Are Walmart's $150 Laptops Shockingly Good... or Shockingly Bad?
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Do you want more for your money? Or are on a super tight budget? Does Walmart’s EVOO house brand compact laptops bring much in the way of value? WE go over them and definitely find out which one to avoid. Are they worth it for just windows 10 and the Office 365 subscription?
Buy EVOO 11.6" Ultra Thin Laptop
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  • Soylent Jakob
    Soylent Jakob


  • SailLively

    11:57 Linus poking around a plugged in laptop with a metal screwdriver. No wonder it stopped working.

  • Mike Bates
    Mike Bates

    Get a used Thinkpad instead!

  • The Gaming Machine
    The Gaming Machine

    Computer exposes Linus's internet speed

  • Barista Blanikie
    Barista Blanikie

    i actually bought the blue one and the second day i had it it completly died and i could only see the little mouse

  • Rock Brigade Community
    Rock Brigade Community

    you want cheap, bu' a chromebook 15.6". had it a year, no problems. paid under $300 CDN for it and no complaints.

  • nadiayorc123

    as somebody that's never actually bought a standalone copy of windows, I had no idea it cost _that_ much

  • Rover120

    I'll tell you right now, I saw Michael MJD review a "New" Gateway laptop from Walmart, and things couldn't be any more shady in terms of the branding scenario. But don't take my word for it. (Link Below)

  • Jack Chapman
    Jack Chapman

    I’m so sorry for anyone dumb enough to buy a walmart brand laptop

  • T T
    T T

    Thanks a lot, they are selling at $329.00 right now. :)

  • Visual Audio
    Visual Audio

    Evoo must use very cheap batteries cause my 2 in one tablet with detachable keyboard actually stopped even wanting to charge!!!! Like what the actual fuck???? Or better yet i bet they don't even make them themselves they probably just slap the "Evoo" name on a cheap Chinese manufactured one and call it a day

  • Kilegram

    These laptops are sold by some Chinese company who has just licensed the Gateway branding and is now slapping gateway logos on these crappy PCs

  • 3N4C72B1G

    what a screaming idiot. Wish I could see a nerdy indian guy review these computers than this dumb, superficial screaming idiot that "flexes" the chassis but has nothing of value to add.

  • Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith

    Two things: 1) I would never recommend a Windows with less than 8GB RAM. I am not even sure why you're taking time on a 4GB machine, much less a 2GB machine. 2) How does it do if you install ChromOS?

  • Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith

    Is this the same hardware as the latest "Gateway" computer?

  • FilFee

    For anyone who wants to buy one of these: They're now selling them cheaper under a licesnce as Gateway machines.

  • User

    I could buy a way better used laptop for $150 than those shits.

  • Viktor Malashevski
    Viktor Malashevski

    Walmart is selling gateway laptops

  • Small

    For around $150 Walmart- new,slow as frick cheapo laptops eBay- used,decently/acceptably fast old business laptops from a few years ago

  • Gpjr gpjr
    Gpjr gpjr

    Me reviewing the school laptop

  • Miguel Madrigal
    Miguel Madrigal

    Haven’t seen bezels this big in a new machine? How about Macbooks ?

  • travis moore
    travis moore

    You might as well put a linux os on it.

  • MakeLiberals CryAgain
    MakeLiberals CryAgain

    Me laughs with a $1100 laptop.

  • Jack Watter
    Jack Watter

    OFC it broke you left the laptop plugged in when opening it.

  • Jack Watter
    Jack Watter

    Just buy a rasberry pi or a used thinkpad/cheap laptop on ebay/craigslist

  • Jack Watter
    Jack Watter

    I was gonna get one of those walmart laptops for 250 but the sale ended so I ended up building a cheap PC

  • Swaffle

    Ironically, a chromebook would actually be better

  • smoking one
    smoking one

    it has an ssd and its slower then my 5400rpm hdd, waste of technology...

  • bloosh100

    Honest Question How safe is it to be messing with the internals of a CHEAP badly QA'd laptop while its plugged in? I unplug phones when i tinker with them for safety.

  • MiddleEastMilli

    Are there any budget laptops using Ubuntu?

  • Björn-Adil Samni
    Björn-Adil Samni

    My laptop with the intel core i3 380 is slower tho, and its from 2010😂

  • Chris Berstler
    Chris Berstler

    +107 points for not unplugging the battery powered laptops before disassembly.

  • 3rm1n

    Just buy used Dell laptop...

  • Piper wren
    Piper wren

    when your using the blue computer as he speaks cause thats all u could afford well i mean i can play the sims on it thats why i wanted a laptop in the first place

  • Lee Gou
    Lee Gou

    I'd buy one to screw around with. Like a $300 VM. But I wouldn't wanna destroy it.

  • Jody Bruchon
    Jody Bruchon

    2-in-1 laptops suck. Touchscreens suck.

  • Andrew Morris
    Andrew Morris

    hey guys if I am in the market for one of this I know lol I think I like the screen size though android on it and use it as a tablet Could anyone make a recommendation if there something better

    • Andrew Morris
      Andrew Morris

      I want to use it kinda as a pda

  • Rick Wentworth
    Rick Wentworth

    I actually bought a Walmart windows 10 tablet. While it's definitely not great it's better than I expected.

  • Filip Stefanovski
    Filip Stefanovski

    I had to use a shitty celeron like that and now i built a pc and if I try to use it again i get cancer

  • Laquelectro

    169 well played wallmart

  • Manuel Frias
    Manuel Frias

    What if you ran the chromebook OS on that thing 🤔

  • omegapork64 !
    omegapork64 !

    My 3 year old galaxy s8+ could probably do better running windows. (With an ARM comparability shell of course)

  • squeekymouse89

    This video may be old but I found a device that can smash this out of the water. I picked up a Coda Sprint for £100 GBP brand new. It features: USB-C for charging or use the included external adapter. I tested on a Dell usb c dock for a full home office use. 1080P IPS display 1.1GHz but constantly boosts for 2.4 no thermal throttle Micro HDMI M.2 Slot ! Bluetooth and WiFI Full metal chassis Battery is phenomenal Really worth a test for the price.

  • John Suarez
    John Suarez

    Where's my powerful desktop and chromebook laptop gang at?

  • travelvidscom

    That screen peel. Yesss.

  • tong bunhach
    tong bunhach

    My school: shut up and take my money

  • Gramt

    Lol safe browsing when I built my new pc I made the mistake of not downloading my browser right away and used edge to get some of the bench marking programs and oof good old scare

  • Kattalana

    Would you please. For my sanity. STOP WOBBLING THAT LAPTOP. I don't care if it costs $2, IT HURTS MY INSIDES.

  • A C
    A C

    Kids computer? I will never want to be a kid again.

  • M16

    I can't afford it even with the price backwards.

  • rabbit man 20
    rabbit man 20

    Wow there shower then some cromebooks

  • Pedro

    Hey Linus, you probably won't understand a thing on my video, but here in Brazil we have a cheap manufacturer called Multilaser. And it sells basically the same Intel laptop over here. 4gb ram, celeron cpu, full HD ipd display, but here is the catch it comes with a m.2 sata slot. Here is how it is on the inside. It costs approximately 200-250 USD It's called Multilaser Legacy air.

  • Pleasant Home Painting LLC
    Pleasant Home Painting LLC

    The best glitch yet: right click on the desktop and hover over NEW, as in where you can open a new document or whatever. The menu takes at least 6 seconds to load. Mind-blowing.

  • Pleasant Home Painting LLC
    Pleasant Home Painting LLC

    Whoever designed the gray computer also made the charger plug the exact same size as the headphone jack. F****** assholes I wasted hours trying to figure out why it wasn't charging

  • Pleasant Home Painting LLC
    Pleasant Home Painting LLC

    Good luck with that SD card slot. I have this exact computer and pictures load as slow as dial up internet!

  • riku

    buy a used thinkpad, it's better value than this junk

  • Noah Buie
    Noah Buie

    I love the look of the blue laptop

  • darkpinguin

    Power button on the side is pretty bad. Because if you put it in your backpack you maybe take in out with less battery than you put it in because it's presses the power button if you put it with power button down in your backpack.

  • Venecraft

    I have the blue one but... Its an acer

  • Rokaz

    these computers were shit back in 2013. and im stunned how they can still sell these. made my days in customer services a nightmare. because people are never happy with these. just go and buy any used old crap 2nd gen i5 and you will have a better experience

  • Music Maker99
    Music Maker99

    I need a cheap laptop for school cause I'm broke

  • Timo Rouw
    Timo Rouw

    would putting linux on it help?

  • Ian Saunders
    Ian Saunders

    The CPU alone in my rig costs more than both of these combined. Why tf didnt I just get these. Im such a bad consumer.

  • Jesse Thiessen
    Jesse Thiessen


  • 613 Araf
    613 Araf

    F for the silver laptop

  • kyle robertson
    kyle robertson

    Whats the point of being Canadian if you don't review Canadian available products. Can we get a Linus Tech Tips Canada?

  • Kadette - Media Group
    Kadette - Media Group

    That subtle emphasis on the S in performance. gg


    Honestly if your budget is under 250$ you shouldn't even look at new laptops, just get a used 4th gen (or newer) i5 laptop like a professional grade dell latitude or lenovo thinkpad for less than 200.

  • Rbr 333
    Rbr 333

    what do you expect if you flex the silver laptop that much. ofc it will break

  • mandar hadap
    mandar hadap

    someone in my family gave me this and i installed chrome os and its just op

  • salut sava
    salut sava

    edge is way faster than chrome.



  • NiggaNiggaNi

    This can't even do Zoom meetings😂😂😂

  • Darian Irvin
    Darian Irvin

    Those have 1080p my laptop cost 2x and it doesn't even that

  • TheCooledV

    Well here’s a really useful video made by JayzTwoCents that will improve performance of crappy laptops

  • tpshultz

    The peel made me disturbed

  • Ignacio Kinbaum
    Ignacio Kinbaum

    Can you install Linux on that?

  • Pablo López-Ortega
    Pablo López-Ortega

    You should definitely loop 9:03 over and over. Trust me.

  • Mehmet Gürbüz Güven
    Mehmet Gürbüz Güven

    You should check out Acer chromebook 11(c732 or newer ones).I mean its a chromebook but its priced at $150-250 range and has dual usb 3.0, dual usb 3.1 type-c, real 1280x720 hd wide angle webcam, a very good range 802.11ac wifi(2.4&5 ghz), nice no flex responsive touchpad, spill protection for keyboard, plastic but sturdy chasis(no keyboard flex, no chasis flex), and 10-12 hours of battery life(i really have tested it).Only downside is you can't really install windows in it(it can be done but it's really hard to and will have some driver issues like touchpad and keyboard doesnt work), but chrome os has really gone a long way it works way faster compared to windows versions of same spec device and you can install any android app in it for casual computing needs and you can virtually install any linux app(like vlc player, qbittorent, audacity, peazip etc.) and even some windows apps like office 2010 using crossover for android or wine for linux(windows apps might work slow and buggy unfortunately).

    • Gray Griffon
      Gray Griffon

      Acer and Asus also make laptops in this same form factor and price point as the Walmart ones if you have to have Windows, but with much better reliability and construction. Or at least they did up until last year, I got an Asus one two years ago and haven't seen them on the shelves as of late.

  • Jack Steck
    Jack Steck

    Bot of those are better than mine

  • Ali Aliyev
    Ali Aliyev

    Just install linux on it

  • R H
    R H

    this 150 dollar laptop along with a shadow virtual PC would be a nice budget set up

  • Corazon Sierra
    Corazon Sierra

    The blue one could run one heck of fight of 1997 Total Annihilation.

  • Felix Bock
    Felix Bock

    Can it run flight sim 2020 4K on ultra settings tho?

    • Dasda


  • Harsh Hudekar
    Harsh Hudekar

    raspberry pi os could run smoothly on these

  • Flinel

    u woke up my mom

  • Sean Reimer
    Sean Reimer

    Can’t wait to play FS2020 on these bad boys

  • Sawyer L
    Sawyer L


  • mon ke
    mon ke

    linus is such a chad he gets sponsored twice in one video

  • Manny

    f for silver laptop.

  • Aaidenmel

    I mean, better than a Chromebook

  • PrismTyk

    Linus 2020: If you were a kid or something like that...

  • Shawn Anderson
    Shawn Anderson

    Blue is heavier than silver. Everybody knows that.

  • The Redneck Ram
    The Redneck Ram

    I just can't picture any use case in which someone would legit be able to actually complete work with something this bad. Even writing a text document has to be a poor experience on something like this

  • Benjamin Griffin
    Benjamin Griffin

    anyone else wondering why everything on these videos is 40 to even 100 dollars more right now.

  • eyüp kahraman
    eyüp kahraman

    ahhh i wish i had these one of laptops i am watching this on the phone but my 15 year old windows xp 128 mb of ram runs minecraft 2009 version 5-10 fps

  • Baet Simpson
    Baet Simpson

    Just buy an old Latitude, ThinkPad, or Elite/ProBook.

  • shir bir
    shir bir

    That is basically a high end laptop for the early 20s

  • Ultimate tech
    Ultimate tech

    my brothers friend has the silver one AND IT CANT EVEN RUN DISCORD

    • MrDucky17

      lmao what did you expect

    • MakeLiberals CryAgain
      MakeLiberals CryAgain

      Lol my mom has a 300$ 2018 chrome book and it hold up decent

    • Ultimate tech
      Ultimate tech


    • oatknee

      im on a 2013 300$ laptop and i cant either.... tell him he isnt alone

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström

    Haha sorry Linus - but that slow loading is not due to 2.4ghz Wifi. 2.4 still goes up to around half a gigabit :P Contrary to common Linus belif - you don't need 10 gigabit to watch RSloft :P

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