AMD Winning the Hearts of Gamers with Ryzen 5000 - WAN Show October 9 , 2020
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Timestamps: (Courtesy of Michael O'Brien)
00:00:00 - Stream Start!
00:00:02 - Hey, Welcome to the WAN Show Ladies and Gentlemen!
00:00:10 - Topic #1: AMD Announced 3rd Gen CPUs (Jump to 00:02:25)
00:00:32 - Topic #2: DriveSavers' Drama (Jump to 00:24:36)
00:01:01 - Topic #5: PS5 Teardown (Jump to 01:05:25)
00:01:17 - Topic #3: Starlink Entering Public Beta (Jump to 00:41:12)
00:01:23 - Topic #4: MSI Drama (Jump to 00:47:18)
00:01:32 - Intro
00:02:21 - Topic #1: AMD Announced 3rd Gen CPUs
00:03:11 - What CPUs were announced
00:04:31 - Claimed performance uplift
00:05:45 - AMD vs Intel platform differences
00:06:31 - 'SUP YO! HOW YOU DOIN'?!
00:10:08 - Unofficial Topic #1: LTT's Floatplane Presence
00:10:32 - LTT vs Slow Mo Guys, mebe?
00:11:48 - LTT's LG C10 coverage anecdote
00:16:44 - Back to Topic #1, take 2
00:16:51 - But Rocket Lake?
00:18:57 - Intel's virtualization - AMD's
00:19:29 - Unofficial Topic #2: Wendell's Collection Habits
00:20:49 - No, seriously.
00:22:40 - Back to Topic #1, take 3
00:22:52 - Would Luke go all Red?
00:24:32 - Topic #2: DriveSavers' Drama
00:25:36 - Allegations against LTT
00:27:11 - Repair vs Recycle
00:29:24 - iPad Rehab's Claim & Rebuttal
00:32:04 - Linus' take
00:33:39 - Back to UT #2: The Wendell Call
00:35:56 - Stop changing the subject!
00:38:34 - The "businessman" stance
00:39:46 - You can find Wendell at...
00:41:08 - Topic #3: Starlink Entering Public Beta
00:41:34 - Maybe Feb 18th, 2021?
00:42:14 - But First Responders
00:43:32 - GMC's Hummer is still around
00:44:38 - Sponsors!
00:44:41 - Ridge Wallet - Offer code Linus for 10% off -
00:45:28 - BackBlaze -
00:46:17 - SquareSpace - Offer code WAN for 10% off -
00:47:14 - Topic #4: MSI Scalping Drama
00:47:25 - Coincidence of MSI Sponsorship
00:48:30 - Linus was right
00:51:56 - Linus @ NCIX & how this could have happened
00:54:53 - Why the sales were unnoticed
00:57:23 - Linus' summation & hot take
01:01:05 - Unofficial Topic #3: R9 5950X - Dead End?
01:03:05 - Unofficial Topic #4: MSI's corrective action
01:05:25 - Topic #5: PS5 Teardown
01:05:31 - Linus' & Luke's takeaways
01:07:42 - Forward thinking against industry trends
01:08:25 - Liquid metal talks & repairability
01:12:54 - PS4 games that are NOT compatible
01:15:38 - Unofficial Topic #5: Apple's T2's Security Vulnerability
01:16:34 - A significant downside
01:17:38 - An upside
01:18:44 - Superchats!
01:18:51 - Fabian,
01:20:41 - Sick burn!
01:24:27 - masks
01:27:17 - Bye!
01:27:23 - Outtro!

  • MAbehrens1

    Technically whoever builds that doc each week is the producer. You need a director ;) lol

  • IRMacGuyver

    @1:20:20 yeah long arms is something some people actually go for. In some circles it's a thing to cut thumb holes in your sleeves and pull them all the way down over your hands.

  • IRMacGuyver

    @1:08:23 seriously what are you people doing that your electronics to collect massive dust bunnies? I've torn down my PS2 and PS3 after several years of use... so much that parts broke hence needing to take them apart. Neither of them had any more than a light amount of dust inside.

  • TheEclipsedLock

    15:02 did linus get rick rolled lol

  • Hollow Mellon
    Hollow Mellon


  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    Luke is cringe

  • Eric Clay
    Eric Clay

    ryzen doesnt have to win the heart of gamers they have already i switched over a year ago maybe they have knocked that 5% performance difference but amd has the gamers attention already. now they just crushing the numbers way to go amd lets work on those prices

  • Jeff de Mille
    Jeff de Mille

    I'll be upgrading from an a10-7850k with gtx 570 (or i7-4810 with gtx870m) either way both graphics cards are eol with no more driver support by nvidia for gaming (shoulda got the 860m instead 😢 at the time) this will be a huge upgrade. I've been researching since June what I want. Being patient sucks for everything to come out....

  • Mic Rib
    Mic Rib

    I used to have an AMD tattoo on my chest but then i realized it only meant "Born to lose"

  • Jm_ LAMP
    Jm_ LAMP


  • Anarchy Antz
    Anarchy Antz

    Linus Toilet Tips

  • I love anime
    I love anime

    33:40 wendel level 1 tech Toilet led collection

  • Argyros Vivum
    Argyros Vivum

    hey , i have a series x xbox one , and i want to know if it is possible to stream content using the passtrough hdmi , i tried it , but i could not get pass the stanby room, ????

  • trump 2020
    trump 2020

    white balance much linus?

  • weissfuder

    Subnet Mask! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  • Jimmy Genome
    Jimmy Genome

    In biology, there's a term for this.. Convergent evolution. "independent evolution of similar features"

  • Mellal Said
    Mellal Said

    the add for pulse wayxD

  • Tales from the Man Cave
    Tales from the Man Cave

    Regarding Phantom Camera workflow: Are you aware of a little Software called PhantomFUSE?

  • Tommy

    Wendel is amazing.

  • Nicholas Gomez
    Nicholas Gomez

    God I love AMDs action on chipsets and sockets. As an accumulator of random computer older parts, it's pretty much all Intel and the incompatibility between the different sockets and chipsets (the incompatibilities within the LGA1151 socket boggles my mind) is pretty infuriating. Especially considering the generation-to-generation improvements are marginal at best. I adore the fact in a couple of years, I can replace the Ryzen 5 2600 chip in my main rig with at the VERY LEAST a Zen 3 chip and get substantial performance gains. Instead of having to build an entire new PC, if I wanted to, I could simply upgrade my CPU and GPU with no need to buy a new motherboard and RAM and greatly extend the life of my PC. AMD truly is the savior of the custom PC scene, and I really do hope as they continue to build this dynasty they keep their pro-consumer, value-first philosophies strong.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    Did linus get rickrolled around 15 minutes and then just play it off?

  • Eric Orange
    Eric Orange

    Wow Linus catching the Star Wars legends reference, nice

  • rubbercable

    Why is Processing Power so important to gamers these days? Isn't all the heavy lifting done in the GPU/GraphicsCard?

  • PulkaSkurken

    i still dont understand why CS:GO benchmark is so important, its a game that is old, and tech wise is not comparable with like Battlefield and CoD at all. so it would only be interesting for ppl still playing the old CS:GO imo. and i am one of them that dont cares about CS:GO benchmarks. Battlefield 1 and 5 run so much better with many cores, rather than ultra fast cores. so all the time ppl and intel clinging on to the benchmark results from CS:GO, i dont give a shit...

  • Velacity

    LOL. of course LinusShillTips would aggressively defend MSI.

  • Tarantula love
    Tarantula love

    Love the parrot

  • schwift

    What mortal dare use our Mac Pro in his hobble, infested with this substance he calls dust. Why I never. The lows some will stoop for the facade they belong to our upper echelon with access to tools of the gods.

  • Salted Llama
    Salted Llama

    I like how some Intel fanboys believe the 5GHz mark still means their chips are "faster", when AMD's new chips are getting far more instructions per clock cycle, making their ~4.8GHz much more efficient than anything Intel can do with a consumer grade part. That said, people are overreacting if they think this will be "the death of Intel". Intel is a MASSIVE company, and they make the bulk of their money on the server/enterprise-grade side of things. These desktop consumer grade wars don't affect their bottom line or trajectory all that much.

  • MapleLeafAce

    Actually most AMD enthusiasts are disappointed in AMD due to the price increase per tier. It's a flat $50 increase for every CPU.

  • Edragyz

    The brown PC is a Noctua, Nvidia, AMD PC.

  • victor serrano
    victor serrano

    Do you guys know if they're restocking Ryzen 3 3300x??????

  • Michael Havrilla
    Michael Havrilla

    I'm 6'8", long arms are kind of my thing 😜🙃

  • Mikey James
    Mikey James

    Very disappointed in you linus, after watching the louis rossman video it is clear as day that drivesavers is scamming people, you chose to ignore that for your own selfish reasons, just admit that you promoted a scam business and move on. Can't even do that??

  • Buttered Toast
    Buttered Toast

    The subnet mask is a GREAT idea

  • IT CodeX
    IT CodeX

    LTT job ad. "Looking for friends for Linus" :D

  • eric peterson
    eric peterson

    Oh no. Someone goofed on the adverts. Daddy is upset.

  • Austin

    in 1080p

  • Oldschool Gamer
    Oldschool Gamer

    pc hardware going red politics going blue Wendell's Collection Habits welcome to 2020, a year like no other

  • Pedro Melo
    Pedro Melo

    LTT D2!!!!!!

  • covvy

    AMD have just made great calls leading up to this point. On a personal note I'm considering that AMD is outweighing the Intel advantage enough to go for them next upgrade for the first time in 15years. In the corporate space it's also kicked Intel out from my virtualisation infrastructure due to the massive cost per core price advantage

  • Sajuk

    You literally could go brown in DX12 with dual GPU

  • [ PixelTV ]
    [ PixelTV ]

    This bird stream was awesome.

  • AtotehZ

    16:01 You're looking at a Bond girl obviously.

  • Loweflyer

    The new Ryzen stuff looks sweet. It might be the upgrade Ive been waiting for with my i5-3570K

  • Eric "Q" Hochuli
    Eric "Q" Hochuli

    They are gonna oc to 5.0, right?

  • CED99

    Complacent Intel - Pentium D - Up against the ropes Intel - Core 2

  • BooBunny

    I'd buy a Subnet mask

  • enderman in water
    enderman in water

    Can I just say rip ncix

  • CellarDoorAU

    Guys, the @LinusTechTips team should join the RTX 3090 #RIPJAY #RIPGN #PROGRESSAWARDPAUL OC Battle? Delegate to Alex, Jake, Anthony (IF he has time) and/or even one of the newer, hardware savy new guys/writers on it? Go straight to chilled ice water, give that shot - don't need to push to LN2 this time, but please LTT, give it another shot - don't give it up, can't finish on the note you guys did last time!

  • Mad Jack Churchill
    Mad Jack Churchill

    Did I have a CX48 before Linus? Amazing.

  • Tom B
    Tom B

    I just hate team blues over charging of its processors.

  • Dave Carsley
    Dave Carsley

    41:18 How the hell is Elon "unsure when the satellites will reach their target position"?? Lol. Isn't rocket science one of those things that's kinda gotta be exact? Like, you have to know that stuff BEFORE you toss things into space, yeah?

  • viralengine908

    Is the bird on floatplane

  • Keith Everson
    Keith Everson

    Can we stop talking about CS:GO as if it's not able to run playably on that 10 year old HP laptop in your closet with the cracked screen?

  • enzoist1


  • Kari Tuurihalme
    Kari Tuurihalme

    You could start offering bigger shirts. Some nerds are fat. I would want one in 5XL.

  • Efrén González
    Efrén González

    YOOO DDR5? am5+ddr5 would be rad

  • Hamster Smash
    Hamster Smash

    1hr 30min wan shows is good, keep it up please

  • Eric Martel
    Eric Martel

    Luke it is a common trait among mixed guys that are 6' or 6'4" tall mixed guy's such as myself. Skinny tall Long arms can't find my size anywhere have to buy expensive niche brands. So basically when we find a source we will buy as much as we can!

  • Craig Simpson
    Craig Simpson

    What is wrong with AMD's virtualisation?

  • AlmightyBeing

    For me, the only benefit for Intel is thunderbolt but I'm not sure if that's exclusive to Intel anymore?

  • GoGee

    I believe Jessa and Louis R more than Drivesaver. They contribute so much to the community for no return.

  • vrtigo

    AMD did NOT make it right for 300 series board owners! We are still very pissed off!

  • Garrett K
    Garrett K

    6:20 "PCIe Gen 4 suddenly being thrown into the limelight" Doesn't Nvidia use AMD processors for a lot of their systems? Is it just Epyc & Threadripper that they're using, or is it also desktop chips? If it's all of the above, and even just Epyc & TR, it's to Nvidia's advantage to get all systems onto PCIe Gen 4, right?

  • Breadloaves

    Yeah, but I'm not paying $800 for one part

  • Kanishk Modi
    Kanishk Modi

    1:17:07 A locked phone can still be wiped clean using iTunes recovery and the hardware can be used.

  • brianpc pc
    brianpc pc

    really simple electronics battle . the modifications one can do to a motherboard is so vast and so easy the chance of taking thing out again is low . making a motherboard is easy . the component change is what makes the board better which enhances the cpu capability and component part quality is just so cheap to buy and do yourself . making the system work better stronger faster ! for a few bucks one can make a really decent motherboard , same with graphics cards that blow . this is where it is at . all this new fangled main part talk is minescule compared to the advantages . kind regards .

  • William Burke
    William Burke

    Cute parakeet!

  • eaglesclaws8

    Are any of these cpus going to be better than threadripper 3990x?

  • Pratik Shirsathe
    Pratik Shirsathe

    funk yeaaaaaaah

  • Duppie

    Day 4 of asking linus for a pc

  • James Ilko
    James Ilko

    If star link consistently delivers 15Mb down, I would consider switching to it at my family's cabin in northwestern Wisconsin where we have Centurylink as an ISP with 3 to 5 Mb down so we can do homework and occasionally stream a movie on a rainy evening.

  • Zach Dixon
    Zach Dixon

    Why don't you just mute Teams Linus...

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    why isn't this in apple podcasts

  • Dave Mc
    Dave Mc

    I want an LTT mask :)

  • Sebi Ghenciu
    Sebi Ghenciu

    I'm a student at the University of Transylvania (Europa, Romania, Brasov) on automatics and computer science and I need a laptop to continue my study but I don't have money to buy one so if u guys from Linus tech tips can help me. I would appreciate that. Thank u very much.

  • BITS2

    As far as I understood from the Jessa's video, the problem was not that they took credits, but that the Drivesavers were ripping off clients who needed just a basic repair (like screen replacement like her vide with "Dave" or that dude), and also Apple store completely ignoring local businesses and recommending someone on the other side of the country..

  • Savant PCs
    Savant PCs

    Heck yeah we got another parrot lover :D

  • Daniel Esprit
    Daniel Esprit

    You need to watercool the ps5

  • MADagain

    Linus the issue with DriveSavers wasn't "who found the fix"... it was the inability to give the customer a reliable diagnosis of the issue and in turn amplifying what was required to fix it. Ipad Rehab showed a device that was previously "inspected" by DriveSavers (indicated by their sticker logo thing) and the fix for that Iphone was to simply replace the screen. So the issue at this in that regard, was the fact they lie to customers about the repair cost

  • kumbandit

    Apple dust filter would probably cost like $50.... PER SQUARE INCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Bissell
    Brian Bissell

    Hi all, so I have a question. Why can other companies besides Nvidia make and sell 30 series cards, wouldn't Nvidia have a patent on that tech? I don't understand how so many different firms can offer the same product as the creator without problems. What am I missing? Thanks all!

  • Jon Hughes
    Jon Hughes

    Just ordered that long sleeve, I'm 6'3 but only a medium so long sleeves are never long enough, have to roll up the sleeves on every flannel I own or they look ridiculous. Thank you for the accidental boon!

  • Dan Phillips
    Dan Phillips

    There's nearly 8 billion people in the world, the chance of a thought being individual is becoming increasingly smaller.

  • Jonathan Clayton
    Jonathan Clayton

    Hey Linus, Let's get you toilet lid cover collection started. This popped up on my local CraigList this morning:

  • Post Modern Prometheus
    Post Modern Prometheus

    I didn't think I could love Wendell any more...then we have a toilet lids collection.

  • T. King
    T. King

    1:04:53 that clone joke crushed it. Top tier delivery; so glad I've read Zahn

  • Paul Aiello
    Paul Aiello

    They might be winning the hearts of higher end PC gamers but they seem to be losing it with mid tier gamers, I've already heard 4 people saying they are going to switch back to Intel because the 6 and 8 cores are priced too high. Intel is also very likely going to do a price cut across the board and when you compare to this line up of Intel and Ryzen cpu's, the 6 and 8 cores don't look that great value that it wouldn't surprise me if AMD loses market share there whiles gaining in the high end. In any case, this has given Intel a lifeline that they should take advantage off, I also think AMD should be careful here, don't get greedy when you don't have the market share or mind share, something they did in the Athlon days and Intel hit them hard with the Core 2 Duo that AMD have only just recently recovered from, so is AMD repeating the same mistake from back then with pricing mid tier gamers out of the market whiles also giving Intel time to get back in the game? All Intel needs to do is slash their prices which should be easy for them to do with how mature their fabs are on the given micron and we could be seeing a situation where Intel is the champion of lower price cpu's whiles AMD has the top end cpu, the roles reversed, at least for now because Intel have deep pockets, so it's only a matter of time before Intel gets back in the game at the top end, if AMD hasn't gained enough market share by then, they could be in big trouble because I doubt Intel will go easy on them second time around with ARM's being in the game. I can understand that AMD needs to make money but if they were smart, they would go for the market share and mind share as quickly as possible before Intel responds to them, they will likely make more money that way and will be able to afford making more mistakes without it hurting them but all they are doing is likely slowing down the adoption rate of Ryzen cpu's with those high price tags, especially with mid tier users which many will look towards Intel now.

  • 666Maeglin

    Is that how a balloon pussy looks like?

  • Evean Green
    Evean Green

    9:54 Please put it in nicely. -Linus 2020

  • Kevin A
    Kevin A

    Really liked the lil birdie. Should make him/her a permanent part of the show! :)

  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson

    A toilet cistern lid from 1974? Jesus I'm a 23 year old dude with a Master's degree and a real job. 1974 is a long fucking time ago. My mum was born in 1974. She'll be a grandmother in a few weeks. The lid isn't even an interesting part of the toilet. Wendell, you're crazy.

  • SideswipePrime606

    1:04:43 Friggin' Linus hitting us with the deepest cut reference that is Luuke Skywalker.

  • Yokai_Blue

    I have to keep checking my teams due to those pinging noises on linus's teams

  • wnxdafriz

    I'm actually curious how much AMD's board partners like them right now... I mean it has got to save them a ton of money in R&D as well as cheaper to build boards that keep the same socket for so long sure, a new chipset, but in retrospect the 500 series sounds like they aren't really being refreshed which means less r&D needed as well as easier to build/stock without having to cannibalize their previous offerings

  • Nico Domino
    Nico Domino

    Idk why, but Luke saying "I suspect the toilet seats are gonna be on the personal account", towards the end of the wendell section, had me crackign up

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Wendell has a toilet seat made the day Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Coolest dude ever.

  • Kristian Sims
    Kristian Sims

    Thumbs up for the Joruus C'boath joke! What a throwback...

  • Mazimum 48 is WhiteBoard
    Mazimum 48 is WhiteBoard

    15:02 nice rickroll

  • Ebsolas

    Huh. Interesting that Unreal Engine has the ability to function as an RTOS like that