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Today Apple announced the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. They also announced the HomePod mini. But let's not talk about that. (we talk about it)
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  • British Boi
    British Boi

    Next up: i-air, i-air mini, i-air pro. Revolutionary air to breathe.

  • Ricky Corp
    Ricky Corp

    Is the ceramic shield just the coating you tested a few months ago?

  • Danahae Barraclough
    Danahae Barraclough


  • Damien Robbie
    Damien Robbie

    Couldn't care less about crapple or their stupid names, overpriced crap


    are you kane williamson??

  • GeeMan ZA
    GeeMan ZA

    The legendary sarcasm overload at 05:35 LMAO

  • patrick xx
    patrick xx

    But can it run tunnelbear?

  • tomsriv

    I've got a 6 that is getting slow. The only things that make sense is the 12 or the SE. Why spend the money for any of the mid level phones without 5g? Otherwise I might as well just get the SE and have the quicker processor.


    4:40 Cha cha real smooth

  • Owen O'Connor
    Owen O'Connor


  • Int1zando

    You know that meme where Apple releases an iCar (engine sold separately)? Yeah, this is that meme.

  • Edward

    I think the iphone is pretty badass, but the software in comparison to android not even close In *my* opinion

  • XgamerdaveX

    Does anyone know the width of the iPhone 12 screen? Not the phone. Just the screen.

  • Leor Greenfield
    Leor Greenfield

    iPhone 12 lite

  • Z3CHYD

    Eh. Looks like they're going back to the design of the first few generations of iphone with the squared off look, that honestly was easier to hold. But the whole no charge brick and same price point is just being money greedy. I'll stick with android for now

  • ?

    Damn apple is a L

  • Shiben

    Time to update the intro music Linus?

  • The Big Gaming Channel
    The Big Gaming Channel

    Hehe I already had a usb type c for my iPhone XS :)

  • T.J. Snyder
    T.J. Snyder

    I’m okay with their whole charger and EarPods shenanigan. I already have chargers and AirPods.

  • Dj FusionMixMaster
    Dj FusionMixMaster

    Holy fuck did Linus use the money that he wanted to buy his razors to buy an iPhone 12

  • Jeff Papis
    Jeff Papis

    What everybody wants is better battery life!

  • yea boi
    yea boi

    2020: Buy the charger separately. 2030: Every parts are now must be buy separately. Build your own phone, like building a PC... uh...

  • GTAV Cyclist
    GTAV Cyclist

    Apple fan would be like “so what if its trash? over priced?” id buy it anyway xD

  • Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer

    I mean i already NEVER used my charger on my phone, because i have a stand i just put it on when i go to sleep so this feature was actually pretty nice for me

  • hunk bol
    hunk bol

    I'm hoping apple will sell every single part iPhone separately in future

  • New Message
    New Message

    While other devices have 120hz displays but iPhone doesn't.

  • sharifa parveen
    sharifa parveen

    Dear Apple - sticking up a magnet under Iphone11’s ass to promulgate wireless charging with extra dollars to pay for a IPhone 5c look is zero invention & a shameless greedy idea inside the circular loop office. Stop living in a loop or in the box!

  • Gabriel Hendrikse
    Gabriel Hendrikse

    Wait its not usb-c to usb-c for charging? Smh apple, so close!

  • artisan Ice
    artisan Ice

    Why is the box smaller tho? I still dont know

  • vOnTheRopez-

    12mp camera in 2020 shite

  • Jello Talks
    Jello Talks

    Is it just me or does this gen seem pretty boring and useless?

  • leo pard 2
    leo pard 2

    Pro phones are 100€ cheaper than last year

  • KamoGaming

    2:23 iphone 11 min max.gotta market to those rpg enthusiasts

  • Bound Music
    Bound Music

    wIrElLeSs cHaRgInG gAis !1!

  • LagYT

    Black background intro is 🔥

  • Blue Guy
    Blue Guy


  • Reagan Sims
    Reagan Sims

    If I'm upgrading from a crappy Android should I just go head and get a 12 ?

  • Alex Fry
    Alex Fry

    I have a 2nd gen nest mini and that thing is a piece of hot fucking garbage. I will never, EVER, buy a google assistant product again. The bluetooth never pairs consistently to my iphone xs max, it's audio quality is garbage EVEN for just a shower/bathroom speaker I use it for. AND the fucking thing constantly needs to be reconfigured! Every 5 days I have to "PLEASE LOG IN THROUGH THE GOOGLE HOME APP" and it wont even work until I go through the setup again! I have contemplated throwing it out on the side of the road if I didn't feel like it was excessive littering. If anyone ever thought about buying this shitbox and reads this comment, please DO NOT. Save yourself the pain.

  • R D K
    R D K

    Honey doesn’t really help with coupons, BUT their time feature showing the average purchase price and what it’s at currently to compare is actually useful

  • m k
    m k

    some time ago the EU ruled that iphones should also have usb-c, what happened to that?

  • Jacktheripper

    Can u do an iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 video?

  • Till Wobey
    Till Wobey

    There are benefits to AR content?

  • Newmans Humans
    Newmans Humans

    Who says android switchers don’t have a USBC adapter already, or that you can’t use your existing brick and lightning cable? Also, you can buy any third party if you ABSOLUTELY need one. You don’t NEED a new charger. You just don’t like that there isn’t one for your own personal reasons at that point. A charger was never a phone purchase deal breaker for anyone. “But it’s stupid”. Sure. You weren’t going to buy it anyway, So it’s stupid it’s not in the box. I guess you won the game! I guess it’s not easy growing up ANYwhere....

  • Filthy Franco
    Filthy Franco

    Magsafe is just another move toward removing the charging port entirely & saying it's for the environment

  • Georgi Kolev
    Georgi Kolev

    Great design. Except that in their quest to return to their best days they forgot the most important part - get rid of the d*mn camera bump!!!

  • White Hat Rabbit
    White Hat Rabbit

    league of legends on phone is just a baby step for it, just play pubg mobile or cod mobile on it and lets see how it performs

  • HC Zylos
    HC Zylos

    gotta love 60hz

  • Nicholas Bobronnikov
    Nicholas Bobronnikov

    the cable included is to connect to macs or ipads. All of the old bricks ppl have already came with cables, so u can just use those.

  • Degus

    black tshirt on a black background... come on, Linus

  • Stranger Happened
    Stranger Happened

    *WRONG.* Cable costs way less than $20, so the only expense most users will have to bear is buying a cable, not the charger.

  • Andy Barton
    Andy Barton

    Just do one connector C. That’s it...

  • Drew 003
    Drew 003

    At least its a small 5g phone that isn't a Google XD

  • failure

    Actually they are replacing our wall ports with USB or maybe their own stuff

  • Apa1337


  • zac zhou
    zac zhou

    Fake slow 5G

  • Emax

    Imagine having Iphone in 2020

  • Guhh

    At this point iPhones aren't premium phones anymore.... but instead they are "Phones For Rich People, And Fuck the Medium Class"

  • Gado Nêmo
    Gado Nêmo

    hey linus, love to have one.

  • Jake Chatfield
    Jake Chatfield

    Apple really took the wrong approach to this. Should’ve sold 1 version with headphones, charger etc. And then another with nothing (not even lightening cable) for like $50 less.

  • Miss RoNa
    Miss RoNa

    No I actually loved the video. Sense of humor really helps!

  • Niall Quadros
    Niall Quadros

    ive seen this video 2wice already

  • Alpha_ Gamer
    Alpha_ Gamer


  • ProTM Custmzir
    ProTM Custmzir

    I'm waiting for the jerryrigeverything durability test😁

  • Sparble

    Not evrn 90hz??

  • infraprods

    i've been looking for galloping horses to video in brooklyn.

  • Gavin Lamp
    Gavin Lamp

    Apples mission statement should be, "To provide the most mediocre semi alright products, designed to look like $1000 paperweights, and to strangle every penny from customers who are all clearly going through a world wide economic hit because of a pandemic, because of course everyone can just drop 800$ for a base model phone with no charger or head phones or even customer support because apple furloughed the entire genius bar and service center teams in order to fulfill stock holder interests........ ." BUT WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT A 2 TRILLION DOLLAR COMPANY AND THERE COMPLETELY SKEWED IDOLOGY ABOUT PEOPLE AND HOW THE WORLD WORKS.

  • Jersey Blues
    Jersey Blues

    LOVING the beard Linus

  • MPRF12345

    I found the HomePod Mini waaaay more interesting than any of the new iPhones tbh

  • MPRF12345

    Do you also have a video like this about Samsung's Unpacked?

  • wh0 1sth3z
    wh0 1sth3z

    i need a meme on 5:36 when Linus starts clapping

  • Magnus Gaming
    Magnus Gaming

    6:05 "How about Crysis" 😂😂😂

  • Alfred Senyo
    Alfred Senyo

    5:47 LIES The A14 in the air is not less powerful

  • iCrackr

    The real test of the iPhone 12 screen will be from JerryRigEverything...

  • Una Carafea
    Una Carafea

    Most annoying twerp on RSloft.

  • Barry Cole
    Barry Cole

    Can i get a version thats half the price and just excludes all the extra camera guff? I just don’t need it but iOS and apps etc is all good for the sync etc with all my other stuff so an iphone is good for other things. Why is the camera the main focus (pun intended) of fones these days? Just don’t get it and don’t care.

  • SunRedux

    Didn't make it past the Whalecum. TL;DR, Crapple Shitphone 12 : DLC not included. I summarized the whole video, you're welcome!

  • IAmZacke

    Is linus balding? kinda looks like he's tryna cover it up, and the right side do be looking thin :)

  • Surchaufeur

    If you support apple on this stupidity of being environement friendly then you are not well informed. If we support apple on these moves they will never change. Me having an ipad mini 4 who turned into trash once i updated to ipad OS. I wanted to get my first iphone or a new ipad not anymore

  • Steve Ballmer
    Steve Ballmer

    F in the chat for the iPod mini

  • Cachie Tsao
    Cachie Tsao

    a bit delighted to see him always

  • Griffithe

    I'm pretty sure apple user hear about 5G for the first time and accept it as a new innovation. Unfortunately most of them are that stupid, they are willing to pay even more for less just to get the latest apple shit. Apple is a Sect.

  • Lil Nuggies
    Lil Nuggies

    I am actually very excited about the possibility of Lidar room mapping with some apps that are available for iPad currently.

  • Amandeep chourasia
    Amandeep chourasia

    1st the pricing of iPhone 12 is an absolutely hell! And 2nd thing don't waste money for very small camera improvement and a more 1 gb ram in iPhone 12 If you really have a problem with your iPhone (6,7,8 only) .. then only switch.... You can get premium quality phones from samsung and OnePlus with almost same or more apps than ios. What are your daily tasks eh? Using calculator , camera , social media , gaming (pubg ,cod) etc... YOU DON'T SHOOT A VIDEO FROM YOUR PHONE.... OR DO A PHOTOSHOOT ... RIGHT!?

  • Aman Mehrotra
    Aman Mehrotra

    Eagerly waiting for iphone 12 mini video.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    Call me insane but I'm gonna get an iPhone 12. I don't think anyone disagrees with the omission of those Earpods but C'mon, if you're gonna include a USB-C cable in the box, don't upsell everyone on a $20 charging brick! I don't mind because I have a wireless charger anyways but I don't have a USB-C port in my computer!

  • Praveenkumar

    LTT - OMG 100 % NOT TECH - APPLE AD TEAM - EVERY MOBILE CHARGER IMPORTANT / JUST UR FUTURE APPLE NO CHARGER CABLE - ONLY MOBILE SHIP OK OK OK U ACCEPTED / apple always pay business mode & not environment mode think u brain / WHY MORE PEOPLE CHEAT TECH - environmentally friend ahhhha / goto samsung -

  • iamdalibor

    How is this eco friendly when things like headphone jack and external battery was removed? Now it's a pain to open your smartphone and pop in a different battery when... We had that feature before but people bent *ss backwards and didn't complain when it phased out. Then people bent *ss backwards again with removal of headphone jack. Now you need another cable to use wired headphones great for the economy real great. I don't won't wireless headphones due to the signal they give off that causes cancer and you have to charge them AND THE BATTERY WILL EVENTUALLY DIE OUT on them... Again great for the economy haha. Now people will bend *ss backwards once apple pushes for all wireless phones with no buttons on the phone. Just watch. Getting rid of external battery/headphone jack was worst thing to happen.

  • Mel Gross
    Mel Gross

    This would be a nice overview, if the childishness wasn’t there.

  • L22key

    I like how he trashes on them without actually trashing on them

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia

    There is no “vanilla” A14, the iPad Air has an A14 Bionic

  • levi mcconnell
    levi mcconnell

    I will buy the promax for the many reason of it having lidar

  • Steve KIM
    Steve KIM

    Apple with gimmicks now. Is this another way of innovation to rip off customers. If you apple really care about environment change packaging first and than charger and earphone should be an option to choose if the customer would receive it or not. Don’t play stupid game with us. We’re not stupid.

  • David

    Day 112 of asking for a PC thanks 👍😁

  • dominichokage

    I came here to see whether the 12 mini was cute enough to buy. Instead I got a lot of information about amateur filmmakers wanting to use the Pro to shoot their films.

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons

    No smaller notch, no USB C, no higher refresh rate screen, and no just no reason to upgrade from my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • Malik Nielsen
    Malik Nielsen

    Ugly display nutch and 64gb what a joke design is a ugly to

  • AbdvlRyhman

    well im good with my Nokia 3310

  • Aidan Evans
    Aidan Evans


  • Aidan Evans
    Aidan Evans

    Linus you have the 11 bot the 12- Oh wait There the same phone

  • Gap

    Phone specs marketing are targeted at people who have no idea what they mean actually. I mean these phone enthusiasts were so proud of their phone cameras until I take the actual file and blow them up or try to post process them, oh god so pasty.