12K Cameras are COMING... Are you ready?? - WAN Show July 17, 2020
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Timestamps: (Courtesy of TurtleZero)
0:30 Overview of Topics
1:15 New water bottles (lttstore.com)
2:41 thoughts on Product costs/distribution
4:21 Topics Continued
5:28 Headline Topic - 12k cameras
17:35 MSI allegedly paying people to remove bad reviews
30:45 Sponsors
35:05 Linus talks about his headband
37:30 Mr. Beast ran into some trouble
40:28 New (12pin) power connector on Nvidia Ampere cards
42:50 New 12v only ATX standard coming from Intel
44:23 Massive Twitter Hack
47:15 Linus shows a card that his daughter made
47:58 Twitch forces the US Army to stop posting fake giveaways
51:02 Henry Cavill builds a PC
52:31 Talking about 'Gamer Girl'
55:07 Super Chats

  • TurtleZero

    Timestamps - 0:00 Beginning 0:30 Overview of Topics 1:15 New water bottles (lttstore.com) 2:41 thoughts on Product costs/distribution 4:21 Topics Continued 5:28 Headline Topic - 12k cameras 17:35 MSI allegedly paying people to remove bad reviews 30:45 Sponsors 35:05 Linus talks about his headband 37:30 Mr. Beast ran into some trouble 40:28 New (12pin) power connector on Nvidia Ampere cards 42:50 New 12v only ATX standard coming from Intel 44:23 Massive Twitter Hack 47:15 Linus shows a card that his daughter made 47:58 Twitch forces the US Army to stop posting fake giveaways 51:02 Henry Cavill builds a PC 52:31 Talking about 'Gamer Girl' 55:07 Super Chats

    • B4b7 f4C3
      B4b7 f4C3

      @TurtleZero oops didn't see that lol😅

    • TurtleZero

      @B4b7 f4C3 how do you think they got there lol. It says 'timestamps provided TurtleZero'

    • B4b7 f4C3
      B4b7 f4C3

      The time stamps are in the description...did you read the description?

    • Fu Man Random
      Fu Man Random

      TY saved me over 50 mins of skipping

    • Dejan Cigale
      Dejan Cigale


  • James Wittel
    James Wittel

    24k Gold needs to be an new FloatPlane selection!

  • Bobby Nicholson
    Bobby Nicholson

    6 309O'S COULD DO THIS

  • Der NiK
    Der NiK

    every normal human: WOW thats a cool camera, but its so expensive... ima tell my friends. Nobody: Literally Nobody: Linus: *buys 6 of them*

  • Bryan Cortez
    Bryan Cortez

    As much as I love yalls faces maybe a slight zoom out is in order? lol good video

  • Murray Rothbard
    Murray Rothbard

    I wonder if you could record it directly to your server...

  • PrinceRuby

    Didn’t Samsung just release the 8K stuff a couple months ago? Jeez, advances in tech are coming at a way faster pace now.

  • Benjamin Case
    Benjamin Case


  • smeezer

    Hey look, Linus is using the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera for his livestream :D

  • Bill Blomgren
    Bill Blomgren

    Ask an Optometrist how many cones and rods are in your eyes... You can't see 8k... or 4k even...

  • Isaac

    I drink 2 chungi of water every day

  • Zack Linton
    Zack Linton

    talking about 12k in 1080p

  • WhyteLis21

    Linus is excited about 12k camera. Me: Still excited to even get to use a 1k camera. 😄

  • WhyteLis21

    Linus excited about not being on a 12k camera waiting list. Well, no shit! Why would there be a waiting list unless there's a limited supply of them? Even then, not everyone is going out there to buy a 12k camera right away, when a 8k or 4k is efficient enough right now. High resolution camera isn't the only thing that makes a great content artists. 😄

  • WhyteLis21

    Linus excited about not being on a 12k camera waiting list. Well, no shit! Why would there be a waiting list unless there's a limited supply of them? Even then, not everyone is going out there to buy a 12k camera right away, when a 8k or 4k is efficient enough right now. High resolution camera isn't the only thing that makes a great content artists. 😄

  • wippy wazzy
    wippy wazzy

    HD600 gang

  • tberry7348

    Sounds like you're also gunna have to build a new datacenter....

    • S R
      S R

      tberry7348 shu tha fu up nazi commie

  • Atheos

    You know what? I love bearded Linues. I miss lesbian Linus, but I prefer the bearded.

  • Marc Olivier Chouinard
    Marc Olivier Chouinard

    Linus... You have not realized that the expensive part will be the lens... To get the 12k anyway... So if most of your workflow is lower than that, then it fine !

  • StarGateSG7

    P.S. for your new 12k cameras, use this portable Sound Devices Scorpio audio recorder which has up to 192 Khz 24-bit audio on 6 channels OR 32 channels at 96 KHz 16 bit audio. www.sounddevices.com/product/scorpio/ The audio quality is UTTERLY SUPERB on these! i.e. 10 HZ to 80 Khz at 0.005% THD (those are FANTASTIC SPECS!) They're expensive at $9995 (i.e. 9k+) but I haven't seen anything better until you get into large console Neve or SSL studio audio recording equipment AND they have XLR inputs/outputs plus SMPTE timecode to match/sync your cameras. They also have OTHER digital audio recorders which are less expensive which you can get for EACH camera but I personally think the Sound Devices Scorpio is the BEST portable audio recorder out there! V

  • StarGateSG7

    Linus's audio is delayed by a few frames! You need a video and/or audio DELAY LINE (software OR an actual hardware one): www.markertek.com/category/audio-delay-lines www.markertek.com/product/rne-ad22s/rane-ad-22s-dual-channel-audio-delay-audio-for-video-delay so the sync of the audio matches what your lips are saying. I am noticing this lately much more in these past few months on almost ALL TV stations from GlobalBC, CTV, CNN, etc. where the audio is DEFINITELY out of sync with the video. I notice CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is the only one that has STILL got proper audio/video sync these days. Everyone else is all bonkers and with video out of sync of the audio by as much as 1/3rd to 3/4ths of a second! V

  • Krzysztof Grygowski
    Krzysztof Grygowski

    Linus cannot in reasonably manner present the technological advances. You Linus consider all the tech pioneers as an idiots. You're a tech idiot.

  • Krzysztof Grygowski
    Krzysztof Grygowski

    Linus You are so stupid.

  • Scott Rogan
    Scott Rogan

    Going to see Loverboy later?

  • deep hazarika
    deep hazarika

    gamer s**t

  • Adam Lynn
    Adam Lynn

    I'd much rather my 12v - 5v or 12v - 3.3v conversion is done within the safe confines of my power supply thanks. I can't see how moving existing established power supply components outside of the power supply is beneficial to anyone? Also considering the cut corners on VRM heat sinks on some very well known brands mobos I quite frankly don't trust motherboard manufacturers to be responsible for those components.

  • Adam Lynn
    Adam Lynn

    If the 12 pin connector is rated to carry more power than 2 x 8 pin connectors how would you get a 2 x 8 pin to 12 pin converter cable? Doesn't make sense. BTW is this just Nvidia just not wanting to admit that you need 3 x 8 pin connectors to power their new GPU's? It's almost like they think someone is about to release a product that competes with their current top end cards for less money and they decided the best way to keep to "fastest card" crown was to up the maximum power draw to 600W

  • darkcg79

    You know what, guys? With the URSA Mini Pro 12K, the 12K BlackMagic RAW in conjunction with DaVinci Resolve Studio is actually WORKABLE without using monster hardware. This is the real magic of BlackMagic with those cameras.

  • Michelle

    About the water, I have had multiple surgeries on my chest. I cannot drink cold water as it hurts my chest. It’s like brain freeze but in my chest. So, from the surgeries I am sensitive to cold. I have many more surgeries still yet so I don’t see the sensitivity going away anytime soon.

  • Philipp Rauh
    Philipp Rauh

    MSI's Nightblade PCs at least the Nightblade MIB used Intels "New" standart of 10 pin and 4+4pin since 2017. I also have a PSU and Mothetboard with B250 Chipset out of such a System, the SATA power leads came out of the Motherboard

  • wahala Mundeho
    wahala Mundeho

    Thanks for all the commercials

  • wahala Mundeho
    wahala Mundeho

    no ... not ready. all I have is measly 4k monitor (Really, a TV)

  • GordoWG1 WG1
    GordoWG1 WG1

    "You and me" - not the grasp of basic english I would expect from anyone in a position of responsability. More the level of response one would expect from a low tier idiot assuming a responsability they're clearly not fit for.

  • Cr M
    Cr M

    A week late, but Gamer girl honestly looks like a better game than the last Sony endorsed game “Life of Black Tiger”

  • RedNine

    Gear Acqusition Syndrome level : Linus

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis

    Not being content with making their customers motherboards obselete every 2 years, Intel now wants to do the same with power supplies at a time where power supplies are both expensive and in short supply. I'll be sticking with AMD it seems and hope this goes the same way as their stupid BTX standard.

  • tom peaker
    tom peaker

    Definitely should not put store.com on the headband omd

  • Stuart Halliday
    Stuart Halliday

    out of sync guys

  • CalgarGTX

    This 'Gamer Girl' trash is everything that has gone downhill with gaming condensed into one and as somebody who started when the SNES came out it makes me very sad...

  • Someguy Studios
    Someguy Studios

    I wasn't even ready for any kind of 4k stuff.

  • Benjamin West
    Benjamin West

    Wow an FMV game! Is it available on Sega CD?

  • PaperBoat

    What about 420k..?🤔

  • Barun Chanda
    Barun Chanda

    You gotta click on the video when you see Megaforce's Barry Bostwick with a bandana on the thumbnail.

  • HazewinDog

    DESK MATS YES PLEASE. it is so hard to find a decent quality DESK-SIZED DESK MAT. I'm looking to get at minimum 50cm deep, better yet 60cm deep. everything that is good quality seems to stop at 40cm and that just is not enough. I'm excited!

  • evilcanofdrpepper

    Jardon! team up with Linus from Linus tech tips to rebuild your computer! You don't even know what the possibilities are let alone what abilities you should give your computer! Let Linus help you because he has the hookups with all the tech companies so they can set you up with a something like a 16 terabyte solid state hard drive, Tons of Ram, a super amazing processor with like 16 cores that is overclocked and water cooled! they can make it so you can use your high speed internet to the fullest maybe even putting in multiple hard wired fiber cables completely blowing away any possible trace of a bottleneck there ever was to the point that you won't have to upgrade it again for another 10 years! You might even be able to configure your old computer to work as server so you can load Minecraft worlds on that instead of needing to host it on websites! Anything you want to do Jardon, Plus tons of things you don't know you want to do because you don't even know they can be done yet, can all be done with Linus's help! It will make a great video, especially if you talk about it a little and then Linus just orders everything and has it all sent to your house and then has you call him up for help setting everything up! You might also want to get a local computer person to come help you out but I do think that the more of it that you can set up and learn about your self, the more easily you will be able to understand any issues that could arise down the line! Maybe they can even have it set up with a better battery backup so that if the power goes out you can finish the stream and then upload it without having to worry about anything! I think you have all the basics I just think you need someone who knows a bit more about everything to help you maximize all of the potentials! Anyone who is not Jordan please help me get their attention and tweet them, write your own comment about it on all of their videos or start a movement on the Captain's subreddit! Please help me get them together!

  • Daniel Fichtner
    Daniel Fichtner

    how do you do a 3x3 grid with only 3 8k TVs?

  • Washu Ai
    Washu Ai

    Technically, if you're going to consider a military career (or even if you aren't), getting involved in ROTC as a minor is the better way to go (& you can leverage that ROTC in college, trade or job applications). The education and officer track, is better than fresh meat privates. Waiting until you're 17 or 18 fresh out of high school is less advantageous (I think there is community college ROTC, though?). Also finding out the military isn't for you in boot camp and being less informed on what to expect is a harder way to learn the lesson.

  • dawidwsmole

    Wait, Luke actually does not work there?

  • dawidwsmole

    Wait, Luke actually does not work there?

  • olosnah1

    no one Needs 4k... WTF

  • Kraii

    40:28 New (12pin) power connector on Nvidia Ampere cards Having an adaptor makes no sense. The whole reason is the 12pin is for the increased power consumption, yet your putting the adaptor on the old standard that has the lower power standard. Magic adaptor....yep

  • schmudge

    12K? they look bad enough in 2K, why worsen it.

  • King_Niddler

    should do 80s montage vid

  • WillSmashU

    Wait... Luke isn't on Linus' team? Holy crap I always thought he was

  • Rikorage

    43:50 Rip, there goes my plan to use my EVGA 850W T2 for as long as it lives, unless they are able to allow them to be used in some capacity. I guess it won't be standard for a few more years, so I guess that's fine.

  • Nate Dimelfi
    Nate Dimelfi

    Doesn't surprise me if Playstation put the "Gamer Girl" trailer on their youtube channel. They still advertise "Life of Black Tiger" and "Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine" on there.

  • Hynek Borůvka
    Hynek Borůvka

    Channel Super Fun should utilize these new cameras big time. Omg, could Brandon actually do CHSF video? I wanna see that!

  • xet477

    I hope he is wrong, if one frame is 80mb, one minute of footage is 288gb that's why they don't have a cooling problem because you have to stop to change media every couple minutes

  • Jd

    i need the headband NOW!!

  • Jospie

    If night trap was contraversial, i want to be on whatever the devs were smoking when they came up with this and i cant wait for the karens to find out about this

  • Ser Con Jonnington
    Ser Con Jonnington

    GamerGirl - White Knight Rises

  • Nathan Laredo
    Nathan Laredo

    I hope you can convince your editors to switch to davinci resolve... at least you can do a ton of new content on editing videos in linux with resolve.

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas

    Simph simulator, AHHHHAHHHH omg lol

  • Alexander Binder
    Alexander Binder

    There was no bye from Luke at the end of the show... worst show ever ;)

  • Packerman Bruhmomento
    Packerman Bruhmomento

    Steve from gn did his news recap and talked about the 12 pin cable and he says he’s known about it for a month now

  • Nathan Arnold
    Nathan Arnold

    I would get a water bottle but want a sports cap for it.

  • Packerman Bruhmomento
    Packerman Bruhmomento

    You better upload at 60fps now, I know you never said you would but seriously

  • Jaco Coetzee
    Jaco Coetzee

    Actually the deskpad cost is actually pretty interesting for example I wanted to do mousepads a few years ago and for 10 to be made would have costed me 100USD which is 10USD per unit but when I upped the qty to 50 units the price came down to around 7.50USD per unit so QTY does make a difference in production costs

  • Jason Bogle
    Jason Bogle

    I had problems with gskill uk/EU repairs for. Ram... Wouldn't reply or respond in any way... I had to contact. Gskill USA which replied and got the uk/eu team to reply.

  • Fierce Vinegar
    Fierce Vinegar

    we already have a 18k camera though

  • Joel Rosas
    Joel Rosas


  • theorist

    "but, but, linus, all cultures are valid" um, no, they aren't. lmao

  • Semitisch

    why this is not available on apple podcast?

  • Duvan Slabbert
    Duvan Slabbert

    Pause @46:41 you can see our tech god on the left is getting old. We love you boys.

  • Eugenijus Šeputis
    Eugenijus Šeputis

    nice 4k content not what easy to find and now 12k just camera but maybe same time in the future we will see what content

  • Tachibana Kyosuke
    Tachibana Kyosuke

    The Gamer Girl reminds me of Fox Hunt game....

  • Infinity Master
    Infinity Master

    14:01 And so.... The *ghost* has entered the room behind the poor unsuspecting Linus.... O_o

  • Infinity Master
    Infinity Master

    I like Linus's headband! He looks cool! :]

  • Benjamin Jesuiter
    Benjamin Jesuiter

    @Linus PLEASE give me that LTT Headband! I need these soooo regularely for running outside, this would be the final 'TAKE MY MONEY' Item!

  • Gadzinisko

    Linus: we upgraded our editors' computers, so they have enough performance for editing 8k footage! Also Linus: We are switching to 12k, so their workstations will be underpowered for the task again.

  • Worthers_

    Linus: We cant buy a robot dog its madness Also Linus: 6 12k cameras and a tonne of 8k tv’s is fine ;)

  • Citaro SR
    Citaro SR

    But 8k is still so new and 4k isn't everywhere... This is weird

  • caphenning

    Do you all realize that the entire gaming industry is designed to produce soldiers? It’s there to foster the cold detachment from death that you need to turn children into killing machines, willing to murder for money.

  • Shahiran Shahrani
    Shahiran Shahrani

    Come on Linus. In many Asian cultures & societies bribery is akin to murder, an attack on society itself. Just like some Western cultures and societies take a more easygoing attitude towards bribery. I know what you said was poorly worded, this is a stream, its not scripted. part of what you said was a backhanded pisstake o your own culture but since coming to Canada in 2018, all i found that the best thing about canada is her PR. The country is in many ways less efficient than the Asian cultures I hailed from. Just stop dead at saying that there may be cultural differences between Asian and Western cultures and I do stop.I don't care what your intent was, how self deprecating you were. i don't care who you are married to. You're a white man. You will get people jumping down your throat for things like that in this climate and time. I've only been here less than 2 years. I am a legitimate refugee (google me: shahiran Brunei) but already Ive come into situations and moments in canada that reeks of institutional racism and I'm just tired. aI've escaped racism, sexism, prison sentence and possible death by judicial stoning in Brunei. & I know I'm supposed to be grateful.n So after all that. there you are. In this video. Saying Asians are easy going on bribery. After I gave everything up to speak out in Brunei. Takes your generalisations elsewhere sir. itsa not needed.

  • FinalLight

    Wait didnt he buy the new red cameras allready? Wtf linus u spending too much xD

  • JD Racing 84
    JD Racing 84

    So is the human eye even able to tell the difference between 8k and 12k? I get that the 12k footage would be scaled down to 8k for editing for quality zooms etc. but literally, can we actually SEE with the naked eye, any difference between raw 12k and raw 8k? If not, why are we even bothering?

  • PG Plays Video Games
    PG Plays Video Games

    MSI allegedly paying to remove this review - rsloft.info/loft/video/hJNolGbH0JXGhWk

  • Frederik Møller
    Frederik Møller

    In the states all former presidents are still titled president!

  • Ataru Moroboshi
    Ataru Moroboshi

    Red's dead. Baby, red's dead.

  • Ataru Moroboshi
    Ataru Moroboshi

    And I watch your videos on a phone

  • Nathan Goodman
    Nathan Goodman

    Gamer Girl = The Simpulator.

  • Paul McCullough
    Paul McCullough

    @Linus Tech Tips you guys are being quite Hypocritical. you outright saying "Shungite is Crap" is adding to what you were arguing against, unsubstantiated opinion not factual information. Just because it is a widespread belief that crystals are sudo/placebo science doesnt make it so, just because it is easier for people to believe that than to wrap their minds around the actual science behind it. I myself dont really know the science behind it but i know that there is scientific backing to "some" of the claims about crystals. Although being a long time believer in the abilities of crystals, i myself am very annoyed that someone has branded any crystal like Shungite as a "cure" for Covid. That is straight up uncalled for and purely to trick people into buying from them so they can use this pandemic to make more money. As for the basics of the science around crystals, Every thing on earth vibrates at its own particular frequency. "people" "water" "the chair your sitting on" "even the food you eat", including crystals, which all have a unique frequency due to all the different minerals they are made from,. and each frequency can be affected by other frequencies, in either a positive or negative way, even a persons mood can change the frequency that they vibrate at, hence the expression, they have a "bad energy", that we can, to a point, physically feel. (or at least perceive to feel ). which is why we get "bad Vibes" from a person that is in a really dark, negative mood. Now with crystals having their own unique energies, they have the ability to affect and adjust our own energy (as everything we interact with can do). However, your very attitude toward crystals (and other things) can actually changes your personal vibration in itself and can, and will, counteract the positive affect a crystal could offer you. So, unless you are open to crystals and their possible benefits, you basically nullify their abilities for you and they will for all intents and purposes just be colorful rocks.Or you could be neutral to the prospect and still potentially benefit from them. Now for the Shungite, it is "believed",(im not sure if it is proven), that it has a vibration that can counteract electromagnetic radiation (which as it so happens, is another type of vibration) which we are all subjected to everyday. Now considering that we are all tech lovers and are possibly surrounded by more Tech and Electromagnetic radiation everyday than the average person is, is it really a heavy price to pay to carry around a small stone in your pocket if their could be a possible benefit to counteract some of the radiation that we are exposed to, considering that we are so new as a species to the long term affects of technology exposure that we still dont know what they are and how they will affect us as we get older. because the tech we have now is so much stronger and even different in affect than anything from around 50 years ago. So, my point was, dont be so quick to right something off just because you dont understand it or because the majority says that its BS, considering that your whole youtube channel is about not doing that with tech and trying and testing all those weird and bizarre things that everyone else rights off as crap that doesnt work. now that i have added my $15 to the topic ill finish up by saying, i really appreciate your work and to add to the Cliche, you have inspired me to build my first computer at 34 years old. Cheers.

    • Paul McCullough
      Paul McCullough

      while i am here, i just have to say that the little intro animation thing of Linus and Luke reminds me of Beavis and Butt-Head.

    • Paul McCullough
      Paul McCullough

      Oops, didnt realize i had skipped to a different page and thought my comment didnt post. Clearly it was meant for a previous WAN show.

  • Swistek Labs
    Swistek Labs

    Just in case you want to let RSloft know, you have crypto scam ads on your videos... XRP and ETH

  • Internet Commentator
    Internet Commentator

    @50:20, there is the state actor doctrine. Basically, when a private entity is doing something on behalf of the government, they become like the government and are treated as such. This doesn't always apply, there are nuances ofc, but I'm pretty sure in this case, twitch in this regard only, is an extension of the government. If the federal government rents out a convention hall, then that convention hall is treated as a government forum, and thus free speech rules apply, but only that convention hall and during that time. The government orders an employee open an official twitch account and channel, that's probably enough to get a court to rule that the channel is government speech and platform, thus subject to free speech laws. Its even more clear/obvious if they are buying twitch's cooperation/aid, a premium channel, or special treatment, since its like paying an advertising agency to make a PSA.

  • Jeff Sadowski
    Jeff Sadowski

    or they go under.

  • Loganbogan9

    12K camera? Bruh I still have a 1080p monitor. Maybe upgrading to a 1440p monitor. 12K... just wow...

  • Lightfire616

    That Gamer Girl looks like a shit version of Black Mirrors Bandersnatch.

  • They_Call_Me_Ziggs

    People are just getting 4k tvs lol i still dont have one lol im living in sweet old 1080p :)

  • ApocalypticCOLA

    12K... new petabyte project soon?

  • Noiaz

    look's like someone didn't learn for FMV's in the 90's

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Has do 1$ - Varijanta 19
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