Building your own camera - Stupid or Genius?
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The Raspberry Pi foundation recently released their new "High Quality Camera". While it looks good on paper, you need to build it to be able to use it. How does it hold up to a cellphone? What is it meant for?
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  • Chris R.
    Chris R.

    If I put android 10 on the pi4, and use a basic camera application from the play store, would I be able to use the pi camera and use the aplications software? And add gpio button for shutter control? Or small touchscreen case?

  • William Su
    William Su

    Imo they need to make a MFT sensor varient

  • San Fernando Valley Yacht Club
    San Fernando Valley Yacht Club

    Cell phone cameras are actually the bomb these days. Great image quality that finally rivals 35mm point and shoots, fantastic performance in *both image quality and USE* with oodles of clever mathematics and a pinch of AI assistance. I'd just like all this, but without the phone part attached. I like my cameras not NSA-connected or trying to serve me advertisements for some obscure mobile game.

  • Potapes

    If you buy single mirrored camera you also do not get lens … not?

  • Tanu Jangra
    Tanu Jangra

    You make vedio on udemy

  • Simon Delorme
    Simon Delorme


  • Free vbucks
    Free vbucks

    Can they make a 1080p at 60hz?

  • mohab gharieb
    mohab gharieb

    Is it good for spyfare ?! :)

  • Dan Goldbach
    Dan Goldbach

    Sheeeit, someone needs to port magic lantern for canon cameras to this FAST!!

  • Glogu Gamespot
    Glogu Gamespot

    Hey Linus tech tips I really need a camera for my drone can you guys please make me a camera for my drone it’s for my RSloft video a camera that is able to connect to my iPad

  • Rebel Streamers
    Rebel Streamers

    Remember Folks, Even your Pi Camera Project failed you can still use it to watch RSloft videos 😂

  • Stelios Kapet
    Stelios Kapet

    What camera was used at 6:05 ? Footage looks great

  • will carlsonn
    will carlsonn

    what a segway

  • IRMacGuyver

    What is the price of this entire unit with the Pi and the 3D case printing cost?

  • David G. Horsman
    David G. Horsman

    7:00 wtf is this guy talking about? Or looking at?

  • sandeep satheesh
    sandeep satheesh

    @linustechtips was it fair to pull out a best camera phone against a hobbyist and AI research based module that cost 40-50 times less? It would have been fair enough to say pull out any 200 dollar phone or a good webcam or any GoPro alternative!

  • Boy Graffity
    Boy Graffity

    2:37 I am officially disturbed.

  • Yeng Minna Si Media Online
    Yeng Minna Si Media Online

    U sure dont know wat u r talking about

  • Matthieu Ducorps
    Matthieu Ducorps

    The angle taken for this storytelling is very strange, there is no point to compare a raspberry module to Pixel 4... This totally not meant for the same target usage.

  • Marty Lardy
    Marty Lardy

    Linus's face dont match his voice anymore. Get sick again. That will fix the face with th voice

  • Eitan C.
    Eitan C.

  • Bayram Er
    Bayram Er

    Merhaba, raspberry pi'yi açtıktan sonra, içindeki kodun otomatik olarak çalışması mümkün mü?

  • Bayram Er
    Bayram Er

    Hello, after opening raspberry pi, is it possible for the code in it to run automatically?

  • Tristen B
    Tristen B

    I wonder... Has there been any bump in sales since they started saying lttstore in every video?

  • Fifi Finance
    Fifi Finance

    Just started my journey. Hoping for everyone's success this year. 👍😁

  • Harish Kumar
    Harish Kumar

    so you guys started using "different" linus instead of the actual one.

  • Guds777

    I bet Anthony can take 2 of them and make them into HD stereoscopic camera. If anyone can Anthony can...

  • Rangwan Kasantikul
    Rangwan Kasantikul

    To be fair, the IMX477 sensor size is the bog standard 1/2.3" found in cheap compacts (it's much bigger than the 1/4" IMX219 used in Pi's own V2 module, however). That isn't much bigger than Pixel 4's 1/2.55", so the good processing isn't hard to catch up in terms of quality. Furthermore, most modern hi-end smartphones camera sensors are already in the realm of 1/1.7" to 1/1.2". Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised if most of the high-end smartphones made today will beat it. I hope I will see a 1" or 4/3" sensor version at some point as the "high quality" version, but that's not going to be cheap.

  • Kirill Berezin
    Kirill Berezin

    2:36 WTF

  • metallmad77

    now I'm thinking to make this for my telescope!

  • cyber bot
    cyber bot

    U r louishofman

  • Gogon Skully
    Gogon Skully

    Conclusion: dont buy this sh1t

  • Gena Jok
    Gena Jok

    You should try the making some crazy raspberry pi cluster server. It should make some really nice video.

  • steelrain 814
    steelrain 814

    I like how you just published that guys license plate

  • Pavel Pirogov
    Pavel Pirogov

    You can connect almost any web camera to Raspberry Pi using USB. And get real good quality very cheap.

  • test channel 1
    test channel 1

    Linux I challenge you to convert this setup into a machine learning radar trap to record cars speeding by your street and tweet those images to your local PD department

  • who dis
    who dis

    Hi Linus (and friends) Absolutely great video, but at some point it is mentioned that it's a pitty there is no dedicated shutter button. You could have soldered one on yourself (or plugged it in even, if you buy the right wires). That's the beauty of projects like these!

  • MrBrander

    I started thinking couldn't you get a beefy raspberryPi or two and then hook a whole surveillance camera system with those camera modules to it/those two Pi computers? That would be really handy for filming from the inside of your car the outside world so you can catch all those who scratch your car and with low budget setup like that.

    • MrBrander

      @Willed sugar I was thinking about putting these inside my car not in my house. :) But maybe like 4 or 5 of them would be fine. 1 facing forwards, 1 facing backwars, 2 to both sides facing backwards and maybe one to the back facing forwards and aiming down towards the interior with as much interior coverage as possible.

    • Willed sugar
      Willed sugar

      you actually can, and it has been done before! you could maybe use a smaller and lesser quality camera so that it's cheaper, easier to hide, and it takes up less space (memory). and I believe you technically only need 1, but it depends on how many cameras your going to place around your house.

  • evilcanofdrpepper

    Jardon! team up with Linus from Linus tech tips to rebuild your computer! You don't even know what the possibilities are let alone what abilities you should give your computer! Let Linus help you because he has the hookups with all the tech companies so they can set you up with a something like a 16 terabyte solid state hard drive, Tons of Ram, a super amazing processor with like 16 cores that is overclocked and water cooled! they can make it so you can use your high speed internet to the fullest maybe even putting in multiple hard wired fiber cables completely blowing away any possible trace of a bottleneck there ever was to the point that you won't have to upgrade it again for another 10 years! You might even be able to configure your old computer to work as server so you can load Minecraft worlds on that instead of needing to host it on websites! Anything you want to do Jardon, Plus tons of things you don't know you want to do because you don't even know they can be done yet, can all be done with Linus's help! It will make a great video, especially if you talk about it a little and then Linus just orders everything and has it all sent to your house and then has you call him up for help setting everything up! You might also want to get a local computer person to come help you out but I do think that the more of it that you can set up and learn about your self, the more easily you will be able to understand any issues that could arise down the line! Maybe they can even have it set up with a better battery backup so that if the power goes out you can finish the stream and then upload it without having to worry about anything! I think you have all the basics I just think you need someone who knows a bit more about everything to help you maximize all of the potentials! Anyone who is not Jordan please help me get their attention and tweet them, write your own comment about it on all of their videos or start a movement on the Captain's subreddit! Please help me get them together!

  • Nisarg Patel
    Nisarg Patel

    y dont u write textbooks?

  • Phxenix Studios
    Phxenix Studios

    The smoothest transition to advertisement

  • J&G

    Now I'm wondering.... 'Is this even Linus?'

    • J&G

      @Willed sugar lol

    • Willed sugar
      Willed sugar

      no, it's tech tips

  • Garfish

    If there's one thing I've learned, more megapixel is not more better. My Sony Z5 had a 21mp camera... But the photos were all flat and terrible in anything but bright lighting. Compared to say a Pixel 2, which has a measly 12mp by comparison yet takes far better quality photos in all conditions. How much is the sensor, and how much is the processing, I'm not sure. With good optics on the Pi, and some good processing added, I wonder if it would really bump it up a notch in quality. For 50 bucks however, it seems like a great addition to the Pi accessories arsenal

  • insane flame
    insane flame


  • Mooshroom48 YT
    Mooshroom48 YT

    Back from 2017 ooooohhhhhh

  • Marcvs Motta
    Marcvs Motta

    each day it passes linus looks more like michael from v-sauce

  • Hectic Hamster
    Hectic Hamster


  • Piers

    The worst part is all the lenses the Pi resellers are selling for these lenses, they're very cheap Chinese lenses you can buy for about a third the price they're selling them for. If you want one, search for C mount lenses on Aliexpress, you'll quickly find the same lenses listed many times.

  • Drift Prime
    Drift Prime

    I wonder how well this would work as a FPV camera for RC?

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller

    Yeah I want my money back for the wallet because I have my information taken using one of these wallets so they don't work

  • Solid Salad
    Solid Salad

    idk why i'm watching this i have no interest in photography, let alone building my own camera...

  • Michael Tolibas
    Michael Tolibas

    youtubers messing around with the latest cameras and other gadgets. me: Using mu Phone as a camera. ps: it's a galaxy note 5

  • Tormented Gaming
    Tormented Gaming

    Superwide video is odd

  • Captain Yolks
    Captain Yolks

    " "

  • pleappleappleap

    I want two attach two of these with serious lenses (Nikon prime, maybe?) for stereovision.

  • TomWi

    for me it sounds a good idea ! when you see the prices of all the webcams growing up since COVID-19 thats maybe the best way to have a realy nice and high quality webcam. greets from germany, guys

  • Joey van Hummel
    Joey van Hummel

    wth, this video never showed up in my sub feed.

  • Fernando Garcia
    Fernando Garcia

    If you wanna make a homemade camera for shooting still look into pinhole photography. Definitely not versatile but getting around those challenges is a good way to put your creativity to use.

  • Simon Butcher
    Simon Butcher

    Wouldn't these be good for the home CCTV project, like the video you did on this run off pi's? [edit] should've waited till the end of the video before posting, when will I learn...

  • Fusion gun
    Fusion gun

    Ltt intro: plays Me:🤪

  • hereobryne Minecraft
    hereobryne Minecraft

    welp time to build a DSLR

  • درينكس Drinex
    درينكس Drinex

    can you pls give my a pc

  • nadav gabriel
    nadav gabriel

    2:36 my pp

    • Willed sugar
      Willed sugar


  • Giuseppe Rana
    Giuseppe Rana

    You need to shoot raw and do a camera calibration, then it will look great.

  • Prathamesh dighe
    Prathamesh dighe

    The comparison with a pixel 4 is bullshit. The pi has no post processing of image what so ever, it displays why the camera sees

    • Willed sugar
      Willed sugar

      well yeah, that's where you need software to fox the image. the reason the pixel like up makes awsome pictures is because the automatic post processing is legendary, while with the PI or a canon, you have to do it manually


    open source DSLR when

  • Vincent Perrier
    Vincent Perrier

    Great video ! I Always love these videos that touch on the more esoteric side of computing. I'd just like to remind everyone here that the Raspberry Pi is a development board for the ARM architecture. A devboard means that many of the shortcomings about the usability/lack of buttons mentioned in the video can be attributed to the Raspberry Pi being aimed at developers and students. The way the Raspberry Pi should be seen is a way for developers/engineers to build software and hardware modules on things that are supposed to run on similar architectures when they aren't ready to print out PCBs. That being said, there is no harm in enthusiasts trying it out and building awesome hobby projects with it. Just don't go in expecting a finished product... that's your job ; ) get out there and polish the heck out of it ! Ps : I'd love to see more of these videos. Ltt has really boomed in the last few years and the audience has widened considerably. You guys have many student engineers and actual engineers watching your stuff and I'd love to see more content aimed at that.

    • Aitor Rosell Torralba
      Aitor Rosell Torralba

      The Raspberry Pi is not just a dev board, it actually is a quite handy multipurpose smart thing, not the best in anything, but you can easily repurpose it, i have used mine over the years as a game server, a dev server, a file server, a smart tv, a game console and lately as an RGB controller for my main PC

  • Juan Jose Ortiz Villegas
    Juan Jose Ortiz Villegas

    Hey Linus! I have aún idea for a video. Use pi camera as a Webcam!!!

  • Mme. Hyraelle
    Mme. Hyraelle

    That seems pretty good for a cheap diy security camera if you have the knowledge to put that off.

  • diego g.
    diego g.

    I guess nobody noticed this is a DYI development kit/module/environment as a whole. Is not a comercial thing directed to audiovisual enthusiasts...

  • Blu Wolf
    Blu Wolf

    3:03 Slapping the hell at the Ring doorbell with a Tesla key fob XD

  • ArticBlade

    Man its not bokha its bo-keh 🙊🙊

  • Collective Consciousness
    Collective Consciousness

    You forgot to say what currency you paid in. I know most of your audience is american, so you sometimes alternate between USD and CAD when you're talking about pricing. Don't forget to state your currency!!

  • Pete Manabat
    Pete Manabat

    Add an IR ND filter. The built-in one may not be enough. Same problem with the OG BMPCC

  • M SP
    M SP

    I usw one of these camera modules with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a cheap15-20$ chinese C-Mount lens as video microscope for my electronics lab. Works like a charm, image quality ist amazing, I can stream the video simultaniously and all the stuff we're less then 100,-$. Every other solution wouldt have been more expensive and less flexible.

  • Stephen Cavilia
    Stephen Cavilia

    trying to cobble together a handheld point and shoot camera from a raspberry pi: stupid a ~$100 platform for building an IP surveillance camera with an interchangeable lens mount and firmware that doesn't phone home to china: genius

  • Semitisch

    there is no freaking free worldwide shipping on ridge wallet!!

  • Pilette alain
    Pilette alain

    what did you do to that laowa lens?? it inflated itself during filming????

  • ben stanley
    ben stanley

    But can you make a webcam ??

  • Umang Sheoran
    Umang Sheoran

    hey linus can u do like a proper build for 1000$,2000$ 2500$ like that which someone can really build in daily life we have seen a lot of high end builds and and stupid low end builds xd but something for general people maybe everyone would love to see this type of stuff cause it will match with requirements of most people hoping the techgod would listen love your stuff

  • MrTree421

    Why do you go to an ultra wide aspect ratio when the camera expert gets on screen. Like ohh he knows what he is talking about let's give him only half the screen cause f*** it, can't look to professional.

  • Opensource

    Very cool idea, let down by optics

  • Girga

    5:23 you can write a simple python script that listens for a button you plug in via the GPIO pins using io.input(*the pin number*) and use os.system("*the capture command*") when it's pressed. then just keep the python script running at all times to get a "point and shoot" effect. Would be a fun project :P

  • Ryaninja

    I enjoy all the shots of Andy doing random things. For some reason it reminds me of Despicable me. He's like Linus' no.1 minion. Suchagoodminion, he deserves treats.

  • You dont remember subscribing to me
    You dont remember subscribing to me

    I think this module is meant for diy projects and not for photography...

  • Howling Wolven
    Howling Wolven

    2:37 Taran, why is that probe lens getting a hardon?

  • Chris Storer
    Chris Storer

    Stupid thing to do, you get dust in it every time before you close it. Cameras like every other device are built in a clean room.

  • Cortex Auth
    Cortex Auth

    Just write a script/executable to trigger on some button : P And it's hella good for what things Raspberry Pi is used, yeap. I don't know why dudes even went to compare it with Pixel and Apple, was kinda dumb, not to say Pixel has dedicated PixelCore on board and all. If you really had to review it, this is not how it should have been done imo. Just a suggestion, though I do know channel caters to more casual audience, but that just didn't do it the justice. If you use Raspberry Pi, and complain there's no shutter button, I don't know why you bought Pi at first place, because you probably will be glad that there's nothing like that if you actually use Pi much. Not to say, rest of options in market for tinkerers is way much advanced and hard to use, and has other restrictions. That's whay should've been talked about

  • Betu Jain
    Betu Jain

    Videos resolution has changed

  • luckeycat

    I can finally build the stripped-down-full-manual-camera that I've been forever wanting! Make some lens adapters, or retrofit existing mounts onto quality lenses and...oh man...this is it!

  • luckeycat

    2:38 Yes, editors, we noticed that.

  • GivenFirstName FamilyFirstName
    GivenFirstName FamilyFirstName

    This is really interesting. Lack of in camera image sharpening and raw capture will allow users who understand digital image sharpening and contrast control to have a great time. Sensor plane shift and tilt is also a powerful tool that suits diy mounts. The comments about a magenta cast and the quality of the _sensor’s bokeh!_ will strike photographers as being somewhat _inappropriate_ and will NOT put me off one bit ... no pun. I’ll be watching this.

  • Hybris51129

    This would be great for anything that needs a expendable camera like anything involving explosives or firearms.

  • Harley Chesney
    Harley Chesney

    I'm getting ready to use one over these for my work. Sounds like it will meet my projects needs. Thanks!

  • Sipipii

    2:37 i didnt know it could do that

  • The Stunt Lot , LLC
    The Stunt Lot , LLC

    Is it me or was there an annoying “knock” noise in the background of the video? It was pretty obvious with my Atmos sound bar...same with the music during the photo comparison section

  • Chris Bautista
    Chris Bautista

    That camera kit is actually perfect for retro-modding TLR vintage camera.

  • Theo S
    Theo S

    #linustanktops LTT = Linus Tank Tops

  • James Bacon
    James Bacon

    Hey Linus, could you help me with my samsung s9+? The camera quality is SOOOOO bad, like, really bad unless i use pro features. Which in comparison to my s6 edge +, is horrid. Like, a phone roughly 3-4 gens behind my current phone has a better camera. Is there a way to fix this?

  • Furkan Taşdelen
    Furkan Taşdelen

    Last 5 videos of Linus were really joyful.

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