Apple’s Reckoning Has Come.
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Epic Games sued Apple so they could make more money from Fortnite - Apple sued back because THEY wanted more money through the App Store. But is that the whole story? It's clearly not, because we made a whole video about it. This fight is a WAY bigger deal than a simple cash grab.
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  • Wanted797

    Apple wants to you keep your device longer. Why they so against right to repair?

  • FlashYYT_KM

    Mobile players rn 👁👄👁

  • Techy Side of Things
    Techy Side of Things

    Fantastic overview of the case. Thanks!

  • shadfurman

    Don't use it.

  • Scared

    Actually you can sideload on ios

  • Gurveer Singh
    Gurveer Singh

    I completely disagree. Apple works very hard to make sure malwares viruses etc stays out from their eco system and many out there have no idea how much malwares are constantly penetrating into either google or apple system applications every minute of the day. On top of that, my playground my rules is good because it benefits both parties in terms of profit and security. When others are happy, why not Epic and oh please stop with that "I'm trying to help others too" crap. Profit seekers always jump into an opportunity when they see one. Epic is just greedy. End of story.

  • אמיר וויסבלאי
    אמיר וויסבלאי

    Its like a browser will take a cut from online payments

  • arshi2007

    The reason I only play actuall games that have good developers behind the game/app

  • Reece Crook
    Reece Crook

    this is kinda like those over pc melenials who oppress people they dont agree with in order to stop oppression, how long before people start suing shops for having a monopoly on selling groceries in there own shops

  • Jack Whitney
    Jack Whitney

    Linus - this video is sponsored by Asus Me - WHY

  • nba543

    Fortnite has given epic a lot of fucking confidence haha. To take on apple.

  • Jack Allan
    Jack Allan

    I mean, this is in line with Epic's MO right? They don't like Steam, why would they like the app/playstore

  • Biden Been Hiding
    Biden Been Hiding

    Most fortnite players are 14, tf are they going to do lol. Linus Acting like they going to get together for a class action 😂

  • Zunlite

    Linus Law Tips

  • coNtTroLLer pLayER
    coNtTroLLer pLayER


    • DannyBoi111

      I play on mac and I cant update so #freefortnite

  • Reed 2600
    Reed 2600

    My concern would be like you said the security of apps distributed on 3rd party app stores. iOS and Android users have enjoyed the security in knowing the apps they are downloading are usually free of malware. Harvesting of personal data maybe not so much.

  • ChillGamer4life

    Apple allows self service

  • R. Keane
    R. Keane

    If my iPhone starts looking like my gaming PC with a billion different launchers I’ll be pissed off Kinda hope Apple comes out on top

  • Dasherplayz

    I expected to see or at least see the mention of Mat pat in the comments

  • Joel Baker
    Joel Baker

    I didn't know Micro Center did sponsoring... They are quite literally walking distance from where I live. I could (and have) gotten lost looking at everything they carry. If only I had the budget for a "dream computer"...

  • Adventures With Leonardo
    Adventures With Leonardo

    Epics argument that side loading or alt app stores on google devices is entirely retarded. The only thing android does is warn you that malicious apps can install themselves when the setting is off. I use fdroid instead of google play. I have no issues. Epic are being whiney babies. I cannot wait till the fortnite fad dies.

  • Dr. Dodi
    Dr. Dodi

    This is a brilliant move from Epic. App store, Play Store, Steam and other platforms taking a 30% cut just for providing a digital product is way too much. Everyone is hating on EPIC game store, but they actually treat their devs better than the competition.

    • Sven


  • Aiden

    Dont most companies take a %30 cut from app and or games from purchases

  • Bas e
    Bas e

    Good points

  • Henning Nilsen
    Henning Nilsen

    If a developers fee is "taxed" 30% before they have to pay income tax in their country of origin, then Apple/Bezo/Sony etc should get taxed from those countries the end-customer/app-user sends currency from. As Apple claims it to be an invented industry, it thus makes it kinda infrastructural. As it is online and globally accessable, an US appointed judge should not have the final rule, but who could/should that be? UN? I don't know, but we can't say that TimBL didn't warn us back in the day ;-)

  • AtotehZ

    Apple products are not magic. Their smartphones are smartphones and their workstations are workstations. A different architecture and OS doesn't change the fact that it's a computer.

  • XFactor

    good point.

  • Dani Londen
    Dani Londen

    You must get it through apple store. Jailbreak those iphones

  • solidbeat1

    People need to stop buying apple products, such greedy company and biggest scammer in modern era but all normies goes crazy when new apple phone is released, This type people just rush to apple store to spend 2k for new iphone just to use 3 same everyday KEKW.

    • Calvin Trinh
      Calvin Trinh

      You really don’t understand whats going on do you? I can very much tell you call yourself a gamer with pride. All you see are specs and fps and graphics. Everything Apple makes or does creates a great end-user experience many people love, and have no problem spending “$2k” (even though no iphone has ever gone over $1500 maxed out). So quit your bs and i hope you enjoyed my ted talk

  • ProjectModz

    Apple and epic hate each other Samsung holding hands with epic

  • AC Hastie
    AC Hastie

    Apple lowers cut to 15%* Epic games: “i like ya cut G”

    • DrSmixy

      Fortnite, I like your cut G (taco belllll)

    • Danielguy 101
      Danielguy 101

      Actually the first year of an app the tax is 30% then after it goes 15% for the rest that the app is up

    • Alan Sabu
      Alan Sabu

      underated comment

  • Hemant Kumar
    Hemant Kumar

    China has 48 percent share in Epic games. So basically it's chinese influence to file a lawsuit against apple and Google so that all the money directly goes into the chinese pockets. Also by not listing epic games app on app and play store means china has no interference of Apple and Google in regard of consumer privacy. They want all the money + also also slip into secure Apple devices via epic games app. World needs to be more aware.

  • Thabang Thamane
    Thabang Thamane

    If 30% is too much, some of our governments need to re-evaluate what they expect us to pay as tax on top of having to pay VAT. I heard that NFL players can loose up to 52% of the money when all is said and done. 30% is nothing on someone's platform tbh. Maybe create your own OS, hardware and do the markeingt so you can keep every cent🤔. Yes 30% is harsh but either create your platform or play by the rules. In fact, maybe don't release your app on their platform🤷.

  • 379w9 exhd
    379w9 exhd

    whats beta games where they talk to u threw ur thoughts and threw ur skull????

  • Trip Dapperson Jr.
    Trip Dapperson Jr.

    I think epic just wants to bring the epic games store to mobile and they want to be their own type of app store so they dont have to pay the 30 percent which is bs. They should still have to go through the app stores, but it sounds like a good idea to change the standard cut for digital app stores down to 25 percent instead of 30. I think that would be pretty fair.

  • Andrew Does Stuff
    Andrew Does Stuff

    As per usual, I want epic to lose. Their behavior is frustrating.

    • DeusWulf

      No its not. People constantly whining at Epic for ridiculous reasons are frustrating.

  • Brad Greenwood
    Brad Greenwood

    One has to also remember that Tencent (who owns a portion of Epic) has an incentive to open ios to allow them to place their own app store on ios for the Chinese market. There is much more to this argument than people realise

  • Maxime senecal
    Maxime senecal

    Hi Linux, love your show. You did not talk about Apple slowing down there old devices with new update just before the release of a new phone so peoples buy the new phone.... or you really believe that "it's to save ion battery life"?

  • V. Sriram Sundar
    V. Sriram Sundar

    So no one knows bout the fact that the 30% developer fee is only for one year? The next year the fee drops to 15%.

    • Gabriel Ian Naguit
      Gabriel Ian Naguit

      lol epic games dont like reading

  • Elias Kühnert
    Elias Kühnert

    That's the first time in my life I want epic to succeed in anything. Just because I hate apple more.

  • Gaming Weekly
    Gaming Weekly

    saying 30% is too high is stupid, epic should be suing Xbox and PlayStation as well because you can’t download apps from anywhere but the Microsoft store and PlayStation store and they charge 30% as well, at least Apple reduces that 30% after a year too. Epic complaining is them being greedy bitches who wanted attention.

    • DeusWulf

      They are not general computing devices. iphones and ipads are.

  • Joaquin

    I actually support epic. I like my iPhone and would like to be able to take the risk of downloading alternative app stores.

  • Z Wolverine
    Z Wolverine


  • w1ll1am04

    Samsung phones allready have 2 stores. Appstore from google, And Samsung marketplace...

  • Redskull21

    I'm cool with epic winning but I think they should just lower to 20% or 25.

  • The ham burber
    The ham burber

    Perhaps I treated you too harshly fortnight

  • Akshat Jaiswal
    Akshat Jaiswal

    Linus's segways are the best

  • David chavez
    David chavez

    Epic got fuck over

  • Abcde Fghij
    Abcde Fghij

    Pretty messed up that Epic is "mobilizing" literal children against Apple because they're in a legal dispute with them

  • AtarashiiSekai22

    You know that this isn't just Epic acting as some corporate technological Robin Hood, fighting against the evil Big Brother for locking down their appstores, Epic wants to form a monopoly themselves; through developer exclusive Epic deals and contracts, their own history with the Epic Store points in this direction.

  • Salim Shady
    Salim Shady

    because fortnite is bad.

  • Paul Schlachter
    Paul Schlachter

    Apple were the first to create a service like the App Store that works as well as it does. You download the app, it's ready to be used. No need to install it, it's ready for use when the download completes. The vendor gets paid, the user is protected and vendors don't need to setup their own infrastructure for distributing their products. Distribution, payment, security are non-trivial efforts. Those things cost money. "It's just a digital product!" Sure it is. It still needs to be sent to your computer, right? If you don't charge for your app, it's distributed for free, which would definitely cost the creator real money to handle, certainly in volume. That doesn't mean that there can't be problems between certain vendors and Apple, there are examples aplenty. Overall Apple offer a great services its users can trust so that developers can see their products being used worldwide. That's not a small thing, it's a big thing. As for third parties building their own version of an app store and selling products: save yourself the trouble, I'm never getting it. I don't trust third parties to care as much about the security of Apple's eco system as Apple do.

  • Moosey

    If Epic Games wants to create there own "gaming" app store/play store like Google and Apple, why don't they create there own Phone OS/Computer OS rather then get involved in a bunch of lawsuits and much more with big tech giants? If Epic Games did that, and make it gamer focused, they may have a chance at something but you never know.

  • Kshitij Sharma
    Kshitij Sharma

    This is fun. Finally Dev's will get proper earnings, and there would be a boost in the app development which will give users better experience on each platform.

  • Eber Irungaray
    Eber Irungaray

    It’s apples platform, same thing with a supermarket. They all charge fees

  • Aarya Sudarshan
    Aarya Sudarshan

    Apple: here's a new Mac Customer: what's new? Apple: the price

  • Nam Khanh Ng
    Nam Khanh Ng

    Epic now: PLS LET ME IN, LET ME IN!

  • Mark Williamson
    Mark Williamson

    Don’t have to buy apple so not a crime. Yes they are a large US money making soul destroying resource consuming company. Like lots of others. Capitalism etc PS don’t like the beard and I have one too

  • Zymphad

    It's mind boggling that other developers aren't joining in with Epic in more mass.

  • Zymphad

    Would have to agree here, Judge would be dumb not to see Apple has a monopoly on their eco-system, a 2 trillion dollar eco-system, that's bullshit.

  • d palahnuk
    d palahnuk

    Lol - is that an iWatch you are wearing??

  • koruki

    Epic... sues TWO companies saying MONOpoly ...

  • Toxic AF
    Toxic AF

    Everybody support epic games 💪 they are the goats. Also I'll be buying all my games from epic games store from now on 💯

  • Dule D.
    Dule D.

    Why doesn't Wallmart, Amazon and other retailers pay the 30% Appstore tax, whereas companies selling digital goods like Epic or Spotify must pay it? Where is the logic that if I buy a $1.500 TV on Amazon through their iOS app, there is no 30% Apptax by Apple, but if I buy a $10 Spotify subscription, Apple gets a 30% share?

    • Dule D.
      Dule D.

      @Abcde Fghij Exactly! Just imagine iOS Appstore without the major shopping apps. Apple would never allow that. But with digital goods Apple has the upper hand because those companies rely much more on Appstore customers as some of those apps and games are basically useless outside iOS/Android.

    • Abcde Fghij
      Abcde Fghij

      If Walmart and Amazon had to pay the tax they would immediately take their apps off the store

  • Jimmy King
    Jimmy King

    Apple is such trash.

  • Anthony Andrew
    Anthony Andrew

    If Apple only constitutes a third of Fortnite’s revenue then how can it be a monopoly? Doesn’t make any sense. Where’s the other two thirds then?

  • Getbigbwainedlol

    We all know Fortnite way better

  • Jess

    Now we just need LegalEagle to make a video about this, then we can get a lawyer’s perspective

  • TheVergile

    i guess i would be more thankful towards epic if they didnt suck so much themselves

  • Cktime ThirtyTwo
    Cktime ThirtyTwo

    Hahaha gatta love when greed soaked parties finally hit a stalemate 😂

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