Android 11 is here and I like it.
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Android 11 doesn't add a TON of new features, but there's still enough tweaks and optimizations to make diehard Android fans happy. Let's talk about 'em!
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • AnonimowyRoblox

    rip i have android 10

  • Martha Speaks
    Martha Speaks

    I’m sad android gave up on sweet names. It makes android less exciting. I switched to iOS

  • slayer_of_ants 87
    slayer_of_ants 87

    Anyone else experiencing some BIG problems on their Pixel phones since andoid 11 came out? My pixel 3 XL is pretty much broken the tactile response is pretty much gone and i cant barely operate my phone.

  • Rajesh

    I am going to ...........

  • Imran A.Saeed
    Imran A.Saeed

    Why am I watching this? It's not like my phone's getting Android 11.

  • robertscorp2000

    All you talking heads can fool me once..after that screw you! Everyone out there; If you are watching and listening to learn if and when Android 11 is ready - don't like any of these pseudo geeks who pretend like they've tried tried it! Android 11 does a lot of BAD things to ur phone. Eg. Screenshot is totally gone on my Pixel 3a XL. Don;'t believe the hype for fixes and how else to do it - the update f***s ur phone until they issue a patch or a fix. Other things quirky but I contain myself waiting to see.. Screw these guys who don't state immediately that Android 11 f***s ur phone!

  • KAY DE
    KAY DE

    Google: Fluffs up pillow I swear this sounds like quite a bit of tedious stuff to me but still it’s good improvement Android keep up the good work with your progress. 🙂 Android: Thanks dad it’s not much but I’m taking my time with everything at the moment 😁 Microsoft Windows: At some point you’ll eventually grow for mmorpg pc games with the tablets made for you android and the mini client mmorpg games will eventually turn into an app at some point it’ll be a slow progress but it will happen though 🧐 Android: Yea there’s been some minor rumor about that every now n then n it could happen I mean like heck Lenovo achieved the basic perfection without a stinking keyboard I heard it was all thanks to you having him study up so much 😃 Microsoft Windows: Indeed without me testing him, evaluating him, and having him do homework a lot of things would go down a terrifying hill by the way Android have you gotten your essay done today on “Why technology was made?” 😑🤔🙂 Android: Yup I did are u n dad gonna work together for mmorpg pc games on the tablets too? 😃 Microsoft Windows: Yes I will be doing so it won’t just be on my App Store but also Apples n Googles Stores besides sharing is caring hopefully it’ll get those developers to come out of their comfy little dark hole by using mini clients or something I mean I understand the reasons why but at some point it won’t last forever it’ll eventually be an app as well and can still remain a pc game and besides that’s my intention since so many peeps play on the so called Wartunes game and 7 roads would hardly have much of a problem with me I’m too damn valid for em to run away and if they do Google will catch on to em and unstick wartunes off of its very own internet after all they would have to have an extremely good reason to pull away from my internet site besides I’m a father to Google you screw me over I will have the site be removed and alert other internet company’s as well, progress must be made and things have to evolve that goes for any mmorpg pc games even if they are mobile as well they can’t stay idle forever I can understand original ownership and legality but if ur not making progress 1 way or the other you’ll have to end up on the app stores and aim to be a bit better by learning from mistakes and improving so it never happens again. 🧐 Google: Agreed I mean like heck I’m not as intelligent as my dad out here but I will evaluate things throughly before removing mmorpg pc games off my internet, after all legalization is always necessary as for this video this notification history I have to admit that could have happened a long while ago but m k not bad 🤔 Android: Yea one of my guys finally grew the brains to come up with that cool idea n besides peeps do kind of complain about notifications they miss and can’t get it back for I dunno what reasons n are too tired to check so yea this made sense anywhos *licks away at a lollipop* 🙂🍭 Microsoft Windows: Well that’s good head back to your room to do some studying up on advanced technology Google will check up on you to make sure you’ve done it thoroughly and correctly before you come to me to take the test later tonight after dinner *leaves* 🙂 Android: Ok Microsoft I got it I’ll see you in a bit dad 🙂 Google: Yup I’ll help you after I’m done helping out Chrome up the room for the baby it’ll only take 10 mins k son? 😉 Android: Ok got it dad 🙂

  • micheal Bergin
    micheal Bergin

    i have had these on my Samsung for at least a year now

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly

    Sony Xperia 1 mark ii Xperia 5 ii Xperia 10 ii Xperia 1 5 10 Samsung Galaxy S20 are getting it.

  • Marius Duna
    Marius Duna

    Android 11 is just bad, they took out features like ADB immersive mode. Why?!?

    • remogaggi82

      Took away screenshot by holding down power button too. Now takes both hands to do it

  • Jose Manuel Herrera Sebastian
    Jose Manuel Herrera Sebastian

    "Can you let pixel owners have this moment please" dunno sounds kinda iphone

  • Nitsua Kehn
    Nitsua Kehn

    man, apples had most of these besides bubbles for years now.


    Cant wait for harmonyOS

  • funsky

    Call it Stockholm syndrome, but I like the add-ons of other manufacturers.

  • Piper wren
    Piper wren

    Me who just got andrpid 10 last night 10 hours ago 👁👄👁

  • Armindo Ribeiro
    Armindo Ribeiro

    Hope they got their shit together with this one, Android 10 is a fucking joke.

  • 1-in-Billion

    Taunted pixel not iphone🙄are you sold??🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Kevin Dam
    Kevin Dam

    As an iPhone user it was surprising to see you mention two new Android features, screen recording and notification history, because they have been on iOS for a while now. Usually it’s the other way around.

  • Serbiagaming IsCool
    Serbiagaming IsCool

    Me watching this video on my mi 9: When did they rename miui 12 to android 11?

  • Bakayaro Yusuf
    Bakayaro Yusuf

    How it camera ? , worst on google pixel.

  • AdamTheGamer78 g
    AdamTheGamer78 g

    Google is starting to not really care about the pixel series.... rip

  • Aliens Got The Beat
    Aliens Got The Beat

    he wasnt joking, my S6 did indeed have many of those features

  • Minlen Khongsai
    Minlen Khongsai


  • Lyrholt

    giving google the finger is really bold!

  • Alex Ignacio
    Alex Ignacio

    Android vs Apple

  • Nicolás Matteucci
    Nicolás Matteucci

    guess what, my samsumg alrady has it, deal with it

  • Fabrice Lorenceau
    Fabrice Lorenceau

    Maybe in Android 32, Google will allow you to decide how Calendar notification sound like so that you dont miss them...

  • Irshad Jahangir
    Irshad Jahangir

    Hi guys. None of my apps can be updated on my pixel 3a after Android 11 update. What should I do to solve the problem?

  • Xbox X Gamer
    Xbox X Gamer

    Still suck

  • Jan Alistaire Ferrer
    Jan Alistaire Ferrer

    this guy is everywhere, money hungry?? like 10 different channels your in LoL

  • Darryl Harris
    Darryl Harris

    You still are stuck with SMS no iMessage like texting

    • Gagarinone

      Why would anyone want to have "iMessage like texting" on Android. If you loooove "iMessage like texting" then use an iPhone.

    • Elyzer Furagganan
      Elyzer Furagganan

      It has. 🙄

  • Bloodywolffang

    I was thinking since there is a conversations menu in the notifications I there should be a silent conversation menu in the notifications

  • James Wan
    James Wan

    i like how he transitions to sponsors😂😂

  • Elvis Chibundu
    Elvis Chibundu

    Laughs in custom ROM

  • dayman

    I hate what they did to music notifications. I regret updating my Pixel 3.

  • Coinflip

    I don't even have android 10 yet

  • Chitalu Wilbroad Zimba
    Chitalu Wilbroad Zimba

    Brags that pc has every feature a console gets but we should go easy on pixel eh 😉

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas

    thank god there is android 11. android 10 completely screwed up my phone, making the SD card not work, but with this update it now does.

  • Betu Jain
    Betu Jain

    Me spamming my right screen at 'our sponsor'!!🗡️🗡️

  • Butch

    so.. how many peoples Google pixel phone cameras quit working, after this update?

  • Mattia Giambirtone
    Mattia Giambirtone

    am I the only one that can't stop laughing at his joke at 9:12?

  • SexCannonMusic


  • RBR

    Meh, I'll stick with iOS.


    Yaay - Androids also got screen recorder just like iOS did for ages - Androids got notifications just like iOS had for ages - Androids got at least some privacy now, iOS had for ages 😂 - Androids have Voice control.. Finally! Naay Not all of those androids can get those features Even if they will get those updates they'll get after 1-2years

  • Dxminic

    Linus: “Samsung and LG users I know you’ve had some of these features for 11 years but just let google pixel owners have their time.” Also Linus: “Nothing revolutionary like iOS14’s widgets. Even though we’ve had those for 10 years” Sounds like bias to me mr Tech Tips

  • Amir

    Google came to know about Diabetes late than a normal human with the amount of diabetic patients growing so fast they've no chance but to DITCH THEIR BORING AND FATTENING DESSERTS.

  • Aulia Riza
    Aulia Riza

    Linus testing out android 11 in 2 years old pixel 3 xl. With default home screen setup with notch hide. Now we know that no one want that notch all this time.

  • Jermiah Russell
    Jermiah Russell

    Me coming to boast that Samsung already has these features Linus: "We know" Me: 👁💧👄💧👁

    • Pravin

      But as it is in typical "Samsung" fashion, they come poorly implemented with closed sources APIs.

  • Rohan

    Android needs a battery health section

  • timetokickit

    Thank you Google at 7:30 triggered my Google tv and then linus told it fuck you

  • Charis Gavanas
    Charis Gavanas

    Well im 11 (years old)

  • Kyle Joseph Crespo
    Kyle Joseph Crespo

    Android 11 kinda sucks - especially since they removed overscan.

  • techn0

    Yea I was excited 'bout Android 10 on my Samsung Galaxy J4 but only thing I saw updated - now I can see phone charge when it is charging

  • Ahammed Yaseen
    Ahammed Yaseen

    Hmm.....did I see that shirt anywhere else ?(MKBHD)

  • ahmed allehyani
    ahmed allehyani

    Quick tip. Stop reading from the script.

  • Tanjim Gamer
    Tanjim Gamer

    Me:searching for android 11 My mobile:huh did you even have android 5 that you will watch this video Me:😭😭

  • Shaikh Zahid
    Shaikh Zahid


  • Ned Hineline
    Ned Hineline


  • Wheelie Blind
    Wheelie Blind

    No because the Pixel 5 is even slower lol. I think that the circular icons are wore then then my iPhone with all of the curved box shaped icons. I have both andoid and ios devices.

  • ali ahmed
    ali ahmed

    new intro gud

  • Xx_anonymous_xX

    Linus when reviewing the iPhone: the iPhone is constantly pestering me with CONSTANT permissions requests Linus when reviewing the the pixel: every time I open the app it will ask me about permissions even if I hit always have access, it will ask me again sometimes... And I LOVE that feature probably one of the best features yet

  • NameBober

    I'm just here for the 3dserts spam

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin

    Android already has eleven but there’s still no pc 2

  • Dogan Can Ayik
    Dogan Can Ayik

    Damn that phone really does look ugly af

  • Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma

    Already have more than 75 percent in my realme smartphone 🤧✌️

  • Vibhansh Saini
    Vibhansh Saini

    Could someone please explain the reference to *goes till 11* easter egg? I have absolutely no clue about that.

  • Vibhansh Saini
    Vibhansh Saini

    Getting Linus's pulseway ad on this video. To Linus, for Linus, by Linus. Is Linus trying to government here?

  • shadman ahmed
    shadman ahmed


  • Muhammad Faaiz
    Muhammad Faaiz

    Hey but I mobizen screen recorder

  • Jean-Louis Bourgeois
    Jean-Louis Bourgeois

    The mobile scene has been such a low 1Q shitshow for at least the past ~5 years... 5% of the usability of even a _single_ monitor cheap PC with Windows XP *AND* an at best up-to two thumbs only input device with text correction, forget prediction, which is still clearly inferior to ~2015 BlackBerry level of already near perfection. BlackBerry sure isn't perfect, nothing is, but at least it had a *_customer_* centric and thus actually professional attitude of providing a requested feature instead of being "benevolent" know-it-all overlords who tells you _what_ you're allowed to like. And fuck you if you want any built-in customizability of the interface like double click/tap speed, apply a basic black [insert color of choice] background without requiring some sketchy 3rd party "theme" (adolescent waste of time) app/nanny State behavior, like "snap to word" infuriating behavior you can't ever disable...

  • iAli

    that end segway would be way better for freshbooks...

  • Finn K
    Finn K

    7:09 !!!!!! this is not okay, we have to do more to address this! Use alternative apps when possible. I use gmail and photos, but not the Google app. Firefox + Ecosia search + Trello for productivity + location disabled at all times. They don't have to know everything about you if you don't want them to.

  • Fati V3
    Fati V3

    I like your beard

  • Антон Михайлов
    Антон Михайлов

    Your new "Linus with the "F@#$ you Big tech company"" thing arrived!

  • Pierre Tinard
    Pierre Tinard

    Android 11 ruined my Pixel 3a. Even with a reset. Everyting feels slow, Camera need 3 to 4 more seconds to open, and more importantly it drains my battery a LOT more !

  • Mathue Accia
    Mathue Accia

    They copied Samsung and apples homework... from the last few years

  • Dios

    Linus Messi

  • Jimmy Hagg
    Jimmy Hagg

    Old news for Samsung Users

  • rio apple
    rio apple


  • 624static

    Got this update on my pixel, it's awful, screenshot is annoying and apps aren't compatible fully

  • MyNameIsFatMike

    we've been conditioned by Linus to the point where I can litertally feel the ad transition coming a few seconds before it happens

  • Andre Arthur
    Andre Arthur

    Those sweet and smooth sponsor announcements

  • Yeison Castillo
    Yeison Castillo

    The noobs removed the screenshot selection by holding the power button 🙃

  • The Yeetphemer
    The Yeetphemer

    Great video but thanks for spoiling the Easter egg, I love finding those out for myself, but not this time

  • CMDR unematti
    CMDR unematti

    Call recording should be built into android. Yeah, in some countries it's illegal... But it's also illegal to drive into a crowd with a car, and yet we rely on the driver to not do it...

  • Татьяна Черниенко
    Татьяна Черниенко

    0:24 I just started a home decor website under square space and would like to start a blog .. How would you recommend I go about incorporating the two while using 3dsert

  • Владимир Козлов
    Владимир Козлов

    0:5 Woo thanks Im inspired. I use to blog for a hobby and gave it up cause I never tried to monetize it. I have recently got 3dsert and the money arrived

  • Василий Чумоков
    Василий Чумоков

    0:24 I do use 3dsert but I own my own domain names Hey you were aksing about 3dsert, their w h t s p : +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1

  • Gaggw Bshhs
    Gaggw Bshhs

    0:26 Good info, thanks I purchased 3dsert-blog recently starting to get first proffits

  • Алина Мороженова
    Алина Мороженова

    0:3 Im sure you work extremely hard & are doing many things right. But it definitely helps that youre hot... just being real. One of my friends told me that 3dsert is the best solution, besides you dont need really to do anything, as the guys from 3dsert install the complete system and she (my friend) has already earned $5k!

  • Инна Попова
    Инна Попова

    0:42 @Tarot of My Life Good luck on your venture. Vlogging or Blogging is a great idea. I dont know anything about the hosting domain etc. What I did - is, I contacted 3dsert and they installed the whole system for me. So for me it is like a push a button and receive blogging proffits

  • Олег Волков
    Олег Волков

    0:2 Great information! Thank you. I only had 1000$ - this is because I installed 3dserts, but before it was nothing

  • Олег Лознухо
    Олег Лознухо

    0:20 Typically theyll have a month to month option but you have to look for it Does anyone know how to contact 3dsert?

  • Igor Nickons
    Igor Nickons

    0:38 Some of the most helpful info Ive seen on blogging! Thank you so much for this great vid, Liked and subbed. I purchased 3dsert-blog recently starting to get first proffits

  • Лера Малышева
    Лера Малышева

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  • Максим порго
    Максим порго

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  • Mike Don
    Mike Don

    0:4 How do you pay your taxes when youre a blogger? I started to earn 3k monthly thanx to 3dsert-blog technology

  • Лариса Гузеева
    Лариса Гузеева

    0:16 Thanks so much for this video!!! I only had 1000$ - this is because I installed 3dserts, but before it was zero zero zero

  • Платон Дмитриев
    Платон Дмитриев

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  • Антон Вичеслав
    Антон Вичеслав

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