almost like you wanted to fail...

  • Scrufboy!

    Your costs are inaccurate as far as the average builder is concerned. Nobody has easy/free access to the CAD software or the 3D printing.

  • Sean B
    Sean B

    Just put the xboom in the custom box!

  • Chris Dees
    Chris Dees

    Not to mention most of us don't have a 3D printer or heavy CAD skills.


    LG XBOOM VS JBL Flip Essential speaker

  • understood cdp11
    understood cdp11

    Try to compare it to my flip 4 which is around 70+ dollars

  • Timestatic

    I mean you can’t really compare a self made Bluetooth loudspeaker made by people who are not sound engineers to a carefully chosen part selection with the loudspeaker in mass production and all the processes under their control. I wouldn’t have expected anything else from LG

  • Cypriotkiller

    Muddy because of crappy amp 😭

  • GluFix

    the magical thing to include is dsp

  • Eduardo Rubalcava
    Eduardo Rubalcava

    Can we buy your speaker at

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