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  • Doomers Gaming
    Doomers Gaming

    holly it says the word "The Nightmare Build" and it is .

  • Sazzad Hossain Shohan
    Sazzad Hossain Shohan

    I bought lg 22mp68vq 2 years ago & used to run at 100% full brightness.2 months ago It got several bars & line on has a 3 year warranty. So they give me a new lg 22mk600m. But after hearing from linus now I set it’s brightness to 70%

  • psylentdeath

    Ok so maybe the AMD card might be better than Nvidia in the supposed numbers. But does that account for having an Nvidia Gsync monitor? Would it benefit more to then buy an Nvidia card, or not perhaps?

  • Northlane darko
    Northlane darko

    Why would they make the light be able to dock . Wouldn't that make it a switch ?

  • Haadhi Faizal
    Haadhi Faizal

    You forgot the main feature of every dell laptop. The built in heater system


    i would have been happy to see sennheiser pxc 550 in the crowd

  • David Muren
    David Muren

    That’s cool but my office mouse costs 4$

  • British Boi
    British Boi

    Next up: i-air, i-air mini, i-air pro. Revolutionary air to breathe.

  • Dhruv Pansare
    Dhruv Pansare

    How about doing a video by not having a sponsor. Well c'mon Linus ,😅

  • Wiktor Góralski
    Wiktor Góralski

    Well, i hoped you show leviatan

  • Svalbaz Games
    Svalbaz Games

    Thats a disgusting looking PC. When someone has so much money they forgot buy taste. The LTT guys have done an admirable job to what was undoubtedly a horrible request. Plus we get good content so I’m not complaining.

  • VanNoah

    umm i missed the first video can someone explain the spawn masons logo?

  • Metro Beatz
    Metro Beatz

    How much would it take to buy 50 if those servers


    Linus is illuminati....😄

  • Smore

    linux is cool but i like to be able to use programs and not have to wait for things to be supported on linux

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    What was the last tv model? LG what?

  • Naralas

    Get off ur fucking phone when you drive

  • Academic Mistake
    Academic Mistake

    that looks so bad

  • james Hau
    james Hau

    Guys I’m starting to thing this customer is right

  • steriofoniq

    6:32 but you told us to buy 3070 in your previous video. wtf?

  • Uninteresting Name
    Uninteresting Name

    I think it’s the CEO of Razer

  • soulreaperx7x

    She looks like the bargain brand Emma Stone.

  • Micah Dewey
    Micah Dewey

    Has Linus ever worn a suit jacket on camera before? It looks so odd seeing the BC boy not in his leather flip flops and cargo shorts.

  • Yameteee

    Because its cheaper and faster and you don't need to buy a new motherboard when upgrading.

  • J Doe
    J Doe

    If it was still ATI 1 can dream nvdia wouldn't have been top dog for the last decade and the ATI driver team was a actual driver team for the cards

  • Ethan Osborne
    Ethan Osborne

    This guy must be rich my god

  • kaolc x
    kaolc x

    Linus is Illuminati, it is confirmed now.

  • liquidlethe

    Heres the problem, streamers and youtubers can't afford to pay for large amounts of music liscense and theres not enough money to be made selling to this demographic by record labels and music streaming services. Like seriously why would they even bother? How much money would they actually make from a more accessible system for streamers and youtubers? It would only decrease the amount of money they make from companies that can actually pay for music like advertising firms, streaming services, tv and film studios, and radio. You can't devalue your product for one group but not the others.

  • Morten Helle
    Morten Helle

    Am I the only one who has had problems with every AMD CPU and APU I have ever bought? My last Asus Ryzen laptop crashes (not bluescreen, windows just slows down and turns off power) when watching RSloft videos with Firefox, and Asus still release fimware upgrades 2 years later without being able to solve the issues. Got a new one, and these problems still occur. My intel CPU based laptops have never had these issues.

  • Víctor

    Am i the only one that thinks that the costumer is jake paul?

  • PatjeDuhde

    how much money does this "Client" have?

  • Alex Weibel
    Alex Weibel

    Why am I here youtube?

  • XdLeoTheAG

    1:52 TF2 :D

  • Brandon Englert
    Brandon Englert

    gravity falls pc?

  • Sarthak Kalpasi
    Sarthak Kalpasi

    I think Linus is making this video during his wedding

  • Naralas

    Watching in 2020 Linus walks into a bank without a mask, that's so retro.

  • Zuka Zealanee
    Zuka Zealanee

    I understood some of those words.

  • Mr. Musician
    Mr. Musician

    6:30 sounds scripted ngl

  • Jacques Michael van Heerden
    Jacques Michael van Heerden

    Would have been 10 times cooler with proper watercooling, and custom cable runs. But I guess Linus is so big he doesn't want to spend some actual time on anything anymore. A lot of projects lately feel super rushed even though it really feels like he has more than enough man power to actually do anything properly

  • Darren Falconer
    Darren Falconer

    The way Alex talks about things fitting is like a doctor saying "yes, I saved you child's leg, your child however did no survive" Half full half empty 🤣

  • XTeKK69

    Shave Linus

  • Ethan Osborne
    Ethan Osborne

    10k isn't easy money wtf

  • fcfdroid

    "we can water cool it." Linus: so you have chosen death?!👀🔥🤣


    I wish the client now asking to change the graphic card to AMD one... hehe

  • One of Billions
    One of Billions

    33 degree Master Mason customer to Alex: No No No, I wanted the case to be made from stone!

  • st4zher COD
    st4zher COD

    An overkill editor that has 4 keyboard and 3 monitor vs ijustine

    • st4zher COD
      st4zher COD

      Thats not even fair

  • Aashay

    This "customer" is an idiot.

  • masterred82

    Alex: Is that a extended atx board? Linus: Why? MAFFS

  • Relaxing Nature
    Relaxing Nature

    Elons computer ?

  • Taha Hassan
    Taha Hassan

    Here we go again! Without even trying the product and just based on Marketing slides, everyone is RIPs the competition. Like companies have never exagerated performance before.

    • VibezVideo

      It's not a Intel marketing tho

  • GetMePaid2Day

    Waiting for the Compensator 4 now

  • Junayed Abid
    Junayed Abid

    Linus does Illuminati :(

  • masterred82

    Didn't Linus say in the how we make money video that they dont do custom PC builds, that they only make videos? Then how can this custom PC build have a client?

  • Vik 2?
    Vik 2?

    The wheels are not crazy but the people who bought it are

  • Jonah Matousek
    Jonah Matousek

    Forbidden knowledge

  • Sharlone J. Andres
    Sharlone J. Andres

    Sir can you donate a rtx graphics card (even it's the old model just rtx hihi) I really need it for my CADs🥺👉👈

  • Chris Faulkner
    Chris Faulkner

    Y'all are puting into consideration the added thickness of the powdercoat right?

  • Hey I'm a Maker
    Hey I'm a Maker

    For some reason, I feel like the customer is ElectroBOOM...

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud

    Must be about time for a Ryzen 5000, N x RTX3090 update eh?

  • SavageSquiweL

    2:29 was that on purpose? just wondering 😕

  • medalla light
    medalla light

    The fucking worst but better than IOS...

  • Yoga Arief
    Yoga Arief

    For the subliminal illuminati message, highly overbudget is OKAY.

  • A K
    A K

    Pull the rug out from under us all linus, it's your pyramid.. Get it? Rug? Ruggable?!


    Who's here after the 6900XT?

  • Notabotatall _ 27
    Notabotatall _ 27

    I hate trust fund babies that throw money away like this.


    Wut about 125 hz

  • Nick Sparrow Studios
    Nick Sparrow Studios

    This PC is being build like a build my code

  • Djouma Ousman
    Djouma Ousman

    Video might be old But tips will always be new

  • AlanaRaihn TV
    AlanaRaihn TV

    Literally to the 1% who’s reading this,God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day 💜(my dream is to become a famous RSloftr) thanks .

  • MrBusinessFish

    In Bulgaria we have for me one of the best technic stores "" and ""

  • OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming
    OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming

    I almost bought a 2080ti... then I put it off cause I was waiting on parts to be in stock on other parts. Then the 30 series rolled out. Now I'm waiting on the 3080 lol